I am Joanna Cassidy.

I was Zhora in Bladerunner, Margaret in Six Feet Under, Dolores in Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, Rose in Don't Tell Mom the babysitter's Dead and a bunch of stuff you probably know better than I do. Ask me absolutely anything you want and I'll do my best to answer but I'm not naming names. LOL ! Can't wait. I'm new to reddit and am figuring it all out.

I am Joanna Cassidy. I'm hear to talk about anything but I am very curious about what you all thought of my series Odd Mom Out. I loved that show and wish it had gone longer but that's Hollywood and I surely can't complain. But I'm interested in your honest opinions about it. Thanks!! https://imgur.com/a/1gIr8fh

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TheWorstAtIt585 karma

I remember really enjoying your role in Don't tell Mom the Baby Sitter is Dead!

Any memories from working on that film?

Zhoragoddess629 karma

Yes, my knees were scrapped after I spent hours on the floor eating the M&M's trying to make Christina laugh.

Zhoragoddess113 karma

Scrapping my knees from hours on the floor eating M&M's trying to make Christina laugh.

yeasayerstr468 karma

Which film or TV show do fans bring up the most when they meet you?

I'd be inclined to say, "I'm right on top of that, Rose" if given the chance.

Zhoragoddess316 karma

Oh my goodness! People bring up 240 Robert a lot...

Zhoragoddess342 karma

Check out my Instagram comedy clips, and checkout my website with is OfficialJoannaCassidy.com

Also, I would like to say thank you all. If anyone wants to talk to me privately they can go on "Coach the World" .com

I am a good therapist.

This has been great. If I missed your question I do apologize. I'll see you next time and I can't wait to talk to you all again!

All my best,

Joanna Cassidy

HokeMoseley254 karma

Favorite memory from working on Six Feet Under?

Zhoragoddess342 karma

Pulling the woman out of the car. My most unfavorite moment was when Rachel Griffith slapped me in the car.

thebawbag251 karma

Was Rutger a gentleman?

Zhoragoddess346 karma

Absolutely, and my snake thought so too.

scsm220 karma

What the thing you found most surprising about acting in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Specifically working with characters or imagining something happening that would be animated later, what was that like?

Zhoragoddess350 karma

It was like working in a void, but I have a good imagination and you have to throw your connection out to a certain spot, for example three feet away, and that's where I saw the rabbit.

dingledorb194 karma

What is Christopher Lloyd like?

Zhoragoddess292 karma

He and I got along like a s'mores.

ittozziloP194 karma

Was it weird working with Michael C. Hall and then seeing him transform into Dexter?

Zhoragoddess412 karma

He was Dexter when he was in Six Feet Under... he was preparing for the role.

kiteloopy122 karma

Could you tell you were working on/in classics during production? Both Blade runners are right up there, must be proud to be in it.

Zhoragoddess187 karma

Yes, I did. All the right energy and chemistry came together on that movie. You could feel it. The air was electric, and I knew Ridley would be huge.

Zhoragoddess167 karma

Also, I am very proud to have been a part of that. Maybe that's why I was born

stuckinPA105 karma

Hi Joanna! How was your day so far? What’s your favorite cake?

Zhoragoddess169 karma

Pineapple upside down cake is my favorite. My day has been really beautiful thank you.

pldiguanaman93 karma

Did you get to keep Zhora's outfit? If so do you still wear it? (I'm from the American Federation of Variety Artists)

Zhoragoddess136 karma

I kept it for 25 years until I redid "Going Through The Glass" and then I sold it.

oldendude88 karma

Was Deckard a replicant? Now, we know that he is, but what was known back when you were making the movie?

Zhoragoddess175 karma

Ridley wouldn't say at the time whether Deckard was a replicant or not, in fact it took him years to admit that he was.

DividerOfBums73 karma

Was it unnerving working with a live snake on the Bladerunner set? One of my biggest fears is being around a wild animal, and I always admire actors or other professionals that must power through it, whether it bothers them or not.

Although I only saw Bladerunner for the first time when I was 18, thirty years after it came out, your scene has always stuck in my mind. Thanks for doing the AMA!

Zhoragoddess170 karma

I'm thrilled to be doing this and getting to talk to people like you! And, that was my snake.

kiminonawanani63 karma

How you holding up this year?

Zhoragoddess172 karma

I have a little hair loss, and I'm very thin, but not so bad! I'm not wearing any jewelry to honor the people who have given so much of their lives to help others. I hope some of the videos I've done on instagram have given some levity in our world.

Poobeard7663 karma

What was it like to work with Baby Herman? He seems like a real jerk.

Zhoragoddess90 karma

In all honesty, thank goodness I didn't have to engage with any of the animators. But they were good weren't they!?!

corraide54 karma

Six Feet Under it's one of my favorite show of all time... After so much time what do you think of the show in general? Do you like? Rewatch? Tell someone to watch? Love you <3

Zhoragoddess88 karma

Thank you first of all. That show will hold up forever. It was the beginning of a whole different kind of TV. It reminds me of a movie that I did called Under Fire with Nick Nolte and Gene Hackman, which also stands the test of time.

4gotanotherpw51 karma

In the past two days I’ve seen you in The Rockford Files and my umpteenth rewatch of Blade Runner and now here. I never expected to have a Baader-Meinhof moment with Joanna Cassidy. Do you still keep snakes? If I recall, the python Zhora had was in fact yours. Huge fan btw, you’re always a highlight, even in Ghosts of Mars

Zhoragoddess44 karma

No snakes anymore, just their skins.

adamWakamatsu51 karma

What was it like working with Nicolas Winding Refn in ’Too Old to Die Young’?

Zhoragoddess78 karma

It was a challenge. There were takes that would go as long as nine. minutes. When I died, which you didn't see, I was laying on a very hard mattress for nine minutes and it was very to stay still.

thisisntnate44 karma

What was Bob Hoskins like to work with?

Zhoragoddess82 karma

Well, coming from the mob, you had to get everything right. He was a gem.

diverfan8843 karma

I'm right on top of that Rose! It must be amazing to be apart of such a culturally important film. What is your best memory from Don't tell mom? Thanks so much for your art and being in this strangers life.

Zhoragoddess40 karma

A long answer to that. When I do this again I'll talk about it. Thanks for being a fan.

DelaraPorter42 karma

Have you ever read Philip K. Dick's original book? if so what are your thoughts on how he portrays women?

Zhoragoddess95 karma

I read the book 20 years before I played the part, and he had an idealized image of the female. I met him and I think he fell in love.

ittozziloP36 karma

Did the entire cast of SFU cry when reading the finale?

Zhoragoddess51 karma

Oh there was not a dry eye.

m5online30 karma

It was great seeing you on Star Trek Enterprise. How did you like working on that show?

Zhoragoddess55 karma

My favorite part was getting the wig and the ears. If I could ever be a type of person I would love to be a Vulcan.

mssr_wodensday28 karma

Hey! What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

Zhoragoddess57 karma

Tongue on rye with a little mayonaise

Phillysean2325 karma

How was working with someone as obnoxious as Roger on the set and did you think his behavior is the reason why toons were kicked out of Hollywood for good?

Zhoragoddess40 karma

No question about it.

HanSolosSizzledHeart23 karma

What was it like to redo the “Going Through the Glass” scene in Blade Runner for the Final Cut? Are there any other films you’d like to revisit in a similar way?

Zhoragoddess65 karma

Everything else I've done is done. I can only change it, but the character of Zhora going through the glass was imperative for me to redo, because that's a film that will never go out of peoples minds, and whenever I watch the scene I cry. The music is so moving and the visuals I thought were so extraordinary. I was only in the movie 9 minutes and I wanted it to be perfect.

sjb_723 karma

Hi, Joanna! I kinda grew up on DTMtBD and Roger Rabbit. I've not seen Odd Mom Out yet, but I'd be happy to check it out! Just wanted to say thanks for being a part of my childhood.

But, I also gotta ask a question, so here goes. What was your favorite project that you worked on (tv, movie, doesn't matter) and why?

Zhoragoddess71 karma

Six Feet Under was my fav. I loved working with the actors that played my children. Rachel Griffith and Jeremy Sisto. And thank you for being apart of my adulthood.

HonPhryneFisher22 karma

Who was your favorite to work with on Six Feet Under? It remains one of my favorite shows and I thought you were great in it. I also loved Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, I need to introduce my children to it so they understand what "Right on top of that, Rose" means!

Zhoragoddess31 karma

Rachel Griffith, my daughter.

Nanocephalic21 karma

Working with animals can be fun. How was it to work with your own snake in Blade Runner? Clearly it wasn’t a problem for you, but how was the crew?

Do you still have herps as companion animals?

Zhoragoddess32 karma

Not anymore. It was hard to get a date. Nobody said a word in the crew about the snake, they were too scared, but there was a snake handler.

ASJEMT1868221 karma

Has anyone ever hit you with "I'm right on top of that, Rose" following Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead?

Zhoragoddess43 karma

Yes, all over the world.

mrdaviesuk19 karma

I watched the Fourth Protocol just last week, and introduced my kids to Who Framed Roger Rabbit this weekend.

Did you have the option of filming Zhora's death scene (and so avoiding the continuity issues), or was it always going to be done by a stunt double?

Zhoragoddess48 karma

It was originally done by a stunt double. Then 25years later I redid it with myself in front of a green screen. If you look at the movie now it's seamless. It always bothered me and I pushed to get it redone. Go on youtube and see the Zhora snake dance I did 8years ago. They never shot it in the original film.

AtheistLiberalBoobs17 karma

What's your guilty pleasure?

Zhoragoddess36 karma

Caramel Chocolates

blackmambaza17 karma

You are as graceful in your prime as you were in your youth. What’s your secret?

Zhoragoddess29 karma


fortunatedad16 karma

What kind of books do you like to read?

Zhoragoddess51 karma

Autobiographies. Every one I can get my hands on, and one of these days I'll do my own.

poo413 karma

Being nostalgic, I was binging the Ray Bradbury Theater TV show from the 80's this summer and during a particular episode (The Lonely One) I was thinking who is this charismatic redhead spitfire? I looked up the episode on IMDB and it was you lol. How did that job come about? Any interesting stories there?

Zhoragoddess29 karma

I met Ray Bradbury at a party and he invited me to do one of the shows. I was a binge reader of Ray Bradbury.

deazy2212 karma

Were you a fan of Blade Runner as a film? What was it like filming?

Zhoragoddess26 karma

YES! Absolutely. Night shoots, very interesting.

countoamillion12 karma

What's your favorite thing about working on NCIS: NOLA?

Zhoragoddess30 karma

Scott Bakula is one of the finest most generous actors I've ever met.

Alex_Caton9411 karma

What do you remember most about Ridley Scott's directing style on the set of Blade Runner?

Zhoragoddess27 karma

He didn't speak very much during the takes. It was all pre-spoken about. He was very precise.

ThomasTXL10 karma

Do you keep in touch with any of the cast from Don't Tell Mom?

Zhoragoddess23 karma

Yes, Keith Koogan is a buddy. I haven't seen Christina Applegate for a while

Ageds19879 karma

Hi Joanna! Is there a certain actor or director you’ve always wanted to work with?

Zhoragoddess20 karma

Ridley Scott again, and Tom Hardy as an actor.

Dabber09 karma

I loved “Who framed roger rabbit”! Was the role hard while trying to imagine toons around you?

Zhoragoddess14 karma

No it wasn't hard. Once I learned how to refocus my eyes sp I could project depth it was easy. The lens in your eyes change shape when you look further away, and the camera can see it.

Leafs99999 karma

Have you ever tried Tillamook Peanut Butter and chocolate ice cream? I dont work for them, but I think you would like it.

Zhoragoddess16 karma

No, but I will.

somewhereinthenorth8 karma

Hi Joanna,

Do you eat the rind on ham, or do you cut it off?

Zhoragoddess17 karma

The rinds are the best part, gotta have that. You have to have a little crazy fat in life.

acochrane778 karma

Do you think they should have done a fifth season of Call Me Fitz?

Zhoragoddess10 karma

ABSOLUTELY! That was the bet time I ever had doing television. I've never laughed so hard I my life. Everyone should see that show.

tech_equip8 karma

What was the audition process like for Roger Rabbit?

Zhoragoddess10 karma

I read with the Director, no casting person involved.

Sixstringnomad8 karma

what was working with hackman and nolte like?

Zhoragoddess15 karma


bfilmmaker8 karma

What was it like working with John Carpenter on Ghosts of Mars?

Zhoragoddess21 karma

We were working on Indian Land in New Mexico, and we worked nights. I liked the way John Carpenter sat in his chair and barked orders.

archiebellhiggs8 karma

Hi, I hope you're keeping positive and testing negative! I was just curious, what is your greatest Acting tip?

Zhoragoddess22 karma

I've taken 18 tests all negative and I've been working like crazy.

Zhoragoddess22 karma

Test negative and keep positive!

Tucana667 karma

Thanks for AMA'ing, Joanna.

What was it like to work with Dabney Coleman?

Zhoragoddess20 karma

Danny was one of the most brilliant actors I've ever worked with. Funnier than anyone I've ever known. He could make you laugh with your eyes closed.

yzxba7 karma

What advice would you give yourself when you were first starting?

Zhoragoddess11 karma

If you want an in depth answer to this, get in touch with me through "coach the world" and I can talk you through it.

mystiquetur7 karma

Haven’t watched odd mom out yet. Always liked your work though.

What has been your favorite role and why?

Zhoragoddess32 karma

I loved Six Feet Under. I thought that character was as full as a character can be made, with all the edges and angles.

sinigang-gang7 karma

Hi Joanna - What do you do on your free time? Any hobbies?

Zhoragoddess20 karma

Yes, I'm a Gardner and a photographer... and a roller skater...

undilyeted6 karma

What kind of dogs do you have?

Zhoragoddess8 karma

I don't have dogs anymore. Come on my instagram and see my comedy clips.

X0AN6 karma

Would you have been up for a who framed roger rabbit sequel?

You ever see a script?

Zhoragoddess16 karma

There was never a script for Roger Rabbit sequel.

ItIsAContest6 karma

Are you a "stick to the script" actor, or do you like to have some freedom? If the second, have you made any additions/contributions to your performances?

Zhoragoddess17 karma

Ten years ago when writers were allowed on the set, the rules changed and it's pretty much word for word. I have a great deal of respect for the writers job and I stick to their words as close as I can.

crapagio6 karma

I really admired your performance in “Under Fire”! It seemed like a physically and emotionally demanding role that presented a politically unpopular point of view. Do you have any anecdotes about showing a revolution on film?

Zhoragoddess11 karma

It was politically unpopular and we almost didn't get out of Mexico for that very reason. Where we shot it.

RaulTheGhoul286 karma

What did you know about the movie, how did you feel about and what did you think when you auditioned for Blade Runner?

Zhoragoddess18 karma

I knew I had to have the role because I had the snake!!!!!!

hawaiianbry5 karma

Holy cow! I'm literally watching Roger Rabbit right now, for the first time in probably a decade. I enjoyed it as a kid, love it even more as an adult. My question is, how hard was it "working" with toons they weren't there but were animated later? How did you keep line of sight with the animated characters during the shoots?

By the way, you and Bob Hoskins were fantastic.

Zhoragoddess9 karma

Thanks...........They put a stuffed toy rabbit where we were supposed to look and voila' It worked

ninjaarab5 karma

How did money influence your movie choices?

Was there a movie you regret not being in because they didn't pay enough?

Are there any indie projects you want to join?

Zhoragoddess11 karma

I do a lot of Indie projects. I do movies because I love the characters. It's not about the money for me.

wallahmaybee5 karma

Hi Joanna, what did you personally think of Margaret as a character in SFU?

Zhoragoddess10 karma


StupidFlandrs5 karma


Hi Joanna! As a working actress in Hollywood, do think there will be more roles for women when the pandemic is hopefully put under control, or do you think it will be more of the same?

Zhoragoddess7 karma

I think there will be a lot more, because people have had time to think about it. We have a female vice-president, we have women talking about the state of things, if you haven't seen the show about the Gloria's, about Gloria Steinem, you should watch it. Be hopeful, it will all turn out.

wordparty4 karma

How often do you get the line, “I’m right on top of that, Rose” stuck in your head? I still want to say it to my boss any time he asks for something. Loved you in that movie.

Zhoragoddess6 karma

Thank you !!!! Very often......I say it to myself!!!!

IdeasForTheFuture4 karma

We watch Roger Rabbit with the kids all the time! Will have to check out Odd Mom Out. What’s the premise in your words?

Zhoragoddess11 karma

First of all you can watch Odd Mom Out on NBC peacock streaming right now. It's about the ladies in NY, and the snobbery that goes on amongst them. A great comedy. You can watch it with you kids. Depending on their age.

AY-GTX3 karma

Alright this one is hard : Naomi or Daniel ?

Zhoragoddess7 karma

They're both great! Yes...

dobie1kenobi3 karma

You were in Club Paradise, a cult favorite of mine. Any tales from that shoot worth telling?

Zhoragoddess7 karma

Yes, but you'll have to read them in my book.

johninga3 karma

Joanna, I've enjoyed your movies/tv roles. I've seen you lately in a couple Daze With Jordan the Lion videos on YouTube. Will you be reprising your role as Pride's mother on NCIS NO this season?

Zhoragoddess12 karma

I'm coming back and doing four shows in the beginning of next year and I can't wait.

APIPAMinusOneHundred1 karma

What does a typical day look like for a career actor?

Zhoragoddess2 karma

Probably a day like yours.

willsteves1 karma

Why do you want to be famous? Why do ppl in LA value fame so much. I would hate to be famous, it actually scares me

Zhoragoddess1 karma

No, you'd love it.

Captain_Autizmo11 karma


Zhoragoddess2 karma

Gone With the Wind

nopethis1 karma

Favorite film location you ever did?

Zhoragoddess3 karma