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Would love to see you reprise your role as the 'Underminer' in an Incredible's sequel. Any hope for us superhero/pixar fans?

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My daughter wants to be Moana for Halloween and her little brother wants to be Hei Hei. What tips can you give him to get into character?

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I remember your statement on some behind the scenes clips back in the 90's that you proceeded from a stance that "the right people will get this". This is so contrary to the way most people in production think now-a-days, which is why nothing seems to get made that isn't a reboot, a sequel, a prequel, or something that is based off an already accepted story-line (comic-book movies etc.)

How do you stick to this mantra, and who else do you know is still following it?

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Mr. Sinise, do you think you'll be renewing your role at next year's National Memorial Day Concert?

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Better 'Con'-inspired movie, Paul or Galaxy Quest?