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I live in Southern California (Orange County). Can I forage in this area? If so, where? If not, what’s the closest place I could start?

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I’m looking to become and environmental health specialist! I currently have a Bachelor of Science degree in Restaurant, Food and Beverage Management, as well as ten years experience in the restaurant industry. Despite having a degree, I do not have the science credits or the on the job experience I need to get certified. I am enrolled in community college now in order to get the science credits I need. Rather than working on the job/in the field for two years (in order to get certified) I found that Rutgers has a program, where if you have the degree and science credits, you could take an 11 week course which is divided into classroom hours and practical hours. Upong completion of the course, Rutgers will place you in health department in NJ. Am I doing everything the correct way? Do you have any advice, either on the path I’m currently on to become an environmental health specialist or for the future?