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I work as a care giver in a rest home for dementia residents. I've seen several who have left instructions like DNR who end up having a severe stroke, become unresponsive. After they return to the rest home from hospital to die, it takes up to a week for them to die. They can't eat or drink, we are not allowed to put them on IV hydration or feeding and painkillers are only given if they give any signs of pain, which they usually can't. We just stand there completely helpless with their relatives, and watch them die slowly of thirst, supposedly making them comfortable by keeping them warm and clean, keeping their mouths moist. It called a peaceful death. It is horrific for the families and staff. I have farm animals. If I let my animals die like this instead of euthanising them I would be prosecuted and banned from owning animals.

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Was this your idea or something both you and your boyfriend thought of? How did you discuss and agree to do this with your boyfriend?

Did your contract stipulate that you had to remain in a monogamous relationship, did it place restrictions on your sex life (I mean for health reasons, not what you do privately in your bedroom)?

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He and Eric Idle looked best in drag on the old Flying Circus shows. And Terry butt naked on a piano stool smiling seductively!

RIP Terry Jones

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Hi Joanna, what did you personally think of Margaret as a character in SFU?

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I hope you are still reading.

How much CO2 is taken from the atmosphere to grow 1kg dry matter of ryegrass?

How much C in 1kg dry matter of ryegrass?

This may not be your area of expertise but how is the glucose used in growth medium for cell cultures obtained? I am guessing it is from starch from grains? Are there other ways?

Thank you.