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Hey, poet with anxiety here! Offering some unsolicited and non-professional advice about your student's anxiety in general (not an attack in particular).

Can you talk with her about how writing helps her--if indeed it does?

I help run a poetry open mic, and sometimes I think it's hugely satisfying for first-timers (some of whom are teens) to get up and read/perform. I know several regulars at our poetry series have found a lot of help with their issues by just getting up and reading, again and again and again.

Can you help her find a writing group, either online or (ideally) in person? Channeling her attention into her art could build her self-esteem, if my own life is any evidence of that.

Thanks for caring.

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l know you say EW is a secular community, but are there religious people among you?

Are couples treated differently from singles?

How are the children raised?

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(1) This isn't my first anxiety rodeo. I'm in my 50s, and I've had it my whole life. I have chronic depression and anxiety; the results are very similar, so when I need to talk about them together, I think of them as Hulga, this stereotypical '60's B-movie prison warden who bullies my life. I've had a bad run of therapists in the last decade or so. (Who calls their client a "honey badger"?) How do I find a therapist who will work out for me? Is it just hunt-and-peck?

(2) Are you a fan of Spinal Tap? Did you know they have an umlaut over the "n"?

(3) How can I best deal with the anger that's a major part of my condition?

(4) What's the biggest mistake the average person with anxiety (or beset by Hulga) can make in self-care?

(5) How can I minimize the damage to my loved ones that my condition causes me? I don't want them to be hurt, and the guilt doesn't help me, either.

(6) How can music be used to deal with anxiety? Should I crank it up?

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Thanks for doing this.

  1. What are your thoughts on the Free Zone people?

  2. What do you think about the disparity between LRH's life and his teachings? (Was he sincere?)

  3. Do you have friends who are still in and who you still see?

  4. What's the deal with CoS and childbirth/childraising/adoption (outside the SeaOrg)? Is there dictum or encouragement to adopt rather than bear children?

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Thanks for this. I have a close friend with OCD, and I suspect that the loose use of the term has caused people to take his very real problems less seriously.