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Are you tired of swiping left on the same three people that are 100 miles away from you?

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Ahh yes, the elusive trifucta

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It could be possible to ovulate two eggs at once. That doesn’t necessarily make you twice as likely to get pregnant. The drugs they prescribe everyone are modeled after a set or subset of a certain type of people. Birth control, is likely trialed against health women, of a normal BMI, no comorbidities, and of a young maternal age (<25).

The drugs that regulate ovulation are likely targeted to suppress enough hormones for one ova. You already said you have twice as many hormones. Birth control would likely not be effective. Double dosing would have all sort of side effects.

A bonus for you... you could have one ovary removed and potentially be sterile on one side. That might also allow you to take a normal amount of birth control.

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You fool!!! All popular IAmA’s are ad’s!

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Thanks for the correction