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TIL despite the terminology, the back bone isn't actually connected to the vagina bone.

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Well he did say he's "pretty busssayyy" (or words to that effect)

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You're gonna need to back up what you're saying here with proof, to show you're not misrepresenting her views.

To help you out, I did just sift through the 30 minute video GirlWritesWhat published about neoteny, about which you said:

She also stated that women are inherently emotionally selfish and lack bravery which leads to the inevitable conclusion that women are less human than men are. This was a piece on Neoteny.

...and I found this to be a gross misrepresentation of what GWW said. Here is the best summary I could deduce from the video, relevant to your accusations:

If our sexist perceptions of men and women, the fundamental one being that women are valuable and men are expendable, are so ingrained in us and have been for so long to have engendered all these physical differences between men and women up to and including the physical capacity to cry. Then in it might be something we're stuck with. Especially since those physical differences evolved in concert with broader neurological and behavioral sex differences that I've talked about in the past. And that really sucks for a lot of men and women.

For women, all of the assumptions, expectations and perceptions based on their inherent value which is what resulted in the more neoteonous phenotypes that were so beneficial to their success and survival in the harsher past, well, all of that presents a challenge to women who want to become empowered by their own agency and be taken seriously for what they can accomplish and contribute to society. Its gonna be a little bit harder for them to be seen that way.

And for men who for whatever reason find themselves in the position of being an object, unable to cope on their own with what life throws at them, men who can't exercise meaningful agency, can't overcome life's challenges, there's really no impulse on the part of society to offer them what we offer women: compassion, help and support. When he doesn't measure up to owe expectations of him, we drop him at the curb and try not to think about him until garbage day.

So, no, she does not say women are less than men. Instead she is arguing that neotenous features are more prevalent in women and less so in men because they have evolved to fufill different social roles, but she argues against continuing to affirm those social roles because they are barriers to equality for both men and women.

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I also think that psilocybin or LSD helps in such condition

Not to mention, that they are totally awesome anyway.

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Death isn't about going somewhere: its the end of you. You have to make the most out of the life you have. So, you should drink too much on the train, throw rocks from the windows and hit on the cute railway attendant. Because when you reach that destination, its what you did on the ride that makes the trip worthwhile.