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Yo you're seriously so dang rad!! Can I draw the second picture? Like, that is beyond iconic, that would make the coolest f*cking drawing

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I've got a sketch down! I'm gonna take this digital once I'm not stuck in bed, but here's the sketch for you to peep while it's waiting to be finished!


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Hell yeah!! Mind if I use male pronouns for the piece? I wanna use "man" or "dude" in some stoner saying around it, but wanna make sure that's cool!

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What... What are some ways the people who know they have a mental illness, and will have it for the rest of their lives, can cope knowing that? It's... It's so much harder knowing I can't just... Make it stop. That this is me, my brain, how it functions, and i may never be able to be functionally ok or happy without medications in my life, which have a whole host of risks and life shortening consequences. I have such trouble coming to terms with that, and I have such strong feelings of frustration and guilt about it. I cannot live without mind altering medications, and SO many people would see that, and see me as a drain on society, a sicko weirdo, or any number of derogatory descriptors, and it weighs on me so much. I know it's stupid to let social pressures affect you, but I can't help feel like this. It affects every situation I'm in, from work to the doctor's to going some place for fun... Im lost on how to reconcile and cope knowing I'll never "get better" or "be cured", and will have to face that stigma the rest of my life.

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What are some things a woman can do if she's TOO sensitive? I want to enjoy sex, and self sex more, but it's so physically over whelming that it kinda of kills the buzz. I can't even enjoy playing with my self most the time, and if I orgasm too hard and squirt, it hurts and leaves me sore after. It's so overwhelming it makes me not even want to attempt the stimulation that can lead to the big O, and makes me hesitant to get Into sexy stuff. It feels about as sexy as being strapped to an industrial tractor battery...