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How did you get in the music business? Thinking about streams and how we consume music, what do you think it's the future of the market?

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Six Feet Under it's one of my favorite show of all time... After so much time what do you think of the show in general? Do you like? Rewatch? Tell someone to watch? Love you <3

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Things here in Brazil still kind of chaotic. Our president is in denial. How you guys understand our approach to covid-19 as internacional journalists?

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I agree with you and I love the Conectas work. I wrote denial because I thought it was a good way to synthesize all atrocities that have been going here in Brazil since Bolsonaro became president.

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Should we think about cyber laws and punishment and protective appointments when thinking about internet and technology or should we talk about a free perspective thinking about a bigger possibility for progress, leading with cyber crimes and violations in specific ways for every case?