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Jim Carrey's teeth make everything he says funny. It is an unfair advantage.

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Teresa, WHY WU NO post comments?

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Is it a complex issue? it is sexual mutilation of the male sex organ for no reasonable balancing benefit. It doesn't seem complex at all.

I sometimes feel like the fact that we treat it like a "complex issue" is part of the problem. Like reasonable people can agree to disagree about it when only ignoramuses would make the case that circumcision is a medically valid procedure.

Wait, explain this to me again?

we're going to cut off a part of your son's penis to prevent the chance of a treatable infection, that can be avoided with proper hygiene.

WTF? While you're at it doc why not remove my daughter's nipples too because eventually those become breasts that get cancer. Better nip it in the bud! No one would suggest that second part but the first one is "a complex issue".


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The media has to accept that as their "narrative" first.

The fun thing in American society is to see the wide divergence between reality and the narratives that media outlets stick to. If they aren't drugged zombies then they are the most disciplined free press ever devised.

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