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Not Jory, but I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 34 (a few years ago now!) and also show significant traits of ASD.

Initially, it provided a huge relief as I was able to understand why I had not met my own, and others, expectations in life & career. The biggest bonus was actually understanding were I fail, by societies standards, in my interactions with people and how I could mitigate these failings. And, occasionally move things forward.

Mostly it was around strategy and learning to notice when I was moving towards an emotional reaction or causing an emotional reaction in others. Having strategies to provide myself with time to rebalance and review the interaction was the key. Sometimes this involved explaining to people from the start of my non-Neuro-typical condition or, when this wasn't appropriate, having a valid excuse ready to remove myself from the situation.

My life is immeasurably better since my diagnosis because I understand what the issue is and what is required to make it easier for me to cope. It will take time and work, and as long as he has such a caring partner as you to support him it will also get a lot better.

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Thank you for posting a reply to my question. But, I think you have skirted around actually answering it. I understand that experiencing what you have experienced gives you insight that I simply wouldn't have.

However, I'm also aware that when someone has been significantly impacted by an issue it can be very difficult to extract emotion from critical thinking and approach the subject objectively.

Do you think you managed to do this? And if so, how did manage to stay objective?

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Considering your past, was it difficult to maintain critical thinking / journalistic integrity when investigating / researching the book? Do you think you managed to do achieve that?

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I'm not going to say it was easy. It took almost 18 months from my first initial contact with my GP to starting my meds. This was about 10 years ago and whilst Adult ADHD has much greater recognition, there is a great strain on UK the Mental Health Service. There is also an inconsistent approach across the NHS.

However, the first thing I did was look at how ADHD and ASD is diagnosed. Mostly this is having historical information that fits with the condition. This would be School reports, anecdotal info from parents/siblings/partners, examples of job instability, impulsive criminal acts, and any history of substance abuse. The irony of this is that as someone with ADHD / ASD gathering this evidence is tedious and therefore exceptional difficult!

I took this information to my GP and said that I believe I might have ADHD or ASD or Bi-Polar and that I wanted a diagnosis. That I was struggling and my relationship and work life was disintegrating. Firstly, they pushed towards Talking Therapies and anti-depressants but I insisted that I wanted to push for a diagnosis. You might need to be quite insistent, as I've found many GPs to be quite ignorant of Mental Health issues and use Talking Therapies and anti-depressants as a get out of jail free card.

Once I'd managed to persuade the GP to engage with Mental Health Services it was a bit smoother but took quite some time to get an appointment (about 4 months) and the appointment was about 6 months in the future. Eventually, I was seen both by a Clinical Phycologist and a Physiatrist. With all the School Reports, a questionnaire my ex-partner and Mum filled out, and my own experiences they diagnosed me with ADHD combined and strong traits of ASD, but not enough for to meet all criteria for ASD. It then took another 4 months to get an appointment to discuss strategies for managing the condition, CBT and medication.

During the period between pushing the GP and eventually getting medication I engaged with some ADHD support groups. Some local, other nationwide. Here is a good resource, the Adult ADD website in the UK. It provides a lot of good information on everything and also links to local support groups.

Good luck.

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I hope they answer this, as I've written a similar question. I believe an ex of mine was misdiagnosed with BPDII and was in fact ADHD.