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We've been waiting for this moment for EVER and when we found number 24, the jokes in the group chat were endless :)

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Oh absolutely! With some more than others for sure, but it's definitely there to some degree with all of them.

It's interesting that you asked about personality — most people ask about looks! This whole experience has led me to the conclusion that personality is WAY more genetic than we think it is.

My favorite that's perhaps not necessarily personality is that almost all of us can really sing! Also, despite being raised in different parts of the country, in different family configurations across different socioeconomic statuses, almost all of us are VERY left-leaning with only a handful of exceptions. We're all highly empathetic, kind, and VERY personable. Not all of us are extroverted or bubbly, but a lot of us are! A lot of folks are astonishingly good at puns (much to the rest of our dismay), and a ton of us have a wicked sense of humor. There are also a non-trivial number of queer folks, myself included, which I find super interesting. :)

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We are or have been in contact with everyone! There are two siblings who we have very limited contact with or who no longer talk to us because of irreconcilable political differences, but other than that, everyone is in contact to some degree!

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I'd rather keep this thread positive, and also I wasn't around for the original conflict so I don't feel comfortable speaking about it, but effectively the rest of us range from left-leaning moderate to leftist so I'll let you extrapolate from there.

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omg this is incredible