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When I was in college, I was walking to campus one day and I was about 20 yards behind a dwarf and at some point I looked into the distance and saw a different dwarf coming towards us in the other direction and I was immediately overwhelmed by a fascination that grew as they got closer. My heart was broken when they didn't interact at all. I wasn't expecting to witness a secret handshake, but they didn't even chin-nod; they were actually kind of cold like you describe.

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What is overall worse, the arthritis pain or not being able to do stuff like see into your socks and underwear drawer?

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We should switch off every decade. For the rest of the 20s, they will be "little people" and the average sized will be "people", starting in 31, they will be "people" and the average will be "big people".

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What's your favorite show? Streaming or broadcast.

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Volcano or Dante's Peak?