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How will delivering the baby be different for you? I know that sometimes women get tears; is there any danger of injury to the non-pregnant-side vagina?

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Thanks for the answer. Best wishes to you.

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Hey, poet with anxiety here! Offering some unsolicited and non-professional advice about your student's anxiety in general (not an attack in particular).

Can you talk with her about how writing helps her--if indeed it does?

I help run a poetry open mic, and sometimes I think it's hugely satisfying for first-timers (some of whom are teens) to get up and read/perform. I know several regulars at our poetry series have found a lot of help with their issues by just getting up and reading, again and again and again.

Can you help her find a writing group, either online or (ideally) in person? Channeling her attention into her art could build her self-esteem, if my own life is any evidence of that.

Thanks for caring.

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l know you say EW is a secular community, but are there religious people among you?

Are couples treated differently from singles?

How are the children raised?

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Does it affect you only in certain places, like, say, psoriasis? Or is all of your skin affected?

Do you have any regrets about moving to Canada?