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Mr. Moore, thank you for the great movie. My 4 year old son's "Hulk SMASH!" has been replaced with "I'm gonna WRECK IT!"

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All I can say is hang in there. My oldest brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 15. He had terrible headaches, nausea, and was given 6 months to live. My brother turned 30 this September. He goes in every year to get his tumor checked. Nobody can tell him why the tumor just quit growing and is now just a calcified lump.

EDIT: After reading the top post on the page.... My brother's tumor was on or near the Pituitary gland. We were told that surgery could be done but in all likelyhood would leave him mentally retarded. We decided to wait it out until the surgery became absolutely necessary.

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I had an usually high bill a few months ago and had to request that a manual read of my meter be done. When they did so they found that the remote monitor they use had went haywire and replaced it.

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They were actually very helpful.

Before they came out to check, the lady I spoke to also told me that if I presented evidence that I had resolved a water problem, such as a plumbing bill or a receipt for new toilet part, that they would do a one time credit on my bill to reduce it to what I normally pay.

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