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I will never forget his recollection of Satchel Paige standing at the old site of a slave trading station, in which Satchel says, "You know, I feel like I've been here before..." I got chills. What a fantastic series.

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Remember when Imgur first came out? It now looks exactly like the image sites that it was meant to replace.

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Guilty troll? Who knows...

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I am truly sorry about your condition. And I'm also sorry about the tendencies of the internet to hurl accusation of trolling.

IAMA has had posts about terminal illness that have turned out to be fake, and this has angered many people. So that's why people are pretty cautious. However, if you are indeed genuine, then I deeply feel for you. You should check out the comments on your old post... many people offered helpful suggestions.

Feel free to PM me if you ever need anything that I can help with.