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nopethis42 karma

Someone dying during a threesome sounds like a real downer

nopethis32 karma

how long does it usually take you to write a rough draft?

More importantly, tell me more about this earl grey gimlet!

nopethis29 karma

I wish when they took votes on issues they would announce them by their donations....."Sentor X who got $1million from the NRA this past election, How do you vote on the proposed gun law..."

nopethis18 karma

So what is "Step 1"

As in, apocalypse or not, what is something that everyone should probably do now.

And while we still have access to the internet (if that goes, shits gonna get real) what knowledge would you recommend learning first?

nopethis7 karma

that would be expensive though, what are bananas like $10s?