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Do you count fingers and toes as breaks?

Type 1 here (the most mild form). I’ve broken about 30 times, but I break a few fingers and toes a year here. I don’t really count those and usually don’t even bother going to the dr.

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It was great seeing you on Star Trek Enterprise. How did you like working on that show?

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Hello! Type 1 OI here. Do you have a family history of OI? My mom has it, my two sisters have it, and two nephews have it. My daughter has it as well. All hereditary. We happen to have very pronounced blue sclera in our family who has it. Broken about 30 times, so not to bad for type 1. Like you, over time you get very tolerant of the pain in breaks. I wouldn't say it hurts any less than anyone else, but you get used to it and build up a tolerance over the years. My last break I had bad spiral fracture of my left fibula, it hurt really really bad, but you just kind of shrug your shoulders and deal with it.