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This deserves to be at the top, my father died from this exact same cancer years ago because they said it was inoperable. OP for your own sake, and the sake of your loved ones please seek help.

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It is said that if Feynman sensed a female within two hundred meters of him she would be hit upon. However on a more serious note, I am not sure if this was the case given the unfortunate time in his life that his work on the Manhattan Project took place.

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Hey Garth, I sent you a PM this morning outlining a Mech Pre-Order system that would allow players to have some say in the order of the slated Mech implementation, while acting as a massive income source for PGI via MC sales.

If you could please look it over and give me your thoughts, I'd appreciate it:


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And the Mechspeed hardcap?

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