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You said it was 50 test players in another comment.. hiring like crazy huh?

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What would be amazing is if reddit can somehow get this guy's attention and so he could decide on whether or not he'd like to do something like this.

Or maybe he's already seen it =(?

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I mean I could YouTube what I do at work but I wouldn’t have time to be a vegetable farmer, I can tell you that for sure

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You didn’t actually post the link

Interesting AMA though :)

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That’s what happens with pig ears and raw hides too.. I thought pig ears were cool (heard raw hides are a choking hazard) but my dog started choking on a slimy pig ear that had absorbed saliva and was just big enough for him not to be able to swallow. My roommate pulled it out of his throat (he was the one supervising him eating it) and he was fine. Kinda sounds like this bull penis could potentially do the same thing. I got a 80 pound boxer so this isn’t a small boy