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I didn’t know that was an option. I just had a bad one at 4am today and I can no longer get painkillers because America has gone crazy.

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Working with animals can be fun. How was it to work with your own snake in Blade Runner? Clearly it wasn’t a problem for you, but how was the crew?

Do you still have herps as companion animals?

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Yes, I had norco for a long time. The problem is the nighttime attacks - I wake up and have intense pain, at the 8-10 level for 30-60 minutes. My usual plan was to take meds like levsin plus one norco. Changed my life - just the anticholinergic meds drop it to a 7-9, but adding a norco drops it to a 3.

Now I can’t get norco because of bad laws making it hard for doctors to prescribe it, and would rather not get into the habit of illegally buying drugs. If there’s an alternative I’m all over it.

I don’t like rolling on the bathroom floor, crying in pain and waking my family. Plus the cleanup is not so much fun. But I can’t get norco!

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I only need the heavy-duty stuff(*) when I get the nighttime attacks. Otherwise the normal ibs meds are perfect.

(*) i said doody

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But it also just feels nice to contribute in some small way to something millions of people find valuable, even if it’s not really my thing.

I work in the world of big video games. Even if you aren't a gamer, you'd likely recognise some of them.

But none have really been "my thing" either. I'm proud and happy that I'm part of the process, and that I really do help to make them great... but when I play games for fun, they are completely different from the ones I worked on.