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It wouldn't happen to be in the area of the pineal gland by any chance?

I heard you say ping-pong-ball sized, and inoperable. That is very likely the pineal glad or very close thereabouts. The blackouts can be caused by the tumor attaching to the gland or the brain stem. It can be operated on, it's just that no doctors know about doing surgery in that location. But there are a few very talented doctors that can operate in previously-inoperable locations using an endoscope. This technology only years old but has already been done on hundreds of people. I wish you hadn't deleted your post. PM me with more information. I have two doctors at Cedars-Sinai and USC that I can recommend you consulting. You can mail or email your MRI and CT scan CDs to them and they will take a look. At this point, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from getting a second opinion.

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The director of this program is a close family friend.

PM me.

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People like you make reddit awesome

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What would be amazing is if reddit can somehow get this guy's attention and so he could decide on whether or not he'd like to do something like this.

Or maybe he's already seen it =(?

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wonder what the odds of someone on 4chan actually being a brain surgeon capable of this operation are.........

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Worryingly, I bet there is at least one who could do it and about 1,000,000 who would have a bloody good go if they were allowed to video it for the lulz.

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Or somehow wind up sending weird hentai to Stephen Colbert

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I'm my own grandpa. PM me for more info

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These replies give a rare glimpse into the beauty of reddit and how an I AmA could have a cascading affect that could go on to change someone's life for the better.

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I wish society was reddit and the internet was life. More of this needed all over.

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That is at once a terrifying and awesome sentiment.

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As a space lawyer, I cannot advise this.

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My mother (who is a survivor of Stage 4 fully metastatic Cancer) recently had two small Adenomas in her pituitary gland (which, for those who don't know, is in the "base" of the brain). Not one doctor dared to put her under the knife because of her history and the high risk of operating the area. A doctor friend recommended she consulted with her oncologist about CyberKnife. Fast forward 4 months, she had the procedure in three different sessions in the span of a week. All in outpatient fashion. Tumors gone. Cannot upvote you enough. Anyone with "inoperable" tumors owe to themselves to at least consult with these folks.

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Fuck it, I'm downvoting all the other posts to help this one reach the top.

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He deleted his post because he's a fucking troll and you and everyone else here basically called him out by reaching out to him with real concern and solutions. He panicked and pulled the plug because it's hard to interact in an AMA when everyone is actually asking legitimate questions other than "OMG you poor baby" like he was expecting.

I could be wrong, of course, and if so: sorry dude, I wish you the best...

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I don't understand how people can troll saying they have a brain tumor? How is it funny for the troll to have people replying with their condolences? It just doesn't make sense.

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People have told much bigger lies for much less attention on this site. It's not a common thing, but it definitely does happen.

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Salem witch trials.

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I saw goody mondt with the devil!!!!

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This deserves to be at the top, my father died from this exact same cancer years ago because they said it was inoperable. OP for your own sake, and the sake of your loved ones please seek help.

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God damnit kid come look at this damn post!

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How the hell did 3401 people downvote this comment?

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It was too long for them to read.

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I think they're saying boo to cancer. BOOOOO CANCER! and boo urns...

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I don't want to be somber...but...heaven forbid this is not the case, you can ask your doctor to prescribe Gleevec off-label. It has shown great benefits in life extension and I personally have seen multiple SPs (specialty pharmacies) grant approval for off-label usage based on white papers submitted by physician to them showing efficacy.

CAUTION: This drug retails at around $6,000 for a 30 day supply. It is taken orally once a day. Afinitor is another option you could go for as well as multiple clinical trials that are likely being conducted at the moment.

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All I can say is hang in there. My oldest brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 15. He had terrible headaches, nausea, and was given 6 months to live. My brother turned 30 this September. He goes in every year to get his tumor checked. Nobody can tell him why the tumor just quit growing and is now just a calcified lump.

EDIT: After reading the top post on the page.... My brother's tumor was on or near the Pituitary gland. We were told that surgery could be done but in all likelyhood would leave him mentally retarded. We decided to wait it out until the surgery became absolutely necessary.

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I actually just forwarded the Wikipedia article onto my brother. We never got an answer as to why it stopped growing. Thanks for the awesome info.

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No problem. here is the TED talk. If you freeze the frame on the chart of foods you can get some good idea of foods that may help promote angiogenesis balance.


And to head people off at the pass...yes this is mostly theoretical at this point. Using food to prevent cancer has some peer-reviewed support but using food to cure cancer probably doesn't (that i can find).

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My brother was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour as well. His doctor recommended just leaving it alone (no radiation or surgery, being inoperable and all) in the thought that there was no point and he would be dead within a year. 10 years later my brother is doing great and in the best shape of his life. The tumour has completely stopped growing. I know that these are the rare cases but it just goes to show that you can never give up on life.

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Don't worry my friend our destination are the same, its only the arrival time that varies slightly.

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do some psychedelics, i think they will ease your fear of death. shrooms are being used for this purpose in europe legally

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Here in Switzerland there is one psychiatrist (Peter Gasser) who is allowed to subscribe LSD to patients with end of life issues. A protocol from this study: http://www.maps.org/research/lsd/swisslsd/LDA1010707.pdf I also think that psilocybin or LSD helps in such condition

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I also think that psilocybin or LSD helps in such condition

Not to mention, that they are totally awesome anyway.

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Guilty troll? Who knows...

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I am truly sorry about your condition. And I'm also sorry about the tendencies of the internet to hurl accusation of trolling.

IAMA has had posts about terminal illness that have turned out to be fake, and this has angered many people. So that's why people are pretty cautious. However, if you are indeed genuine, then I deeply feel for you. You should check out the comments on your old post... many people offered helpful suggestions.

Feel free to PM me if you ever need anything that I can help with.

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Wow. A guy at my work was diagnosed with this. He's been out for the last 6 months and won't be returning. It's also inoperable. If it's any consolation, he's lasted 2 months (and counting!) more than the doctors gave him. I'm so sorry man. He went ahead and made a list of 5 places he wanted to visit before it was time. He went to all 5. Try and do something similar. It was because of him that I've begun to travel more. The wife and I are already planning two trips to places we've always wanted to visit, but just wouldn't get around to (Brazil and South Africa). I'm not sure how much your meds are messing you up, but try and get on it now.

I wish I could say something poignant or witty but I have nothing right now. I just wish you the best and hope you find some sort of happiness. Good luck dude.

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I would be terrified of fulfilling a list like that. I don't know what you do in the time between finishing the list and dying.

If OP reads this, my condolences.

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Sorry man - do you see yourself seizing the "carpe diem" perspective? Seems a Hollywood cliché, but knowing more or less the when could be a way of focusing on making the days you have really matter. Hope you can find happiness in the coming times.

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No. Not in the least. It's all I dwell on. I didnt have this "new awakening". To do all the things I dreamed of. It's pretty consuming.

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This same thing happened to a family member. He went through the chemo which seemed to be rough. Towards the end he was weak; a shadow of himself due to the chemo. He was up an about until his final day, about three months later when his organs began shutting down. It amazed me how he went from having his initial seizure to death in such a short time period. I'm truly sorry that you or anyone else has to go through this.

I do have a couple small suggestions for you, though I don't know that you'll get them as the thread has been deleted. :(

  • are you a writer or do you enjoy writing? A daily online journal may be therapeutic for you to work out how you're feeling. It would also be a great way to connect with other people who may be going through a similar situation.

  • Chemo destroys your taste buds. If you haven’t heard of Miracle Fruit, look it up. It enhances and changes your taste buds and may be helpful after the drugs.

  • Do you have family? Leave them something. A video. A journal. Anything. Leave them a piece of yourself for them to remember you by.

I’m so sorry that this happened to you. If you need to talk with anyone feel free to orangered me.

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Don't let it be a death sentence. My mother was given a 3-8month window for her brain tumor. This was 9 years ago. The cancer is still there, but has remained dormant after a few rounds of radiation/chemo. She had a few rough years but has since led a perfectly functional life.

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Hey OP: My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor about 6 years ago. From what info you've provided it sounds very similar to your situation. My mother and I were able to keep him home the entire time (post surgery that followed the discovery). If you have any questions, or feel like venting...or just wanna chat about the weather please contact me. You can reply in here or PM me. I think about dad, and all that happened quite a lot (you can imagine) and was very involved in his treatment and care.

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Ben Williams has managed to survive with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) for over 14 years. If you have GBM (and maybe even if you don't), examining his protocols is highly recommended.

Treatment Options for Glioblastoma and Other Gliomas

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What is the size of your tumor in mm? Have you considered gamma knife treatment, etc? I've known a few people who have had brain tumors and the diagnosis has been all over the board. I'm not trying to give you false hope, but get it checked out.

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it's about the size of a ping pong

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Honestly, healthy sane people in the suicide reddits should look at threads like this.

troll or not, so many people who have life-threatening illnesses fight tooth and nail for existence. These people are true bamfs

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Don't give up hope. I met a girl in my freshman year in college who had brain cancer and had been given 6 months to live. Her biggest hope at the time was to live through her freshman year. She graduated in 2004, and to the best of my knowledge she's still going strong.

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Sweetheart, I can see you are terrified. I send you many hugs.

I live in a small village in British Columbia, Canada. I am surrounded by small hills, on the shore of a beautiful fresh water lake, and an amazing forest. I have an extra bedroom in my family home. If you need somewhere to come and be at peace: this would be as great place.

Sitting by the wood stove reading from the library I have, or waking along the shore. My cat will love you right up. I am an excellent baker-lass and I can make you anything you'd love.

You are not alone. Even if you never reply to anyone, please fulfill yourself with the moments you desire. Live your life on your terms and be proud of yourself. IM me with another account if you wish.

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I'll keep you in my thoughts. I do have two words for you though, BUCKET LIST!