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A lot of people don’t know this, but because they live in a very flat country with long winters cross country skiing is actually Norwegians primary method of transportation.

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Probably too late for you to ever get this and respond, but what the hell.

You mention in one of your replies that people should come up to you if you were sitting alone in a coffee shop because your condition can make you feel isolated.

In a coffee shop, if you’re both seated, conversation would be relatively easy since you’d both be close to the same height. But I would imagine it can be really hard on your neck talking to people taller than you for an extended period of time if you’re both standing and they’re significantly taller than you.

So my question is - how do you want people to position themselves when talking with you? Does having to crane your neck to look up at someone when you’re both talking hurt, or are you used to it? Is it condescending if someone crouches to talk with you?

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First off, congrats on the successful surgery!

Since most of us have no idea what it feels like, and you're in a pretty unique position to do this, how does breathing with normal lungs compare with CF lungs? Is it possible to actually describe the difference? And how was that first breath when they pulled the ventilator?

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What are you basing this on? I understand and support the idea of being as kind as possible, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim that I’ve ever encountered.

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Can you provide links to any of these?