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To add on to this question, what is your resting HR, and HR on a race? I remember in the book you said you were trying to keep it at or under 140 during training, but what about in the race?

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Hi Rich, I loved your book. For those who haven't read it, here is the link to the book on Audible.

Rich reads it himself, and I thought it was really good one because it doesn't focus 100% on triathlete training, but talks about his upbringing, struggles with alcoholism, motivation, and a significant life change at 40, etc.

Here is the link to Rich's Podcast on iTunes which is a really good one as well.

I am a beginner runner starting about two years ago (now 40), but I just completed my seventh half marathon in 2013 last weekend, and am on target to finish 12 this year. This year is the first year that I'm really taking it seriously.

Ok, now my questions / comments:

1) I've tried Jai repair and think its pretty good (tastes very earthy, but trying to get used to that). Any updates on a less costly plant based protein power?

2) What do you think about the studies done on the benefits of cordyceps? There seems to be some conflicting information out there?

3) Why all the hate on lower carb diets? Most vegetables are low carb naturally. Low carb doesn't mean bacon/eggs every meal.

4) The podcast with Ben Greenfield was my favorite so far (I'm about 5 episodes behind right now). One thing you've asked for is suggestions on the podcasts. I would say make the ads better. For example, when you do the ad for Audible, it would be great to include a 1 minute clip from Finding Ultra, and maybe a suggested title to listen to that month.

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On any organized marathon there will be porto-potties, but one of the problems you will encounter is long lines. You can lose 5 minutes for each time you stop. I have no ideas on how this works for ultras, interested to know as well.

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Does Ray only make $75 per episode of Ace on the Roof? Ray is a great asset to the show BTW

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When will you release Swearnet to iTunes so those of us who aren't in an area where it is being shown can purchase it? I must admit I did watch Don't Legalize it on Youtube, but did buy it on iTunes when it was available. Wouldn't it be better to just sell the movie now to people who are willing to buy it?

Also bring back Conky.