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How was working with someone as obnoxious as Roger on the set and did you think his behavior is the reason why toons were kicked out of Hollywood for good?

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Hahaha I think that was one of my favorite movies growing up and remembering how cute Dolores was. Thank you ❤️

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You were my favorite batman henchman. I remember growing up watching and going “hey it’s the guy from Bill and Ted” and my parents would reply yeah sure it is. Rewatch it and go holy shit it is. I can’t believe you left out that credit lol

What is the most memorable and exciting thing you have ever seen in your industry?

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So if we defund the police does that mean we can organize community militias to keep the community safe wouldn’t that just lead to more murders?

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2008 skateboarded and biked. 13 years later.

Are you a time traveler?