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Thank you so much for your response. He definitely has been raised with comedy and makes me laugh more than anyone. He has recently taken an interest in baseball so I will likely get him into little league next summer. I am dreading the teenage years since that was a time in my life I personally struggled with due to being extremely introverted but so far he is the complete opposite of me in that respect so I am glad for that! I will keep these things in my mind as he grows up. I do not personally know anyone else with dwarfism so it's good to hear from someone with experience.

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Any advice for an average sized dad of a 7 yr old with dwarfism? He recently had his first experience of being called a midget by a classmate last week. He doesn't know what that word means yet but his teacher informed us and initiated an effort for all of his nearby classes to read some books about how people come in all different sizes and that's ok type of stuff. His size doesn't seem to phase him yet but I'm sure it will as he gets older.

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Will do! Thank you!