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Wow. A guy at my work was diagnosed with this. He's been out for the last 6 months and won't be returning. It's also inoperable. If it's any consolation, he's lasted 2 months (and counting!) more than the doctors gave him. I'm so sorry man. He went ahead and made a list of 5 places he wanted to visit before it was time. He went to all 5. Try and do something similar. It was because of him that I've begun to travel more. The wife and I are already planning two trips to places we've always wanted to visit, but just wouldn't get around to (Brazil and South Africa). I'm not sure how much your meds are messing you up, but try and get on it now.

I wish I could say something poignant or witty but I have nothing right now. I just wish you the best and hope you find some sort of happiness. Good luck dude.

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I love the idea of a video or journal to leave to your family. Do this. You're 29 and from NY. You have to have some nephews or nieces or brothers or sisters.