edit: I am in a very happy and healthy relationship of course my fiancé knows i was escorting!!-Australian humour

I quit escorting about 2 years ago. I am in Australia where sex work is legal and decriminalised. No matter the terms used for marketing purposes, all sex work is work.

I am currently 6 months pregnant in my right vagina side (right uterus) mods have verified my condition with my medical records and ID. You can also see it in a video on my only fans if you really wish.

I have one labia (one entry) and then it immediately splits into two a right side and left side. Please see the diagram i drew below! If I open my legs and labia, there is a hole to left and a wall and then a hole to the right (a right and left vagina which go into their own seperate system)

Medical record: https://imgur.com/a/4KCHKVk

I drew a diagram so you can make sense of it more!: https://imgur.com/a/rPgzu50

My bump which will always sit far to my right side as he's in the right uterus. I've been told as he grows he might move over a bit but will always be right: https://imgur.com/a/KTK7p81

Hey everyone, I was born with uterus didelphys: A condition where I was born with an extreme mutation I have two vaginas, each with their own cervix, uterus and one ovary attached to each side. One is uterus is far to my right side and one far to my left side. I used one vagina for escorting and one side for personal sex. I no longer escort I create OF content, and am now 6 months pregnant in my right vagina (with my fiancée).


I have 2 completely independent reproductive systems. From the outside it initially looks like one normal vagina but immediately when i open my legs there is one that goes right and one that goes left. I have one clitoris but 2 G-Spots, orgasms in my right vagina are way better.

I found out when I was 20 I went to have a termination and the doctors couldn't find the embryo. After an internal exam they found the entire other system with the embryo still remaining in the other uterus I had to have a second termination in the other side (very emotional), due to the position the doctor accidentally punctured by bowel it wasn't a nice experience. I always knew something was wrong though since i was 14, tampons never worked!


I cant take birth control, IUDs don't fit as both uteruses are very small (half the size of a singular regular uterus), mine are also strange shapes.

As I said I require two tampons, hormones regulate my cycles. Fertility with this condition is always unknown. I require 2 STD (sexual health checks) one in each vagina and i require 2 pap smears (lucky me), I can get thrush for example only in one side and not the other.

Escorting with 2 vaginas

I worked as a independent escort in Australia for about 8 years and i was able to use one vagina for 'work' and one for my bf so technically thats not cheating right! ( this is aussie humour- my partner of course knew!) Occasionally I'd show clients the two of them and blow their mind further haha! When a person locates one vagina they often don't look to the right or left and notice a second. I did once have a gynaecologist client and he picked it straight away, the sexy booking turned into more of a medical exam which was bizarre. He was fascinated, its not something professionals will maybe come across. It was really handy for work (escorting), certain guys were better for me in a certain side, if one side needed a break or a time out I could use the other.

** when i was single i used both for work, in a relationship i used one for work**

Sex and pregnancy

I prefer my right vagina usually!

I am currently 6 months pregnant in my right uterus i was told by a specialist after a few tests to only get pregnant in the right (its stronger) my uterus is larger and cervix 'better' however there is a huge risk of falling pregnant in both sides at the same time (the babies could even be about 3 weeks difference in age).

I hope you enjoy my bizarre story! Feel free to ask any questions, I'm very open on my twitter and there is a couple of videos of my 2 vaginas on my onlyfans. There is an imgur link above with my medical records.


For further proof if you're inclined: www.onlyfans.com/evelynuncovered (I have also sent confidential proof to mods)

edit: hey everyone ❤️ its 8pm where i live and i've been answering questions for hours. Im off to get some food and sleep! I'll answer more questions tomorrow morning. Im really humbled at how intrigued, genuine and kind everyone here has been, so thank you all heaps- Evelyn xx

edit: Hey again, thank you to everyone who has been genuinely intrigued, all bodies are different and should be celebrated! For the many people attempting to dox my content- you all suck. Secondly I only came out publicly with my condition very recently and have just begun to film them a lot more. My recent OF videos and images show off the 2 holes very clearly with double penetration. I kept this a secret for a very long time; old content wont show you anything. Thanks guys ❤️❤️

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timepiggy5014 karma

Does the old adage righty tighty lefty loosey apply?

evelynuncovered2268 karma

Haha other way round actually the left is smaller than the right side

Bored_of_the_Ring465 karma

A lover of mine has the same condition and had two children (via c-section) without problems. She also has a favourite vagina for sex (hers is on her right side, too, which I always have to remember before inserting as her left one is a lot tighter and insertion on the left may hurt her if there is too much "commotion") and it doesn't bother her the slightest as everything works fine for her.

I wish you and your baby all the best!

evelynuncovered307 karma

Wow this is lovely to hear I’m sure there are more with this condition it’s just a private topic!

unitdeltaplus57 karma

How rare is the condition please?

evelynuncovered122 karma

I’ve been told it’s very rare but there are different levels of mutation I have a very extreme one

jpastore19 karma


evelynuncovered37 karma

Haha no but sometimes genuine micro penis clients wouldn’t opt for sex it’s too unsafe as condoms slip

jaygohamm1 karma

ROFL You had it all figured out didn’t you seems like the left is the unsung hero 😂

evelynuncovered2 karma

The left is the true battler

tutumannyaque2810 karma

Can you have a double orgasm from the 2 g-spots at the same time?

evelynuncovered2318 karma

I haven’t actually tried to be honest!

NaughtyComments76 karma

So you DON'T have a custom molded double shafted silicone dildo? Because I'm pretty sure Bad Dragon could be convinced to prototype one just for bragging rights.

evelynuncovered44 karma

I was actually trying to find a dildo perfectly for both but no luck the dp dildos always have one big and one small side

PocoChanel1734 karma

How will delivering the baby be different for you? I know that sometimes women get tears; is there any danger of injury to the non-pregnant-side vagina?

evelynuncovered4016 karma

I can’t give birth naturally my uterus will give up and not be able to stretch anymore anytime from 30 weeks. Due to a strong thick cartilage like wall that separates both systems I can’t give birth the baby would get stuck. I have a scheduled c section atm for 36 weeks but it’s unlikely I’ll make that date, I’m monitored fortnightly now for signs of my uterus and cervix weakening

DoctorFlimFlam2942 karma

Also a pro-tip for c section.

Ask for extra mesh underwear, or just pretend you ripped some in hospital and ask for more. Seriously, hord that shit and save extras for when you get home. That shit is COMFY and holds those ginormomous pads they give you for postpartum discharge very nicely.

Also if they don't automatically give you some sort of stomach binding to take home with you (looks like a weightlifting back brace for your stomach), get one. It helps keep your abdominal muscles from working so hard and helps them heal faster. Oh and while you're in the hospital, if you are getting more than one type of pain medication post surgery, ask them to stagger the meds so they wear off at different times. It's no fun when all your meds wear off at the same time and set your phone alarm for when each is supposed to wear off every time it's administered. Nurses get busy. Just buzz them and say it's time for drugs if they aren't already bringing them to you.

I've had 2 c sections and thankfully I got this advice prior to my first. Hope you don't mind the intrusion but I trumpet it to all. Both surgeries were very easy to recover from and pretty pain free despite my second c section being very complicated.

Best of luck to you!!

evelynuncovered679 karma

Oh gosh thank you so much for this post!!!! such a blessing. Im glad you had good experiences both times, and i hope your family is doing well. ill certainly take this advice. Thanks a bunch 🥰🥰

PocoChanel1090 karma

Thanks for the answer. Best wishes to you.

evelynuncovered657 karma

Thank you 🥰

LunaMooBebe76 karma

I came here to ask the same question!! All the best with your pregnancy and birth, I’m currently 8 months pregnant and can’t wait to be a mum!

evelynuncovered15 karma

Congratulations and all the best with your pregnancy!

clearier22 karma


evelynuncovered14 karma

Congratulations! It’s nice to hear these stories I hope you and Bub are happy and well xx

clearier16 karma


evelynuncovered9 karma

Wow! I have heard a bicornate can actually cause more issues for women, I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. Goodluck with your next bump xx

m4dh4x0r7 karma

You’re such an interesting turn in human events and human nature! Thank you for sharing your unique story and your humor!

I adore the ease with which you can speak to your emotional experiences, that takes a lot of love and self-growth! Congratulations ☺️ I am so happy you’re able to carry, I figure that was a fear you had for a while. I’m so so happy you will soon meet your brand new human!

Take care!

evelynuncovered8 karma

This is so beautiful 🥺 thank you so much! I’ve been really blessed to have such kind people like yourself comment xx have a great day

BobbyCodone3031345 karma

Were you always able to cope with this in a humorous way ? Was it from the jump or did it take time ?

evelynuncovered1685 karma

My mum was an IVF nurse so questions from her and her colleagues were always very Incase so I kept it secret for a long time especially during my time as an escort now I’m pregnant I’m more open to speaking about it as it hasn’t hindered my chances of having a baby. I’m enjoying bringing awareness to different bodies and how they work

BobbyCodone303254 karma

Oh ok... That cool you mentioned awareness.. I originally left a comment that got deleted because it wasn't a question.... But I mentioned "thank you for the awareness!"

evelynuncovered133 karma

Thank you! Xx

girlabout2fallasleep934 karma

You said hormones regulate your cycles; do you naturally have two different cycles/periods or do both uteruses naturally shed at the same time? Having two periods would be a nightmare!

evelynuncovered2335 karma

I have two periods so I bleed from each side at the same time because my hormones tell them to. It’s not very fun I need two tampons one for each side. My obstetrician didn’t know whether my left uterus would have break through bleeding. As I’m pregnant in my right side my left is sort of having its own phantom pregnancy because my hormones dictate what’s happening. So the left is rich and full like it’s also meant to have a baby in it but no baby

I_am_gheyy538 karma

Thats like, somehow sad in a weird way for your left side lol

I'm just imagining someone cleaning their whole house and cooking a nice dinner and decorating and then waiting on the couch for the guest that never came

evelynuncovered311 karma

I know I feel bad for it 😂

euphemistic265 karma

This is fascinating, thanks so much for sharing and being so candid! Also I am so sorry about double the maintenance.

With periods are they equally heavy on both sides? Do you ever end up feeling the tampons... sort of pushing against each other or otherwise getting in the way? I'm not going to lie, the idea of having two simultaneous periods seems like it would be so uncomfortable. 1 is bad enough.

Also, good luck with your pregnancy!

evelynuncovered211 karma

Yeah I have to stagger tampons a bit I actually prefer pads

natalee_t205 karma

Oh wow, I wonder if you will get contractions in both side during labour. So fascinating! Thanks for sharing something so personal.

evelynuncovered222 karma

Haha I hope I dont

aray623877 karma

I'm a medical student and am genuinely curious as to why you're not able to use hormonal birthcontrol. Is it for other reasons, or does it have to do with the didelphys? I just genuinely can't figure out the mechanism for why it wouldn't work to prevent pregnancy. Totally understand why an IUD wouldn't work though!

evelynuncovered559 karma

I was just told not to rely on any birth control I was on the pill years ago but after finding out I haven’t used any

bndboo320 karma

It could be possible to ovulate two eggs at once. That doesn’t necessarily make you twice as likely to get pregnant. The drugs they prescribe everyone are modeled after a set or subset of a certain type of people. Birth control, is likely trialed against health women, of a normal BMI, no comorbidities, and of a young maternal age (<25).

The drugs that regulate ovulation are likely targeted to suppress enough hormones for one ova. You already said you have twice as many hormones. Birth control would likely not be effective. Double dosing would have all sort of side effects.

A bonus for you... you could have one ovary removed and potentially be sterile on one side. That might also allow you to take a normal amount of birth control.

evelynuncovered205 karma

Yeah the doctors don’t know all that much about it it’s a wait and see type situation also be cause all mutations are slightly different they couldn’t answer these questions accurately even if there was a study or two

Blameking27786 karma

You say that you are pregnant on the right side and it’s pretty far off to the right. Is it pretty physically evident? Is your baby bump further to the right than center? Is it causing any stress to your hip? P.S. my congratulations to you! Very exciting!

evelynuncovered651 karma

When the baby moves and I get braxton Hicks it’s far in the right side you can tell via ultrasound it’s far to the right too

hamfist_ofthenorth781 karma

have you ever... yknow.. at the same time? would that even be safe?? im so sorry for the rude question but i just had to ask...

best wishes to your little one on the way!

evelynuncovered1587 karma

I’ve used a dildo in one side and a guy in the other and I love that heaps. I’ve also done anal with two fillies one in each vagina. I’d definitely be keen to try two guys one in each side it would take some creative positions maybe like how people normally would do dp. And the guys would need to be pretty good friends 😂

TheToastIsBlue176 karma

I'm assuming the word "fillies" is not plural for filly?

evelynuncovered374 karma

I meant dildos** auto correct sorry

spybloodjr401 karma

I was really hoping 'fillies' to be some kinda slick aussie escort slang. I'm gonna use it anyways.

evelynuncovered99 karma

Haha do it

iambevin351 karma

Hilarious. You said fillies and I immediately assumed it was Aussie slang for dildos. Like fill-in penis or as in filling a hole. 😂

evelynuncovered121 karma

We could definitely keep it going 😂

hyugafan719 karma

Do you like vegemite?

evelynuncovered303 karma

Love it!!

_Bart_Simpsons_606 karma

Interesting so do you still menstruate from the left while pregnant in the right?

evelynuncovered1030 karma

Everyone here is correct my hormones have told my body I’m pregnant so they both think they’re pregnant so no periods. My left lining is thick like being pregnant but no baby!

VerinMathwin164 karma

This is truly amazing. Best of luck to you during your pregnancy!

evelynuncovered16 karma

Thank you so much x

happycadaver584 karma

Twice the fun and twice the amount of upkeep. Not sure if that’s a blessing or curse. You seem to be making it work for you though; that’s awesome. Have any doctors every told you how rare this is like in the general population?

evelynuncovered725 karma

Haha I know right, twice the hormones so a little insane occasionally. As far as I know this mutation is the most extreme and is extremely rare most doctors won’t ever see it. There are minor mutations for example one vagina one cervix and then 2 uteruses attached at the top. Doctors usually want to ask a million questions they’ve never even heard of it

modernvintage43 karma

Wouldn’t your hormone levels be the same as a typical uterus owner though since you also only have two ovaries?

evelynuncovered59 karma

It was a joke no one gets my Australian humour 🥲

Manmade-Object502 karma

When did you find this out about yourself and what was your initial reaction? Did you ever suspect something was different about you before you knew for sure?

evelynuncovered1039 karma

I found out at 20 I got pregnant and went to have a termination but after the procedure I was told the embryo wasn’t in there. Which was absurd as I had scans. So I was admitted and after many tests I had an internal exam they saw the other complete set and the embryo was in the other uterus. That wasn’t a very nice experience I was being pressured by doctors to keep it as it’s so rare. They also punctured my bowel a few times the second procedure due to the anatomy. I always knew something was up tampons never worked I still bled (I need two tampons) and occasionally during sex the guy would hit the centre which is like a hard wall and not go anywhere and it would sort of jolt me and him so yeah definitely knew something was up but as the right is just the one I’ve always gone to I didn’t think to poke my fingers left as a teenager so yeah didn’t find out until the termination

Manmade-Object441 karma

Oh that's interesting that they scanned one but not both of them at first. 20, wow! Makes me wonder what I don't know about my own organs, all unsupervised and secret in here.

evelynuncovered253 karma

Yeah well they didn’t know I had two uteruses at that time so as soon as the ultrasound picked up the embryo they assumed all was normal

felsfels78 karma

I’m sorry about the doctors pressuring you into keeping it, they probably got excited to see such a rare case but that’s no excuse for behaving the way that they did.

evelynuncovered54 karma

Yeah just a rarity! But my current specialist is incredible thankfully

thomasw97 karma

Do you have two sets of ovaries? I wonder if you had a twin in the womb and these were absorbed. There was a girl recently who had a ancestry DNA test only to find out her father is actually her uncle, as his testicles were producing sperm with his unborn brothers DNA!

evelynuncovered8 karma

That’s actually super insane!!

evelynuncovered5 karma

One ovary on each side haha no I didn’t it was a mutation when I was an embryo

bananababy101326 karma

I’m confused a bit sorry-

Did you use both for escorting or just one? You kinda said both?

Also, are there two completely separate openings, or is it like one opening that has two different paths in it?

How many clits do you have????

evelynuncovered504 karma

When I had a bf and was doing sex work I tried to use left for escorting and right for him. If my left one hurt from work it didn’t affect our relationship

During times I was single and escorting I’d swap and change around. Correct one opening that immediately you can see two paths to go down per day right and left. One clit but 2 g spots I always find orgasms more intense in my right

bananababy101314 karma

Would you tell your clients to like “stay to the left,” did you guide them in, or ?

evelynuncovered534 karma

I only told clients sometimes. There are review forums here in Australia for escorts and if word got out on there I’d have all sorts of strange bookings requests. As I mentioned I had a couple of clients figure it out but usually I would just direct it to the side I like more based on their package 🍆

TropicalRogue226 karma

Couldn't you have charged a premium for the novelty? That's a pretty rare situation, and I'm sure that could attract some horny curious dollars. I'm guessing there's a downside here I haven't thought through.

evelynuncovered432 karma

I didn’t want it to be a novelty and end up on review forums so I kept it quiet. Otherwise clients would request all sorts from me

TheSpatulaOfLove321 karma

Congrats on the pregnancy and thank you for sharing.

Are there any concerns with bringing the baby full term, possibly causing serious damage to one or both of your uteruses? Are you planning C-section considering the differences down there?

evelynuncovered351 karma

Thank you! I can’t carry to term each uterus is simply too small. I see my specialist fortnightly to pick up when it’s at capacity they measure my cervix opening so they will be able to tell around when I’ll have him. They say anytime from 30 weeks. I can’t have a natural birth I have a large wall of cartilage that seperates the two systems so the baby would get stuck. I already have a section booked in for 36 weeks but unlikely I’ll make that date. They are sure if my uterus can last to around 30 weeks I should be able to conceive again thankfully

MTGrace55130 karma

Did you make bank? Did your Johns know beforehand?

evelynuncovered270 karma

Yes I made a lot of money thankfully and I didn’t tell my clients before hand I didn’t want the info to end up on review forums

[deleted]1 karma


MTGrace554 karma

My question was if the guys (Johns) knew about your situation down there? That’s all. Have a wonderfullll day.

evelynuncovered22 karma

Yeah sorry! Some did I told some of them, some were able to feel two if they fingered me so they asked what’s up. I even had one guy think I had surgery to make 2 vaginas instead of one. When I was bored I would tell some of them because it’s something to talk about and show them

Kosher_Lou101 karma

Is one more sensitive in a different position or the same?

evelynuncovered286 karma

The left one is shorter so doggy can be uncomfortable but if a penis is bent a certain way sometimes I prefer the left. I can just swap it over if uncomfortable. My fiancé fits better in the right. I can feel exactly which side it’s in and guys can feel a difference

cikalamayaleca94 karma

Can you explain the external anatomy? Like just from a visual exam, do you appear like every other vagina-wielding human lol. I saw that you referred to it as “two different paths” on the inside, however, I am genuinely intrigued about the appearance. Also, is it crazy obvious when feeling for it?

evelynuncovered153 karma

Haha yeah do anatomy from the outside is like a regular vagina but it I open legs you can see a right hole and a left hole. Look guys just see vagina but it’s clear there is a right and left if you finger me with two fingers often one finger will go in each side and can feel it that way

amfa62 karma

Haha yeah do anatomy from the outside is like a regular vagina but it I open legs you can see a right hole and a left hole

How was it possible that this was only discovered when you were 20 then?
Don't you get a medical check-up at a gynecologist at an early age?

I would expect a gynecologist that is examine you down there should see this.. if you say normal people will see this if you open your legs.

evelynuncovered91 karma

Yes so I actually had an irregular Pap smear at 18 the thing is when someone inserts something and it goes in a hole they don’t go poking around. All women are so different. When I went back to see the specialist who did this Pap smear she was shocked and embarrassed she didn’t investigate as it does look a bit different. Now I have two but always at a gynae they’re gentle. GPs have always hurt me

EnlightenedLazySloth10 karma

What about tampons? Didnt you notice that you would continue bleeding outside if you inserted only one tampon? Or did you just use pads?

evelynuncovered19 karma

Yes before I knew I had two vaginas tampons didn’t work I would keep bleeding so I used pads. I found out at 20 about the other system and now I use pads or two tampons. More information in my post x

dadof3jayhawks89 karma

Showing my ignorance, two clitoris?

evelynuncovered164 karma

One clitoris. 2 g spots. Way more intense orgasms in the right

NaanKage80 karma

How much of an impact did this have on your choice to become an escort? Also, you mentioned you have a fiancee and and gf, so poly?

evelynuncovered176 karma

It didn’t impact the decision itself although I couldn’t work while I had my period. Escorts use sponges when they have their period so they can work and clients can’t tell (can’t feel the sponge during sex) because of my anatomy if i put a sponge up the left one it would be lost forever as they’re sort of on an angle. It ended up being really beneficial though if I was sore in one I could work with the other etc. sorry just with my fiancé I meant gf as in just general friend ☺️. I met my fiancé when I was working which he struggled with but he came to accept it then I quit

NaanKage58 karma

Ah I see, sorry to hear about the unique challenges due to your condition

Thanks for the clarification, glad you and your fiancé worked everything out

Does your condition pose any specific concerns with the pregnancy?

evelynuncovered61 karma

It’s not all bad! But thanks 😊 yes I can’t hold a baby to term my uteruses simply can’t stretch enough so anytime from 30 weeks I’ll need an emergency c section. I can’t give birth naturally it can’t come out due to a cartilage like wall down the middle of each system that separates them. The baby would get stuck

Isvara73 karma

Did you have to give directions to your clients? Like, "Go straight, then take a left when you reach the fork...'

evelynuncovered86 karma

😂 many can’t follow directions with a naked woman in front of them

InterstateExit71 karma

Have you heard of double dick dude? You sound a lot like that AMA! Also, do you have two uteruses?

evelynuncovered62 karma

My gf actually told me about him today she said he posted here so I thought I’d do the same. I had a journalist ask me to do an article and I prefer to tell my condition in my own words. Yes two of everything 2 vaginas, 2 cervix, 2 uterus with one ovary attached to each side. Each system is completely seperate with a thick wall between the two systems. I’m pregnant in my right uterus it’s quite far over my right side

InterstateExit9 karma

You must be quite the anomaly and I bet puberty was hell. Are you in a medical journal somewhere?

evelynuncovered39 karma

I didn’t know I had two vaginas during puberty but yes i don’t remember it being great. No I’m not I actually have only recently decided to open about it it sheds light on anatomy and females and most people are quite intrigued. Although when I fell pregnant when I was 20 a team of doctors were heavily pressuring me to carry the baby so they could document

bleachboy120966 karma

What was your bf reaction when he found out about your condition ? And did he find it himself or did you tell him ?

evelynuncovered111 karma

Didn’t believe me til he had sex in each. He fits better in the right

BloodshedJoker46 karma

Congratulations on the pregnancy and hope it goes well. So does this mean you technically had to lose your virginity twice when it came time for that? You can certainly choose not to answer but did you do both at the same time or different? Or you possibly didn't even know?

evelynuncovered98 karma

Thank you! You know what I actually haven’t even considered this to be honest but yeah I would have technically lost it twice. I lost my virginity at 17 and found out about the 2 at 20 so I was probably using them both, it wasn’t until I became completely aware of my anatomy that I was able to feel and recognise which side i was having sex in

tommifx43 karma

How are the financials of only fans? I assume this is a really good income now?

evelynuncovered113 karma

Honestly it’s good but no where near as good as escorting. Of is actually huge amounts of work and effort people don’t really understand where as 3/4 hours a week escorting trumps of income wise

halipatsui41 karma

Does your husband ever want to pretend hes banging someone else and go to the escort alley instead of normal route?

evelynuncovered58 karma

I’m sure he fantasises about all sorts of weird shit but I’ll never know 😘

Lukks2241 karma

Have you ever considered an hysterectomy on the left side? Why/why not?

evelynuncovered70 karma

No because I might have only had eggs in the left side and if I had it removed I may not have called pregnant. There’s too many unknowns with it

clairekat41 karma

Have you been diagnosed with IUGR yet?

I have a Müllerian anomaly as well! I was born with a unicornuate uterus, with a noncommunicating horn (I don’t have a diagram handy, but you can Google it). I was diagnosed at 15 because of incredibly painful menstrual cramps from my noncommunicating horn (right side). I had to have a hemi-hysterectomy to remove that side. They did leave the right ovary because there was nothing wrong with it, and my doctors tell me it’s possible that one of those eggs could travel to my left side.

My remaining uterine cavity is also smaller than usual. So when I got pregnant I also had to have a c-section. It was scheduled for 37 weeks but it seems like my daughter just ran out of room and my water broke at 33w5d. I think I was diagnosed with IUGR at 32 or 33 weeks. It’s team my common for women in our situation.

Second question- If they told you to only get pregnant on one side, why can’t you get a hysterectomy on the other side? Because they think that eggs from that side are traveling to your other Fallopian tube? (Which I know is not an uncommon theory, but you also say you have a cartilage wall in there.)

P.S. Very interesting to see that you have normal kidneys! I don’t know if you’re aware but most Müllerian anomalies come with kidney anomalies. My right kidney is a hydronephrotic pelvic kidney. That also wasn’t diagnosed until everything else, and it ended my field hockey career for fear that I could injure my only functioning kidney.

ETA: Just saw that you’re a vegan, me too! Must run with the mutation or something!

EDIT 2: Corrected which horn was noncommunicating

evelynuncovered29 karma

That’s so interesting I have actually been told that I’m sort of lucky with the two seperate systems with round uteruses where as other mutations can be a lot harder to manage. Thank you so much for sharing, bodies are amazing!

I hope your daughter is happy and well!

They don’t want to remove a set as I have an ovary attached to each set so by removing one side I remove an ovary which may be more fertile than the other one I drew a diagram in the post.

Yes my kidneys were checked as I was told about this so interesting! Haha it must 😂

ChrisTR1537 karma

How uncommon is something like this? My mother had a full hysterectomy and discovered she had a second uterus (uteri, uteruses?) Two c-section births and she never knew.

evelynuncovered34 karma

Wow! Yeah there are so many mutations some have one system and 2 uterus at the top etc, many people don’t find out until they’re pregnant etc, I didn’t find out until a pregnancy at 20

CherryEggs36 karma

I actually knew a woman with this condition, too: except what I knew of it from her side of things, was a lot less pleasant. In her case, she said sex was generally really painful as both of her vaginal openings were really small. And at the time she talked about her condition, she was dating a guy who was, in her description, pretty well endowed: and how it made her relationship really difficult even though he was a very nice dude (and he was!)

So though based on your description I'm guessing you had a different experience, did you ever find sex painful (even on your larger right side to a certain point)? Is there a certain girth or limit to what you may try to handle where you were like "Naaaah, not trying that".

evelynuncovered32 karma

Oh no that’s really horrible. Every one is so different and bodies form In different ways. Yeah if a guy had a huge dick I would say no the hard septum in the middle isn’t very bendy at all

pj10135 karma

Do men like it?

evelynuncovered119 karma

Men find it novelty and like fucking me in each side to try it out

Sexy_Rhino34 karma

What do you eat on your hotdog?

evelynuncovered48 karma

Vegan hotdog with sauce and cheese and mustard

MartinSchou25 karma

I [...] used one vagina for 'work' and saved one for my personal life. I don't think that counts as cheating.

This bit I don't understand.

What counts as cheating obviously depends on each relationship, and if a sex worker is dating someone who is informed, then who cares?

But the way you're describing this sounds (to me at least) like

"I'm not cheating at chess by using a chess engine on my computer. I'm just running a chess engine on my work computer."

evelynuncovered64 karma

It was a joke... I’m engaged and my partner is well aware of my work as an escort I’ve retired since

2drums1cymbal24 karma

Did you ever see “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party”? In it he has this joke:

Did you hear the one about the prostitute who got a vagina surgically implanted into her hip?

She wanted to make some money on the side.

evelynuncovered24 karma

10/10 except sex worker* is better than the term prostitute

John_Venture21 karma

Did your BF know about your escorting job and was he satisfied with the only-use-left-vagina thing? Or was he fine with it as a whole?

You mentioned it as though it was a jest so I’m curious about the rules if there was any. If a client entered the private private, would you specifically ask him to take a turn to the professional area?

evelynuncovered34 karma

Yes he knows everything. I more used one side so escorting wouldn’t impact our sex life. Relationships with a sex worker are challenging enough!

Haha no I can manoeuvre my body a bit to make it go to the other side or use my hand I would never say anything to the client

mightyboink21 karma

You mentioned two periods, are they always in sync, or is the timing off?

evelynuncovered38 karma

Always in sync due to hormones

bobslawnservice19 karma

Did the extra vagina influence your decision to go into sex work?

evelynuncovered27 karma

No it didn’t at all it was definitely beneficial though. I could work a lot more

Pubelication18 karma

Can we get a picture? Or drawing?

evelynuncovered22 karma

I’ve added a diagram in the post ☺️

The_side_dude17 karma

Ever switch sides midway through sex?

Best of luck in the remainder of the pregnancy!

evelynuncovered20 karma

Yes al the time! Depends how comfy it is in one side all guys have different dicks so it depends! Thanks heaps x

Jazzy_Bee17 karma

Do you know if it is a boy or a girl? Have you agreed on names yet?

evelynuncovered31 karma

It’s a boy 😊 no names yet

GodKingMussolini17 karma

Excuse me if this is offensive or anything, but please tell, did you ever have a situation where you had to tell someone “sorry that’s my work vagina”?

evelynuncovered12 karma

Haha no I didn’t tell clients unless it was a long booking and I was bored becUs right can show them it’s so novelty Or if I trusted them. I didn’t want it to be on a forum

TubiDaorArya17 karma

You said you have to use 2 tampons, have you tried menstrual cups or discs? Also, congrats to you and your fiance!

evelynuncovered20 karma

No but I should use them they might be more comfortable

TubiDaorArya11 karma

Discs are more flexible so they might be a better fit, I hope they do work for you! Considering you go through a box of tampons twice as fast, you’ll save lots of bucks! Thanks for answering!

evelynuncovered6 karma

Yeah definitely!

BobbyCodone30315 karma

So it's possible you can catch an std (god forbid) in only one vagina without it spreading to the other?

evelynuncovered21 karma

I’m not sure I mean stds can be very transmissible due to bodily fluid I wouldn’t risk it if I had an std but I’m in a monogamous relationship with my fiancé now I quit work almost 2 years ago

painproof6914 karma

What would happen if you become pregnant with both the uteruses? Also did you have double periods?

evelynuncovered21 karma

I could carry the babies in each it would be tough on my body and my left uterus is tiny it might miscarriage it’s a lot of unknown with me! Yes I have double periods

poinifie14 karma

I'm not falling for this shit again. First the fake double dick guy and now a double vagina lady that requires you to sign up on her only fans to get proof?

evelynuncovered25 karma

I have my medical records uploaded here in the post the mods have verified my name with my ID and I’ve given extensive information on my condition with diagrams, my history, you absolutely are not inclined to sign up it’s an option if people would like to see. You can also see on my twitter I’ve publicly spoken about this condition many times. I am not comfortable posting a spread pussy pic on twitter I’ve given more than enough to this thread

Brookelovesred14 karma

Do you notice differences in feeling between the two? Or is one more sensitive than the other?

evelynuncovered19 karma

Left is shorter in length so can be uncomfortable and right is on a huge angle to the right. Both about the same

pc12444813 karma

Have you ever considered menstrual cups? They go into the canal and nothing further.

I’m on birth control and I’m livid that I can’t find mine since it makes me skip some periods- they are so convenient and comfortable (don’t feel a thing once inserted)! Perhaps if your anatomy allows, that can be a consideration for the future.

Congrats on the baby!

evelynuncovered16 karma

Thank you! Yeah I have thought about trying just the shape of the two might be hard to put in but certainly worth a try

devoidgod12 karma

Hello there! Mad respect for you.

I know you said this was a mutation, but may I ask, have the doctor's said anything about how this could effect the genetics of the baby? Obviously there isn't going to be a dude with 2 dicks, but is there a chance you can have a daughter with 2 vaginas?

evelynuncovered31 karma

It’s actually not genetic is just a freak Mutation that can happen to anyone

marcusmarcosmarcous10 karma

I don't think OP is necessarily misleading but if you're expecting two whole "vaginas" meaning completely separate openings with two sets of labia etc, this is not what it is going on. Didelphys uterus means two separate uterus, not necessarily two vaginas. That being said along with didelphys uterus a vaginal septum can form thus creating two vaginas although not necessarily that obvious. From my limited research and reading OPs comments this is what I've come to understand. OP would you say this is a correct explanation of what is going on?

As a nursing student working in maternity I find this super interesting and informative thanks for sharing OP. I wish you, dad, and baby all the best!

PS. Do you think I could pass off your only fans as a tuition expense? 😂

evelynuncovered15 karma

So the vagina is the canal I have two vaginal openings but one labia/split immediately between my legs there is a vaginal canal right and a vaginal canal left which each go to their own set. I might draw a picture and attach it to it’s easier to show! Haha maybe

byuheng10 karma

First question popped into my head. Do you have two separate menstrual cycles?

evelynuncovered8 karma

Same time hormones regulate it I need to use two tampons

LordPoopyIV10 karma

Serious question: do guys ever grab you like a bowling ball and throw you across the floor?

Also, PM of pics please.

evelynuncovered26 karma

All the time it’s such a hassle

cgyguy819 karma

Is it possible for you to get triple-penetrated by 3 different guys at the same time? Just curious.

evelynuncovered10 karma

Yes but the position would need some thought! The guys would be super close

Greekbatman9 karma

How many clients/johns would you guess you've been with?

evelynuncovered18 karma


WizTaku8 karma

Were your boyfriends comfortable with you doing escort work?

evelynuncovered7 karma

At the start he was hesitant but we communicated very openly and he understood it was just work. There are of course aspects that are a lot harder in a relationship with a sex worker and it’s definitely not for everyone!

TheFortWayneTrojan8 karma

You ever have a client that has two penises when you were an escort?

evelynuncovered8 karma

No I’ve never met a guy with two penises!

AeronauticalWolf1 karma

There was a guy with two penisis that did an AMA several years ago. Did you happen to catch that thread?

evelynuncovered2 karma

No but heaps of people have mentioned it

nerdrhyme7 karma

Were you escorting while dating your boyfriend? What did he think about the issue of "cheating"?

evelynuncovered1 karma

Yes I was escorting and he knew we are very open about it though I don’t work anymore. It was always hard society instilled monogamous relationships and jealousy is natural it’s tough to be in a relationship with an escort

riesamee7 karma

I have several questions. I'm sorry if they're rude. How did you prevent your clients from inserting themselves into the other vagina? Did you guide them somehow? Also do you have two separate menstrual cycles or are they simultaneous? So as I understand it you haven't tried penetrating both sides at the same time? Why not? Did you tell your partners about the escorting? (Since you said it's not cheating, it implies to me that you did it behind their back) I'm sorry if these questions are too intrusive, feel free to not answer them.

evelynuncovered7 karma

I used my hand to guide them or manoeuvre my body. Period at the same time in both. Haven’t had two guys ever actually let one in each vagina but I’d be keen to try one day. Haha no one gets my Australian humour of course my partner about my escorting we have. A happy honest relationship though I quit work almost 2 years ago. I used one vagina for escorting so it wouldn’t impact our personal sex life as much, being sore etc

riesamee4 karma

Thank you so much for answering my questions! I have a follow-up: I wasn't talking about two guys (though if that's something you'd be interested in, why not!) I was thinking about dildos or vibrators. Many people with vaginas have trouble orgasming from penetration, but if you could make it work, you might have double orgasms, right? Although I imagine it would be quite overwhelming and maybe not that enjoyable. Also, it would probably be difficult to time having both orgasms at once.

evelynuncovered6 karma

Yes I have used two dildos and also sex in one dildo in the other. Yeah I haven’t tried to have double orgasms I orgasm much easier in the right, it’s my safety vagina I always go to that one

PiercingAmmonia7 karma


I didn’t get one thing though, and I think I read all your replies. Maybe I missed this.

You said you didn’t noticed you had two holes until the termination experience at about 20, but also that the two holes are just there.

Didn’t you notice when washing or showering or touching yourself for 20 years?

evelynuncovered5 karma

I knew something was up but never like poked my fingers up the other side so yeah I was aware but never spoke about it to anyone I grew up with mainly only my dad so it’s not something we spoke about!

rpgwill6 karma

do you believe yourself to be the next stage in human evolution? A step towards your Australian kinsmen, the marsupials

evelynuncovered6 karma

Well I’m certainly superior 😂 haha no not at all I’m not sure it’s all that beneficial as it makes literally everything harder... including men

Nile836 karma

Do you plan on continuing sex work after having your child?

evelynuncovered8 karma

No I quit in person sex work about almost 2 years ago, I create online content now but I’ll probably stop that too not long after my baby is born

Sonny_Bengal6 karma

Which Vagina is for the punters right or left?

evelynuncovered7 karma

Left but I quit work 2 years ago

ahmed_shah_massoud6 karma

Was your boyfriend aware that you were doing sex work?

evelynuncovered23 karma

Yes of course he was he struggled a little at the start but we communicate very openly I film content with him for my only fans now so he’s a sex worker too haha

LumpiestEntree5 karma

Did you have any issues with periods when you were younger? You mentioned needing 2 tampons. But also mentioned being unaware of the second vagina until 20 years of age. What was that like for you? Please feel free not to answer if you don't want to. Very interesting story.

evelynuncovered8 karma

Yeah just that tampons didn’t work and it’s pretty heavy as I have two that makes more sense now! I use pads more as it’s easier for me!

Lululanes5 karma

How did you not know if you had to wear 2 tampons? Assuming you got your period around the same age as other girls...

evelynuncovered16 karma

Well I thought maybe I had a huge vagina and it was leaking or something haha I didn’t know there was another vagina that needed it’s own tampon

_RandomSingh_5 karma

Can you get double pregnant at one point of time, like one pregnancy from each vagina?

evelynuncovered15 karma

Yes I can within 3 weeks then pregnancy hormones change my body and I’ll stop ovulation in the empty one

BobbyCodone3035 karma

I have to be THAT guy, do you have an only fans?

evelynuncovered18 karma

Its listed above in the post. There are only two videos showing the two vaginas- one using two dildos and I filmed one yesterday of me fingering each side to show the two. I’d like to film more with them but I’m not flexible enough at the minute being 6 months pregnant. I’ve only just come out really publicly with this info I wasn’t sure how people would take it

Goodnight_April5 karma

What do you honestly think of the men who pay you $20 a month on Only Fans? I mean, I'm sure you enjoy their money and pretend to like them, but is it true that you actually think they are pathetic, bottom of the barrel, losers?

evelynuncovered6 karma

No of course not!! I think they’re supporting me instead of buying free porn and I appreciate that heaps

sunalee_5 karma

Do you consider having the cartilage wall removed ? I don’t even know if it’s possible but let’s say it is, would you do it ?

evelynuncovered22 karma

It was suggested to me when I was 20 and found out. Thought I don’t want a mega huge vagina if rather have two haha

Kalevlane5 karma

I don't think that counts as cheating.


So if your dude goes and fucks another dude or gets bj/fucks another girl in the butt its not cheating?

evelynuncovered1 karma

Read my post lol it’s Australian humour guys. Clearly my man knew I was escorting I’m in a happy healthy relationship

queenlatifah244 karma

Can you be pregnant in each vagina, during the same time, with two diff sperm?

evelynuncovered8 karma

Yes but I’d prefer not to

rootytooty834 karma

Are you able to get pregnant in both sides at the same time and are they technically twins if so?

evelynuncovered4 karma

Yes I can get pregnant in each side and no they wouldn’t be twins as different sperm would fertilise each egg. I would need to have sex twice once in each side to try

FeelGoodPhil3 karma

Underwear. How? No way thongs are possible because that would be be painful.

evelynuncovered3 karma

One opening then splits into two I draw a diagram to help explain its in the original post I wrote ☺️

00Aquafina003 karma

How many tattoos do you have? They’re beautiful! Also even if you have one vagina or 12, if there’s an understanding and communication about your situation with your partner, it is not cheating, or whatever these morons are saying. Judgmental much?!

evelynuncovered3 karma

Way too many tattoos 😂 and thank you so much for the comment. It’s a taboo topic and industry so I can infer the judgement but my partner and I are incredibly happy so I’m taking the criticism with a grain of salt. I had no idea this would blow up though and now I have to text my dad and ask him to refrain from using the internet for a few days haha

00Aquafina003 karma

So many people just cannot fathom a happy, loving, trusting and open relationship. So either you’re lying, or they get pissed they can’t have that. I suppose all you can do is wish them the ability to one day be as happy as you. Okay but I want to ask something gross now 🤣 Have you done double/triple penetration? How was that?!?

evelynuncovered2 karma

I’ve done double pen I want to try triple definitely

DFWPunk3 karma

If you used one for work and one for personal, how can you then switch which is which and still make that statement?

evelynuncovered5 karma

Sorry I should have been clearer when I was single and working I’d use both if one needed a break, in a relationship I would aim to use left for work so it wouldn’t hinder our sex life.

volume_13373 karma

Well, have you ever had any clients who found out unexpectedly and did not like it ?

Also are periods twice as painful ?

evelynuncovered7 karma

I had one who thought maybe I had a sex change that went wrong 😂😂 he was terrified of me. But most are just super fascinated if they find out or I tell them. Though usually I didn’t tell clients as there are review forums I didn’t want that info on. I dunno about twice as painful I can’t reference it to other women but yeah they are painful

Yiff-center3 karma

Did you know there are lots of mammals with very similar conditions? The Genus Didelphis, (yes it was named after it) also known as opossums, have 2 vaginas, and uturi that split inside as well. Just a fun fact. What are your thoughts about it?

evelynuncovered2 karma

Wow I actually had absolutely no idea! Thank you for the post I’ll google it

cathwn3 karma

If anyone's wondering how this occurs I highly recommend this video (timestamped to the appropriate section (11mins if I got it wrong)). It's part of a series on embryonic development. This video specifically covers the reproductive system.


evelynuncovered2 karma

Thanks so much for posting this!

czerwona-wrona3 karma

holy shit this is amazing! did you ever have dudes pressure you into using the side you were 'saving' or did you just guide all of that?

what was it like being an escort :o ? what made you interested in that? I always wonder about this because, even though I believe sex work should be made legal, it seems like there's a lot of potential for feeling used and it being traumatic (like the high incidence of street prostitutes who have to dissociate to survive the experience psychologically). so it's always interesting to hear the perspective from people who tried it. what advice would you have to people that are curious about doing it (assuming they can, legally, where they live, and all that)?

evelynuncovered1 karma

I didn’t tell clients about it usually only sometimes if I wanted to make their day or start conversation or I trusted them. There are review platforms here. So I just guided it to the side I preferred

This is a nice post! Thanks for the comment. I believe al people have. Aright to decide what to do with their bodies no one else should have a say. I’m sex work positive for this reason though the industry is harsh sometimes and can impact many extra parts of your life personal, sexual, social, privacy then there’s stigma and discrimination. But none of these issue negate people having the right to dictate what you do with your body.

People go to a job every day they might despise and make them insanely depressed and that’s fine but for some reason when speaking about the sex industry it’s all backwards an people wanna talk about all the detrimental affects. There are detrimental effects of most work and jobs.

Just another perspective to consider, thanks for your post I enjoyed the question

[deleted]2 karma


evelynuncovered2 karma

Sex workers are regularly sex health checked ofcourse having more sex increase the chances of a condom snapping etc. but you will find from stats workers are checked often compared to public. If I ever thought I had an std for any reason I wouldn’t have sex I would go to a doctor. Example- if a conform snapped with a client I wouldn’t fuck my partner until I had an std check.

[deleted]2 karma


evelynuncovered2 karma

Thanks so much x

RedditVince2 karma

Twins delivered at full term three months apart. Sounds like an interesting Fiction story or two..

I love that you seem to have good thoughts about your condition, I like others I am sure, have never heard of it before.

I am curious, do the doctors expect you to need to deliver Caesarian? I presume since the uterus and vagina are under sized they may not stretch enough?

Best of luck with the little one!

evelynuncovered6 karma

Thanks! Yes I need a c section I won’t be able to give birth as there is a wall between the two sets the baby won’t be able to be delivered vaginally

pj1012 karma

2 clits also?

evelynuncovered16 karma

One clit. My vagina looks like a normal vagina until I open my legs there is a right hole and a left hole. 2 g spots though

thisisnotmyusername32 karma

so you mentioned having a business vagina and a personal vagina. you also mentioned orgasms on the right side are way better. was the right vagina used for work or personal purposes?

evelynuncovered6 karma

I never orgasmed at work that was a rule so left was work usually from when I met my partner

twinned2 karma

congrats on going viral with this AMA! I have two questions.

How have you navigated finding romantic partners as a sex worker?

If you could tell every man in the world one thing about female pleasure, what would it be?

evelynuncovered6 karma

It’s really tough holding a relationship and being a sex worker it require immense openness and challenges the concepts of jealousy and monogamy. Often guys who date escorts want to fuck other people too but escorts want monogamy with their partner. It’s hard for guys to understand sex can be work and not pleasurable. It was tough with my fiancé at first but now he understands. Although I no longer escort now

It would be: women HATE being finger bashed stop watching porn

Haha thank you! 🥰

kafka1232 karma

  • Do you have to be careful with contraceptives during sex work, or is that not part of the deal? Could it be an issue with your partner if you didn't want more children?

  • Do you have to be more careful with stds?

  • Would you ever have sex with more than one person at the same time?

  • Do you think that you might be more likely to have chosen to quit the sex work and choose a different job had it not been for your revelation, or is it something that you would have stuck with no matter what?

evelynuncovered3 karma

Yes always protected sex at work without a doubt if there’s ever a scare like a confom snap it’s to the doctor and no sex until results come in. It’s very very strict. I’m no longer escorting but I was always very careful.

Ofcourse increased sex is increased risk but sex workers are tested very very regularly. More regularly than majority of public.

Yeah I’ve had foursome a lot of sex with women and men together but not 2 guys before.

Yeah I would have continued with sex work having two vaginas was helpful as I could work more haha

bbqueeen2 karma

how do you feel about the power you possess?

evelynuncovered3 karma

Blessed and cursed at the same time

Average-as-hell2 karma

So you're kind of like the genital equivalent of a bowling ball?

evelynuncovered3 karma

Yes! 😂

Average-as-hell2 karma

I honestly didn't expect a response. You're amazing and this has been very interesting

evelynuncovered3 karma

Thank you! I’m trying to reply to everyone my fingers are seizing up 😂 have a great day

NayrianKnight972 karma

When you were escorting, which was more frequent: clients getting more aroused by your fork-in-the-road, or clients getting less aroused?

Hell, were there any that went “fuck this, I’m out” when you told them?

evelynuncovered2 karma

Haha more were aroused, I said in another comment I had one who thought I had a sex change gone wrong and it really stressed him out 😂

NayrianKnight972 karma

Honestly, I’d probably freak out in the moment a bit, too. Though what’s most surprising to me is that sex work is legal in Australia

evelynuncovered2 karma

Yes it’s state legislated so all states have different law most are legal. One state is not but needs to be decriminalised

TokenPanduh2 karma

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on the baby! I hope everything goes very smooth! My question is how much has your Only Fans traffic increased since this post? Thank you in advance!!

evelynuncovered2 karma

Thanks so much! Honestly I have hardly checked I’ve been answering questions for like 5 hours 😂 my fingers hurt

TokenPanduh2 karma

Thank you for answering so quick and really taking the time to be interested in the questions, and answering them, even if they are repeat questions. My guess would be it has gone up a lot lol. Using talk to text on a phone might help your fingers (if you aren't already)

evelynuncovered2 karma

No problem haha yeah I’ll have a break soon. Have a great day!

Enedsomat2 karma

How do both sides of your belly feel now that you're pregnant? Do you mostly only feel kicks on the one side? What's it like?

evelynuncovered2 karma

My baby is far over my right side so my bump will remain predominantly to the right as he grows bigger I only feel kicks on my right

Juliuscesear19902 karma

Have you ever queefed out of both at the same time, and if so was it harmonized?

evelynuncovered2 karma

Best question unfortunately no

RoxyTronix2 karma

I just found out a few months ago that I'm intersex, and I already knew I had hormone shifts due to my estrogen side because of endometriosis, but did not know that my high testosterone was a thing until my late 30s, and didn't know the amount of testosterone made me a bit different than your average samurai until 2020...

Im still trying to wrap my head around it. It's odd, but not surprising?! I guess? I called it something different in my head, should I stick to that,?

What's your advice on how to cope when you just found out there's even more ways to hate you... other than the ones that you previously thought would be dope, until they're not.

evelynuncovered2 karma

Wow this is a lot! How are you doing? I can imagine you’re in complete shock. I hope you’re okay 🥰

I think just try to remember that so many people have all sort of differences in their bodies but it’s not often discussed publicly so if you feel like your alone remind yourself you certainly aren’t.

I believe and hope that we can all become more accepting and open about differences we have no control over. In all aspects of life not just body autonomy. Sending love xx

RoxyTronix3 karma

You know, I'm actually pretty okay with my body. I'm a bit boy, I'm a bit girl, I'm a bit not any of these things. It seems that the only ppl telling me what I should think of me are usually asshats, and I have a pretty dope 40 something asshat shield.

RoxyTronix3 karma

But, honestly, I'm a bit overwhelmed sometimes. But I don't know who to talk to about that, like, who is your person when your person doesn't understand your shit?

evelynuncovered2 karma

Of course I can imagine you’re completely overwhelmed. Thank you for sharing it must be tough sometimes. I guess just try to give people the benefit of the doubt if you feel opening up a bit would benefit

ImHereForTheDogPics2 karma

I’m way late to this thread but do you have any concerns about the left side post birth? In another comment you mentioned the left side “thinks” she’s pregnant too... will you end up having a miscarriage of sorts post delivery? Will there be some sort of double c section to clear out all the lining on the left?

Thank you so much for this AMA!

evelynuncovered2 karma

Not really my obs said I might have break through bleeding as the lining is so thick but try not to worry any go to the hospital. Yes I’ll just bleed very heavily from the left but no miscarriage as there is no baby in it. No I’ll have a c section on the right and the worst period of my life in the left haha

dumdadumdumdumdmmmm2 karma

Is it possible to get double pregnant?

What would happen physiologically?

What would you do?

Would it have to be double pregnant same time or can be staggered? You mentioned your left side is behaving as if pregnant, would that shut down reproductive function?

evelynuncovered2 karma

Yes it is but dangerous I’m not sure as my left uterus is tiny so it might not be viable to carry that one. It takes 3 weeks for pregnancy hormones to be high enough to shut the other down from ovulating so I have three weeks to get pregnant in both. Mind you I would need to ovulate in both that month too

dumdadumdumdumdmmmm2 karma

Wow.... never say never I guess.

Jus gotta say this AMA was so interesting. I feel like the gyno client you talked about.... came in looking for some NSFW.... ended up with wow that's just so interesting!

It's cool to educate people but also great business idea doing this AMA.

I know at least one person whose scientific curiosity was not satisfied by the drawing.

evelynuncovered2 karma

Haha thanks I’m glad it was interesting I had no idea it would blow up like this

PrivilegeCheckmate2 karma

Can you share with us the funniest of the puns & jokes you've gotten over the years - and the ones that people make over and over till you're sick of them?

evelynuncovered1 karma

I actually kept it to myself for ages only since I fell preg am I more comfortable talking about it as it’s not hindering me I was scared I wouldn’t be able to conceive so I’d love to hear some puns

Veve_wants_to_know1 karma

Congrats! ❤ What was your dream job when you were a little girl? :-)

evelynuncovered3 karma

I love this comment 🥺 thank you. A ballerina x

Talea11 karma

Congrats on the baby!

After reading some other questions, I don't think anyone else has asked these two but sorry if they're repeats. 1 - how did you 'guide' partners in without them knowing about the two openings? 2 - is there any concern on whether your child will have similar health conditions?

I hope those are worded right and I haven't caused offence accidentally, thank you for doing an AMA!

evelynuncovered2 karma

Thanks so much! Not offensive at all! I can feel which side it goes in I’d use my hand or manoeuvre my body to which side I preferred. No this is a freak mutation as I was an embryo. It won’t be passed to my kids ☺️

Junefromearth1 karma

When will you do porn?

evelynuncovered2 karma

I do porn with my fiancé on only fans but I won’t ever do main stream porn

whatisthisplantortre1 karma

Which one did you use for work?

evelynuncovered2 karma

Left it’s sub-par. Only the best for my fiancé

IanFeelKeepinItReel1 karma

Hey OP, considering you're comfortable posting nudes on your account (bang tidy btw) have you considered posting a spread picture? So people can better visualise your condition. I guess I could just Google it...

All the best with your pregnancy.

evelynuncovered4 karma

I drew a diagram side on I may consider positing just one close up of it here to see each side but I’ll have a think first

coco2371 karma

If a guy wants to enter and hits the border between the two vaginas, would it hurt really bad?

I read another AMA with a similar situation (she had to vaginas but only one uterus)

And she said it really hurt when her boyfriend would accidentally hit the wall between the middle so she had it removed and have now a singular slightly wider vagina.

evelynuncovered3 karma

Yes it does it jolts us that’s another reason I knew something was wrong with me before I found out at 20. Occasionally during sex it would hit the wall!

zizzybalumba1 karma

I am genuinely curious. Your doctor told you to have sex with your right vagina. Does that mean if someone other than your spouse had sex with you in the other vagina would you be able to carry from a child from both sperm donors?

evelynuncovered3 karma

Yes technically correct! The risk of getting pregnant in both is high and can make it much more high risk for me so we had to be really careful only to use the right

zizzybalumba1 karma

Wow that is fascinating! I know dogs and cats can have multiple sires per breeding but I never would have guessed that this applies to humans. Very interesting and thanks for sharing!

evelynuncovered3 karma

I had no idea it happened to dogs and cats! No problem x

alesstracker211 karma

I mean if the guy says it's ok then it's ok, right?

But I dont think that it not being cheating should be such an easy assumption, to be honest.

But hey, welcome to Australia.

evelynuncovered1 karma

My partner knew I was escorting! Dry humour guys

xXFirefryXx1 karma

Wait, so in theory you could get pregnant by 2 separate men and would these kids could be considered half-twins; correct?

evelynuncovered3 karma

I’m not sure because biologically they have different fathers so they would be half siblings

morgmagon1 karma

Did anyone accidentally slip into the wrong vagina during sex? If so, did you get angry?

evelynuncovered3 karma

Haha no I didn’t get angry. I just moved it to the other one

Sheltered_thoughts1 karma

Ok so they where so hard to find that you didn’t even know about it, how to the johns know how to enter the right one, how do you keep the “house wife hole “ closed and the “hoe hole” open for business?

evelynuncovered2 karma

I knew something was wrong with me as a teenaged I have no idea what two vaginas looks like. My mum left when I was younger and I grew up full time with my dad. I had no one to ask

LeBlueElephant1 karma

If it's dangerous to get pregnant on the left, have you considered the idea of getting your tube tied on the left? Is that even possible?

evelynuncovered2 karma

Too risky as my left ovary might have more eggs than my right they don’t know and as they have their own seperate uterus it’s best to keep them at least til I’ve had children

JaquisTheBeast1 karma

Do you pee out of both of them? What side would the baby come out of? Do you have 4 ovaries and 4 ovaducts ? Can you get pregnant through both of them ?

evelynuncovered2 karma

Pee comes out a urethra I only have one on my left side quite high up. I only have two ovaries one on each set

AGreenJacket1 karma

Wow so technically you could be pregnant with two different peoples children at the same time? Thats so fascinating. I'd imagine also painful as hell, but interesting to say the least

evelynuncovered2 karma

Yes! Yeah my obstetrician doesn’t recommend trying!

BabesSanta1 karma

Do you feel you are the next step in human evolution? Because this seems like the next step in an evolutionary arms race that ends in duck genitals.

evelynuncovered2 karma

Haha I think I’m a step backwards having two in a reproductive sense isn’t helpful

tha504hippie1 karma

Is it horizontal, vertical or are they in the same lips?

evelynuncovered2 karma

I don’t get your question sorry.. when I spread my labia left is a left hole then a wall then a right hole

postcardmap451 karma

Wait so you have uterus didelphis bicollis (two uterus AND two vaginas) which might even be more rare right?

evelynuncovered2 karma

Yes two Of everything completely seperate

Mike-Pencil1 karma

Ate religious at l and does escorting get in the way?

evelynuncovered2 karma

I’m not religious and I quit escorting 2 years ago

EpsteinAdventure0 karma

So hold up , you said hormones regulate cycles? But like , I thought when woman all get together , they can magically sync up their cycles , so shouldn’t yours , literally being next door neighbors , automatically both be on the same cycle? Or like how does that work? Cause that would be absolutely horrible , if the cycles were staggered, separated by 2 weeks , you would spend half your life PMSing , I couldn’t even imagine. .

evelynuncovered2 karma

Haha yeah I’m thankful they’re at the same time. Well yeah my hormones tell my body what to do that’s why they cycle at the same time. I actually read women’s cycles in communities sync up to prevent rape or assault it was actually really interesting I’ll have to find the article

[deleted]0 karma


evelynuncovered2 karma

Please read. It’s dry humour. My fiancé knows I was escort! Jesus guys chill out

bur1sm0 karma

Are you worried about dingos eating your baby?

evelynuncovered2 karma

I hope that won’t happen there aren’t any dingoes where I live. There’s just snakes and sharks

Galvalisihx-1 karma

Can someone explain to me a difference between a paid whore and an escort? Serious question

evelynuncovered3 karma

No diff all sex work is work. The correct term is sex workers.

DooDooBrownz-1 karma

there have had to be times when someone went into the "wifey" vag instead of "work" vag right?

also it doesn't matter which vag your john fucks, cheating is cheating.

evelynuncovered8 karma

Guys Jesus read the post haha my fiancé new I was a sex worker its dry humour. We have an incredible relationship

throwitaway99347566-1 karma

How can I acquire two penises? I need one for the wife and one for the side bitches

evelynuncovered3 karma

Eat more vegetables

Zabuzaxsta-1 karma

Curious about the “not cheating” part. You seem to be defining that based on anatomy in the title. Would you consider anal, handjobs, and blowjobs not cheating as well for the same reason?

evelynuncovered4 karma

Lol everyone needs to calm down it’s dry humour obviously my fiancé knew I was an escort it was just handy having two vaginas I could use one for work so our sex life wasn’t impacted as much, it’s tough being with a sex Worker as is

Zabuzaxsta1 karma

Oh ok, thought you were serious. Sorry if I came across as rude or accusatory.

evelynuncovered3 karma

Haha no worries it’s in there to poke the bear a bit

krakenatorr-11 karma

Where does your pee come out?

evelynuncovered34 karma

I have one urethra quite high up in my left side so I pee from the left