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Are you considering relocating to a different country to practice medicine?

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Is anything from your work being made available for commercial sale, here on terrestrial Earth?

Thanks for doing this AMA! Truly looking forward to reading everyone's questions! (And your answers!)

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At what time did New Horizons make its closest approach to Pluto?

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Semper Fi, Marine. Thank you for the freedoms that the U.S. enjoy. On this U.S. Veterans Day, your service isn't taken for granted.

You've seen amazing changes in technologies over the decades. As a Marine, which changes in military equipment, gear, uniform, etc. was most helpful to you?

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Freakin' brilliant ideas. Our political correctness culture says otherwise, but c'est la vie. I think your ideas were amazing!

1.) do you have a regular 9-5 job, or are you purely in entrepreneurial mode with these ideas, like the site, the book, etc.?

2.) Willing to share any ideas that you seriously considered, but even you won't go forward with?