*I know I spelled "whose" wrong. So embarrassing :/*

I competed in the Atlantic Pole Championships hosted by Pole Sport Organization. When I placed 3rd (so not expected), they posted my video, which after sharing it started showing up in the recommended list of random YouTubers ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_DupMPxTcM ). I have been competing since 2014 and in the pro qualifier circuit since 2017 and this is my first top three placement (the first place winner moves to Nationals).

All my routines are not what one would expect from a pole dancer - I typically go for heavy rock and metal songs, tell weird stories (demons, Sally from Nightmare Before Xmas, zombies, small children pretending to be super heros, and most recently, Deadpool), and brute force everything. I train at DivaFit and Optimal Fitness and have been pole dancing for fitness since 2013 and teaching since 2016. My teaching specialties are spin pole and "pole physics" which I teach based on my aerospace engineering background.

My engineer day-job has me working out of a sweet maker space called Building Momentum in Northern Virginia, I'm a metal head, and play in an acoustic metal band called Metallifun.

Ask Me Anything!

Edit: [3pm ET] Thanks so much for all the awesome questions and comments!! I have to go into work for a couple hours, but keep the questions coming!! I'll try to answer as much as I can while I'm there, but I'll be back to answer them later this afternoon!!!

Edit: [5pm ET] Back from work and answering all the things!!

Edit: [6:30pm ET] I'm off to a Metallifun gig but will be back tonight and tomorrow to answer your questions! Thank you so much for a crazy awesome AMA and I WILL get to all your questions and comments!! You guys ROCK!!!

Edit: [11pm ET] Back from the show and back to your questions!!!! \m/

Last edit [12am ET]: thank you Redditors for an AMAZING AMA!!! I had a great time and your questions were awesome!! I tried to get to everyone and will continue to answer the things as they pop up!! I'll see you on stage ;). Maximum Effort!!!


@doomthings on Instagram

The routine posted on my youtube account: https://youtu.be/X5kHTGUPBls

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Neurodrill1044 karma

Please tell me Ryan Reynolds has seen this?

doomthings1560 karma

I recently got confirmation that he has in fact seen this video, which totally blows my mind, and I'm fangirling out about it as I type this!!

Log2612 karma

Give it a few weeks, I wouldn't put it past him to try and one up you, which would be amazing.

doomthings531 karma

That would be great and would surpass all expectations. I didn't expect the video to go where it went, or this AMA to go where it's gone! I'm loving this ride and would welcome a one-up war with Mr. Reynolds himself!

ZippityD198 karma

There were two poles in that video. I'm suggesting a duet. A ménage à deux, so to speak.

14h0urs101 karma

I want a pole dancing battle that turns into a duet

doomthings119 karma

Brilliant!! What I really want is to do a Deadpool/Spiderman duet. This is the perfect theme for them!!! #inspired!

saichampa36 karma

He'd better wear the boots

Chaos_Philosopher35 karma

Knowing that sexy motherfucker he'd would. And he's rock the shit out of them!

doomthings22 karma

"sexy mutha fuuuckaaaa!"

ChristoWhat86 karma

This is Ryan Reynolds alt account..

doomthings83 karma

Welcome Mr. Reynolds ;)

dsigned001836 karma

Brute force everything is right. Pulling yourself up the bar, arms only is some crazy arm strength.

What's the most interesting/favorite thing you've built in your day job?

doomthings1094 karma

Haha! There are a lot of "cheats" but really they're just working with your body to make a move work for you, as they're different for every body type and shape.

I had a chance to work on the NASA Orion capsule about 8 years ago which was very cool. I was on a team that tested quarter scale and full scale models in multiple large basin testing facilities (and at sea) to see how it behaved after splash down. I did my master's thesis on the human factors of that capsule shape 😂.

kendallybrown666 karma

....so you're a pole dancing comic book hero who worked on a literal spacecraft. Holy. Shit.

I'm 100% certain you're my SO's dream girl. He would leave me for you and I would not blame him in the slightest, haha

vengefultacos181 karma

I don't think you have too much to fear... I'm pretty certain the only proper SO for a pole-dancing heavy-metal playing spaceship engineer is a certain physicist, neurosurgeon, test pilot, and rock musician...

doomthings42 karma


doomthings116 karma

Haahaa, no, you are your SO's dream girl (that's why he's with you!!)

throneofmemes426 karma


doomthings258 karma

Haahaa! Just a bit of a weirdo who had some interesting chances to do cool stuff! Thanks though :D!!

silly_pig22 karma

My thoughts exactly!

doomthings14 karma

haahaa, thanks !

catgirl_apocalypse14 karma

Hi can you teach me to be cool

doomthings14 karma

haha, you be you

Todd-The-Wraith32 karma


doomthings15 karma

never anything less!!

polarinc388 karma

Was it difficult to pole dance as Deadpool? (Like did the costume got in the way) Or was the there a considerable boost of confidence when you grab that pole because, hey you're Deadpool.

Did you have fun? I certainly did while watching. Thank you for that by the way.

doomthings662 karma

I honestly thought I would be easier because the red parts of my costume are made specifically for sticking to the pole. What I found is that I couldn't do as many things as I can when I'm wearing shorts and a crop top (or even jeans and a tshirt) cuz I kept sticking to the pole when I expected to move smoothly.

On the other hand, putting on the mask did really give me a confidence boost. "Because, hey you're Deadpool" is spot on!!

I had a great time with this routine, I'm really glad you had fun watching!!!

beatenintosubmission131 karma

Certainly that outfit took the sweat level up a notch...

doomthings229 karma

Definitely! It's actually fairly comfortable to move around in, although I did give myself 5 months to practice in it to make sure I was come competition time! Once it's off though, SUPER sweaty!

qrseek55 karma

how much did that outfit end up costing?

doomthings157 karma

The most expensive parts where the red bits - 4 pieces in total - a sleeveless catsuit (~$130ish), the leggings on top of that (~$100), and the two sleeves (~$30 each I think?). The crocs were somewhere around the $30 mark, I had the two t-shirts (one is under the sleeves cuz they attach under the armpits, and it reduces chafing, the other is over the sleeves to hide the attache points), the belt from Hot Topic was I think $30 and the mask was only in the $15 range. These prices are off the top of my head, but all said and done, on the order of $350+ish? I definitely wore it for Halloween the year before and will probably use it again to get my money's worth!!

It's worth noting that costumes in pole competitions and performances are often custom made and quite expensive. I usually use my normal practice shorts and tops or t-shirts and jeans, and spruce it up with some kind of "flair" or with stage makeup. This is definitely my most expensive costume ever (and I go all out at Halloween XD).

polelifeandpussy73 karma

I will say as someone who pole dances, it is so hard to pole in clothes considering that we mostly practice in little clothing! I loved your performance and definitely shared it with quite a few friends when I first saw it!!

doomthings26 karma

Thank you so much and thanks a billion for the sharings!!!!! I do love the technical challenge of poling in clothes!

ipqk30 karma

"it really seals in the flavor"

doomthings4 karma


Paublo1113 karma

So when Ryan Reynolds has his crew fly you up for Dead Pool 3 collaboration for his intro/credits, you gonna tell us right? Maybe by pole dancing while drinking his gin?

doomthings70 karma

HAHAHA, how cool would that be?!? But yes, if by some crazy happenstance that becomes real, you will be the first to know :).

Littlegrouch31 karma

Never considered watching anything like this but that was awesome!!!

doomthings26 karma

Haha, thanks!!

snadypeepers25 karma

I bet an added plus of wearing the full costume is that you can hide facial expression pretty well. That's one of my biggest struggles when performing. My instructor had to keep reminding me not to make a face like I'm scared when doing a drop in one of my pole routines!

doomthings22 karma

That was a huge benefit, although I found myself making what I feel like were Deadpool-esque facial movements during the routine anyway XD.

Brinstead251 karma

Wow. Incredible athleticism!

No real question, just an appreciation of how much hard work pole dancing is.

doomthings99 karma

Thanks! :D

vengefultacos179 karma

play in an acoustic metal band called Metallifun.

So... can you spin on the pole and play guitar at the same time?

doomthings191 karma

HAHA! I haven't tried that yet, but that thought has definitely crossed my mind! I'm all about making pole dancing as weird as possible ;).

Chaos_Philosopher24 karma

You're a bloody gift! Keep being you!

doomthings15 karma

Haahaa, I'll try! XD

Chaos_Philosopher3 karma

Imo make everything as weird as possible! Wonderful creativity with this routine. Good to see other engineers out there embracing their creativity,

doomthings3 karma

:) :) :)

tallbutshy6 karma

Well there is they one guy who can play the clarinet (possibly oboe) while spinning round a pole.

GiveOnlyLove3 karma


doomthings6 karma

I can't remember his handle, but I've only seen it on instagram.

quickwitqueen68 karma

Did you have any other fitness background before starting pole dancing? Do people doing it have to be injury free? I’ve wanted to get into it for a while and am pretty fit, except now I have a stress fracture of my L5 vertebrae and think this cool sport is out for me.

doomthings100 karma

Not really! I had done years of "summer swim team" as a kid and had sometimes gone to the gym in college, but otherwise was pretty sedentary. I went full throttle into pole dance when I turned 30 and I'm now in the best shape of my life! I'm not a doc of course, but I think there is something for every fitness level, even if there are limitations from injury! There is definitely a lot of low impact work that I have found has helped strengthen anything that has been weakened by injury. If you can find an intro class that doesn't go upside down in the first few months, you should definitely try it out!

dancingbrunette23 karma

What made you get started? Amazing work btw! I’m impressed at your strength.

doomthings78 karma

Thank you! Actually my piano duet partner from high school (we took lessons from the same teacher, not school-related) started taking classes at DivaFit, the studio where I train and teach, and suggested I check it out. After about 5 years of her poking me about it when we'd see each other every year or so, I finally tried and intro class and loved it. I wasn't drawn to the "sexy" nature of it as many people are, so I stayed away due to my own cognitive dissonance about it. Once I started though, I realized it was extremely technical and I loved the challenge! My goal is to make pole dancing as weird as possible by pushing the envelope of what people tend to expect! XD

Cattus-Magnus66 karma

What’s your favorite song to dance to?

doomthings116 karma

Pretty much anything metal. The more viking metal the better, although I do have a soft spot for soundtracks and creepy sounding songs.

Pokey_The_Bear43 karma

Amon Amarth?

doomthings70 karma

YES. I'm trying to find the right one for a routine 😂.

Pokey_The_Bear20 karma

I was gonna say Ironside off their new album... But then I listened to it and realized it's not as good as I thought.

doomthings37 karma

We'll find one ;) If I can confuse people in the audience with my music choices, my job is done XD

lovezhebobomb18 karma

Suggest some Ensiferum and Wintersun as back-ups to Amon Amarth!

doomthings17 karma

Yes!!! They are great bands for this! I've been listening through a lot of Wintersun to see what might work well.

lovezhebobomb12 karma

If you haven’t heard it yet, I suggest Little Dreamer. I think the tempo would work relatively well and the story itself is a favorite.


doomthings12 karma

YES! I do love this song :D. It's going in the list of things to try to dance to!

HellOnHighHeels9423 karma

As a heads up, the new Rammstein album is a cracking record to pole to.

doomthings22 karma

I haven't listened to it yet (BAD metalhead!), but I've only heard good things. I know what I'll be listening to this weekend!

So_Motarded19 karma

For slightly creepy stuff, Carpenter Brut makes heavy retro-synth that's got a really nice unique feel. This might be your flavor.

And I recently discovered the power metal band Unleash the Archers. Good shit.

doomthings8 karma

Nice!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

djetaine9 karma

please do a routine to some GloryHammer!

doomthings9 karma

YES! I have been trying to figure out which one I'd like to do something to! They have some GREAT ridiculous songs!

poopslayer697 karma

Have you tried pirate metal like Alestorm? They're definitely weird

doomthings5 karma

I do love me some Alestorm. My band, Metallifun covers "Drink" XD

gionnelles5 karma

Awesome work, really cool routine, and I dig all the information about your aerospace background and musical interests. If you like viking metal you should check out Thyrfing (my fav) and do a routine to this one: https://youtu.be/HxsDcKiMXLI

doomthings3 karma

oooo, I like that!! Thanks for sharing!!!

NotUnidan4 karma

May I make some suggestions as well? Odna by Arkona, and anything off of Leaves' Eyes King of Kings and their newest album?

doomthings3 karma

Yes!! I saw Leaves' Eyes live, I can definitely see using some of their stuff!

Pokey_The_Bear55 karma


doomthings56 karma

Haha, thanks! Pole dancing and/or deadpool may not be everyone's jam ;).

kendallybrown39 karma

*whispers* sexism

ToplaneVayne21 karma

or maybe they just don't like having these weird suggestions in their recommended section on youtube? or they just didn't enjoy the video? not everything has to be a political statement

doomthings18 karma

Haha, that's probably very true. There were a lot of "why is this in my recommended" comments, which I'm down with. It doesn't have to be everyone's cup 'o tea :D.

doomthings2 karma


ToplaneVayne11 karma

is everyone supposed to upvote a video that you like? pole dancing deadpool might not be everyones cup of tea, especially not when youtube algorithms recommend it for no reason. i personally liked it but i dont expect everyone else to like it too

doomthings6 karma

well said! that's what I think too :D

Fake_Cakeday45 karma

What was the hardest part about that Deadpool routine?

doomthings113 karma

In all honesty, the invert near the end, right before I go into the cupid (for non-polers, that's the one were I hold the pole with my knee, my foot is pressing against the pole below, and my hands are off by my face). I was so tired by then, the heels (which I normally don't do routines in) are heavy, my legs are really long, and I have a short torso (curse you moment arm!), so it took a lot of effort to invert with my legs straight.

nexquietus51 karma

"curse you moment arm..."

Yep, definitely an engineer... LoL

doomthings24 karma

#guiltyascharged #nerdallthethings

sandolle31 karma

I did watch this video and think: This woman looks very tall (I know your in like 8 inch heels) but your lines look so long.

Amazing work btw. You remind me of my younger sister. I just got her into pole in 2018 (and aerial hoop) and she is a mechanical engineer (wants to work in aerospace engineering) and wants to do comedic routines, but you seem much taller than my sister (who is 5 foot 0.5 inches)

doomthings38 karma

Haahaa, I do have very long legs and arms, but my torso is deceptively short, I'm only 5' 5". My hips are nearly as high as my dad's who is 6' 1" and I have a 6-foot wingspan.

Thanks!! Oh man, your sister sounds awesome!!! Definitely keep encouraging her to continue her awesomeness (which makes you awesome for lookin' out for your little sis!!!)

Soldats53044 karma

Damn man talk about strength goals for sure. I am sitting here at 32 just getting used to the gym.

As a budding engineer, what drew you to maker spaces? Always wanted to work in one but I also want to make money...

doomthings72 karma

Haha, thanks! You too can pole dance and get all the strength! I'm not a fan of gyms so this was a really fun way to build strength, make friends (i'm an extreme introvert, but being at a studio like this helped me practice my extrovert ;) ), and I'm now in the best shape of my life!

Full disclosure, I don't work for the maker space, I work for the Navy as an engineer, but our group works with the maker space because we're in the innovation and maker realm, so I get to work out of there on a daily basis. I found that no matter where you work, finding good mentors is key. I wouldn't have had access to this group if I hadn't sought out mentors who encouraged me to apply for different positions and make bold choices. Because of that encouragement, I now find that I'm able to pick where I want to work vs. being told. You got this!!!

Soldats53011 karma

Hey thanks for that :-). Trying to make some moves into the manufacturing / Aerospace industry right now. Thanks for the tip on the maker space, I had no idea companies/branches of government used maker spaces like that. Looking back it makes sense because in the few maker space I have been there were always these private offices for rent. Long term goals I suppose.

I am always on the look out for mentors, the one mistake I made getting into this was going to a large school (classes of 100-250 people). It made it very hard to connect with professors.

doomthings26 karma

I think it's a newer trend and I'm very honored to be part of a group that realizes the benefit of working together with places like this. The owner of the space where I work is amazing and would be more than willing to chat with you about maker spaces and how they partner with other organizations. Check out www.buildingmomentum.us and if you contact them, let em know Deadpool referred you to them, they know about my extra curriculars XD!

angeliqu9 karma

Weird question, but as I’ve worked with government on the engineering side of things, did you have to disclose your extracurricular activities (aka participating in pole dancing competitions) to your employer?

doomthings30 karma

Not weird at all! I was not required to disclose anything, although if I am asked direct, I answer honestly. I feel like my style and postings online are all safe for work, so if someone found me online they wouldn't be super weirded out. I do feel out the people I work with before saying anything, but I honestly used to start out with "dance fitness" which, as the years moved on I moved to "pole fitness" and now just "pole dancing", if somehow it might come up in conversation. I've noticed that my engineering coworkers find it fascinating because of the physics aspect (and strength - most of them are guys) and they are able to look past the negative connotations people often associate with pole dance. There are people in my chain of command who don't know, but there are others who do, and I usually don't bring it up, but if something comes up in conversation where it makes sense to bring it up, at the very least, it's extremely memorable, and the next time we meet, they know who I am XD.

LakeBum7773 karma

THIS right here. Being memorable is the key to success. In a sea of choices, that may be what sets you apart.

I was remembered for doing an unpleasant task that no one wanted to do. I took it on willingly with a great attitude and added flare. When a new department was created, I was chosen to be the first to join this prestigious team—-no interview required—-because my attitude had been noticed doing this unpleasant thing by someone I had never even been introduced to.. It was crazy and wonderful and so surprising. The moral of the story is whether you’re remembered for being Deadpool on a pole or doing the shit work no one wants to do, being memorable is the key.

doomthings3 karma

YOU are awesome!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

cad72236 karma

Late to the party, but are there weight limits to pole dancing? Does it depend on the pole and structural support, as well as the ability to support yourself with upper body strength?

doomthings79 karma

Haha, you're right on time! You're right, "weight limits" are based on the pole structural limits, which can also be a factor of how they were installed. I would say that upper body strength is not something you need going into pole dancing, it's something you develop. In my experience, the best programs help develop that strength instead of requiring that at the beginning. If you find an intro class that has you go upside down on day one, I'd walk out!

cad72212 karma

Thank you! I’ve always loved the beauty and art of pole dancing, I’d like to cut some weight before hitting that intro class, for my own health and safety, but thanks for the info!!

VegetarianMeatBalls12 karma

The weight limits on pole are pretty high though. At our studio we tested them up to 250-300lbs. And in intro class you don't do anything too crazy usually so you can totally go there, learn a few moves and make work off that way too. We have a ton of awesome people on the heavier side in our beginner and intermediate classes. Even some in advanced!

doomthings4 karma

Thanks for adding that!!! Yes, we have people of all sizes and shapes, which I love about the pole dancing community!!!

venuswasaflytrap24 karma

Are there any copyright issues with this?

doomthings75 karma

Not that I'm aware of as I think it falls in the realm of parody.

troixetoiles22 karma

Ooooo....pole physics sounds awesome! I'm a physics professor and I teach a few pole classes for fun. What do you do for "pole physics"?

doomthings36 karma

Awesome!!!! In my classes I try to use layman's terms as much as possible, but momentum and moment arms do come out to play XD. I usually help them visualize how they should stack their limbs and joints to be safe, and to make the most effective and efficient use of their weight distribution, which is different for everyone. I usually go with examples like the rafters on a house, or cross-beams, and show them how angles can give you more leverage. :) I did write out some torque equations one time to show them why having your elbows at 90 degrees (versus 0 or 180) is optimum for shouldermounts. I didn't know if this would be helpful, but the feedback I got was that explaining with some science why you should bring your arms higher or lower gave them a starting point they could remember and were able to work with their own body type and shape to make it work best for them :). I love seeing those "aha" moments!!!

i_scammed_a_nonce21 karma

didn't they do a pole dancing scene on the opening credits for deadpool 2?

doomthings57 karma

They did, and this was 100% inspired by that and the Celine Dion "Ashes" music video where Yanis Marshall dances as Deadpool in heels. My sister (and owner of my dance studio, DivaFit) was going to do it as a showcase for our studio, but decided against it and she helped me choreograph parts of the routine for the competition.

GingersDaddy15 karma

Do heels help when pole dancing, or are they purely aesthetic?

doomthings35 karma

Depends on what you're doing. I find them heavier and so I think they're harder. However, if they're the shiny material mine are, they help stick to the pole making climbing easier. For this, I based my routine on the Yanis Marshall/Deadpool/Celine Dion "Ashes" collaboration (and the pole dancing during the DP2 intro) and so I felt the heels were needed. Otherwise you'll find me in bare feet or sneakers XD!

bushondrugs13 karma

Do you plan to explore any other characters, or are you pretty much set on being Deadpool?

doomthings15 karma

I wouldn't mind doing another Deadpool routine because of how fun he is, but I definitely plan to explore other ideas and characters. My previous routines have been very different than Deadpool to date, but this one has definitely been the most fun!

kendallybrown11 karma

What suggestions do you have for people who want to get into pole for the first time? I took one class, felt incredibly discouraged and embarrassed at having clearly the least upper arm strength, and never went back.

doomthings16 karma

It's hard to gauge going to a new studio, but a place that is welcoming to everyone and doesn't start with making them go upside down on the first day (or week, or month, or even 3 months). You also don't need to have that upperbody strength that people think you need. I think a well-designed program will build up your strength at a pace that a majority of folks can follow. And good teachers will encourage your strengths, not make you feel down about what you may perceive as a weakness. There is always something you're excelling at, even if you can't see it, and your teacher should be able to help you find that nugget of gold!!

If you're ever in the Northern Virginia area, look up DivaFit and Optimal Fitness!!

AvocadoPancakerino11 karma

Did you get to keep that costume?

doomthings22 karma

Yup! I pieced the costume together from a bunch of different pieces - I have a sped up video of my putting it on starting from my bottom layer of black capris and a t-shirt XD. On top of that is a "slashed catsuit" by Kelly Maglia, leggings by Creatures of XIX, two sleeves (called ayesha sleeves for the elbow move they're used for that I didn't do in the routine), another tshirt and a mask I found on Amazon :)

Palin_Sees_Russia2 karma

You say that as if they gave him the suit lol Of course it's his own.

doomthings12 karma

Haha, it is mine. There were some troll comments on the video about the suit not being from the movie, which I found hilarious, because that would not have worked very well from a technical perspective XD.

mohirl7 karma


d20diceman4 karma

As someone who came to the thread without checking any of the pics or video, I made that mistake too until I read "fangirling".

doomthings3 karma


jclinares2 karma

Are you assuming OP's gender? /s

doomthings3 karma

I love that this conversation has been sparked! I personally identify trending androgynous (honestly still figuring it out a bit), but I'm of the lady-type persuasion. Thanks for lookin' out ;)

doomthings1 karma

Heehee, #illusionachieved

CushyPolity10 karma

pineapple on pizza?

doomthings5 karma

uummmm, sometimes?

broogbie9 karma

Are you a man or a woman?

doomthings11 karma

I am of the lady-type persuasion. #confusionillusionachieved XD

VandWW8 karma

Okay, you're pretty dang awesome!

How do you find a good work/life balance with what I expect are pretty demanding career/hobbies?

doomthings16 karma

Haha, thanks!! Just a weirdo with lots of hobbies XD!

I'm honestly still working on that, and I think I have a pretty decent thing going on at the moment. I do have a 9-to-5 (which is more like a 7-to-5 in reality!), I teach 2 classes one day a week, and we try to have band practice at least once a week (we actually are playing in a bar showcase tonight, so I'm hoping to answer as many as these questions as possible before I have to leave!). My engineery-ness and tinkerer nature has me playing on my computer a lot, but I've tried to stop that as I'm on the computer a lot at work, so my down time is usually flopping in front of the TV and eating dinner with my SO. He's helping me stop "multi-tasking" by tackling one thing at a time, and reminding me that I can "do that tomorrow" which helps a lot :D. Fun fact: I learned that from a scientific perspecitve, you technically can't multi-task; check out Dr. Steve Robbins's stuff on Diversity and Inclusion. He's a neuroscientist who has this great bit about multitasking, among other great things, and I'm trying to follow his ideas on how to quiet your brain by not pretending you can multitask.

I_TensE_I6 karma

So Ryan Reynolds collab when?

doomthings4 karma

Haha, I wish! No, I haven't met or spoken with Mr. Reynolds before. I just thought it would be funny to do a Deadpool routine, cuz why not? 😂

EveryLeek6 karma

Why you think pole dance became normal? It was only a "stripper thing", now it's been a discussion to become a sport.

doomthings12 karma

My guess would be the organic nature of people finding it interesting and showing fitness results. The people I've taken classes with, and taught, have all told me they find pole dancing provides multi-faceted benefits that other sports or workout regimes they've tried didn't hold for them. Because it is relatively new, as opposed to ice skating or gymnastics for example, there is a lot of cohesion, collaboration, and encouragement in the community. I think that atmosphere draws in people who don't find that elsewhere and provides a huge confidence boost, helps with anxiety, etc., because of the safe environment they find themselves in when in a pole studio. It's also a lot of fun and something a lot of people don't think they could ever do. I personally am an extreme introvert (although my best friend would dispute me on that) and had only really had a few close friends, most of them guys. Now I have a whole community of people of all genders that I never thought I'd have and it's done a lot for my own confidence. Not to mention the technical challenges that come with figuring out how to get your hips above your head! As an engineer, I am continually fascinated by how to make myself move that way!

FlippyCucumber5 karma

What metal have you been listen too lately? Any all time favorites?

doomthings12 karma

I'm a big fan of Gorod, Sabaton, Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth, Manowar, Vale of Pnath (I did two of my routines to two different instrumentals of theirs), Alestorm, Archspire, old Metallica, Battle Beast... :D

stonedPict5 karma

pole dancing nerdy metalhead with a sense of humour that makes shit for NASA

How the fuck are you a real person???

On a more serious note, did you make that Deadpool outfit as well or is that the one talent you don't have? Video looks cool regardless, congrats on bronze dude

doomthings3 karma

HAHA!! I'm just a weirdo with lots of hobbies that worked out XD!

I pieced it together from other bits, so each part is completely independent of the others. To be honest, I do like to sew and have made a number of Halloween costumes XD.

Thank you so much!!!

igotbannedforh8mail4 karma

Why didn't you dress up as Gwenpool?

doomthings12 karma

1) I didnt think about it XD. 2) I wanted to get away from the sexy side of pole dance. Not because it shouldn't be, but because that's my personal challenge and goal for myself. 3) I wanted to pay homage to the DP2 pole dance scene and the "Ashes" music video with Celine Dion and Yanis Marshall

memeticengineering4 karma

Can you touch a bit more on how your aerospace background helped you build routines? Have you made FBDs of yourself on a pole to design moves?

doomthings8 karma

Haahaa, I really want to do a project where I do get to draw FBD on photos and video to figure stuff out, but mostly it's going through that process in my head, or talking it out. In my pole physics class I try to explain in layman's terms as much as possible, but momentum, CG, and moment arms come out a lot (still kinda in the layman realm).

I think about everything in terms of angles. I did share the torque and moment equations for the shoulder mount move and why your elbows should hover around 90 degrees for maximum efficiency in class one day! XD. Basically if I can stack my body in such a way that my CG is completely supported (and if something moves I wont fall and die), then I work out how my body works with the move based on that. I haven't really designed any "new" moves, but as everyone's shape and size is different, the physics of your body might work differently than someone else's, so I have to teach to the individual, and I do the same for myself.

AskewArtichoke4 karma

Love the video!

Any tips on stopping the top of the foot bruises? They flippin hurt.

doomthings8 karma

Oh man! I wish I could say that they go away quickly! I used to get foot bruises with climbing specifically. I found that when I point both my back and front foot in climbing, so I get the advantage of having my entire leg stick to the pole (and not leave a big hole by flexing the back foot), I actually have more friction to help me climb the pole. It is harder, but by conditioning this type of climb, your legs will get a lot stronger, and you'll save the top of your foot from some bruising! I definitely flex my foot when I'm getting tired, but I actively try to keep them box pointed, even in shoes!

ms_shmebulock3 karma

HI!!! Am I your favorite sister? Cuz you're my favorite. Love your face! ❤️

doomthings3 karma

Fraking FAVORITE SISTER!!!! I HEART YOU!!!! *this is my sister-face and the the owner of the studio (DivaFit) and gym (Optimal Fitness) where I train that I keep talking about people of reddit!*

kachowlmq3 karma

If that was third place, what did the first place winner do? That was awesome!

doomthings10 karma

Haahaa! I was very honored to have competed against the first and second place winners! The first place winner, Samantha Star, is a professional international pole dancer with a number of wins under her belt. I also had the honor of taking some of her classes in New York. She is great! Here's her routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uExl7BXgqaU

Grirco3 karma

Can you sometimes not breathe in the costume?

doomthings5 karma

It's not too bad, especially for a 4-minute routine, but I did train in the mask by teaching my 1-hour classes with the mask on for as long as I could take it for a number of months prior to the competition to get used to less air. Restricted vision was actually more of an issue, which is why I adjust the mask so much in the routine. I tried to "choreograph" it in, but sometimes i just had to be fixed on the fly!

Bulletface_3 karma

What is this suit made out of, i can see some parts are cotton or polyester, but what is the shiny stuff?

doomthings3 karma

The leggings are made by Creatures of XIX, specifically for pole and the "Slashed Catsuit" underneath is made by Kelly Maglia's Liquid Vinyl collection, also specifically made for pole. It was more restrictive than I thought, as the fabric moves around over your skin, when normally I'm holding on by my skin, but it was perfect for this specific routine XD.

AK1230893 karma

I creeped your Instagram a little and was surprised to see an Aslin beer... Then I noticed your studio is VERY local to me since I'm in Reston. You should check out Ocelot too if you haven't already. Not many sours (though occasionally), but very solid IPAs and a great barreling program. Always nice to see locals on the great big interwebs. 👋

Also had to resubmit this since I didn't ask a question the first time... Uh, what's your favorite restaurant in the area?

doomthings3 karma

Omiglob you should totally come to my pole physics class! If you're a pole noob, mine is open to all skill levels 🙃.

Hrm, I don't go out to eat a lot, buuuuuut when we play gigs for Metallifun, we're often at Breakers and they have amazing bar food 🤣. We're actually at a showcase right now, we go on in a few minutes and will play for an hour, you should totes come out (if weird acoustic metal is your thing 😂).

thatsnotincense3 karma

I’m a woman and am infertile but I wanna have your super hero babies.

Real talk, tho, how do you keep your hands from sweating and being slippery? I’ve tried pole dancing a few times and fixed pole or not my hands don’t keep their grip.

doomthings4 karma

HAAAHA you, ma'am, are officially the greatest!

I am fortunate that I don't have really sweaty hands, but a lot of people do!! Our students swear by a product called "dry hands" which acts as a hand antiperspirant.

Mafia_man_veto3 karma

Wow you have amazing athletic abilities, Do you have any other routines unloaded on youtube?

Whats the hardest part of coming up/developing a routine?

doomthings8 karma

Thanks!! I do have my previous routines up on youtube :) https://www.youtube.com/user/hanyoksuse. My "stage name" was Arora Leigh before I did the Deadpool routine.

The hardest part for me is coming up with the transition movements between the bigger moves. Coming up with the character, a skeleton of a routine (big moves go to these parts of the song), and a story are key, but come a bit more naturally to me. Trying to get some cool dancey type movements in between those bigger moves is my downfall. Also floorwork. My floorwork skills are not nearly as good as the people I compete with, which is why I have just 2 floor moves XD!

SephyTheExalted3 karma

I think you absolutely nailed the transitions, half the time I had no idea what was going to happen next, which made it feel 10x more impressive. I also think those floor moves were spot on for the theme. (Clearly you have a huge amount of strength which was perfect for this routine!)

doomthings2 karma

Thanks so much! You have no idea how lovely that is to hear! I'm in awe of people who have beautiful dance transitions, but I know that I need to work within my strengths, and you're totally right, the Deadpool character is a bit more forgiving than other concepts, so I was able to "get away" with some "non traditional" moves :D

missweach2 karma

Ah! How did you get this good?! You're so dope.

doomthings2 karma

Haahaa, thanks!! Putting in 120% (cliche but damn it's true), failing a lot, and trying again constantly. Lots of water. LOTS of water. Not training more than a couple times a week (rest days, REST DAYS PEOPLE!). And 7 years of practice XD.

shirobynight2 karma

Did you need to make edits to your flexibility or is your training more focused on power? I’m a guy looking to get into this to prove i can to a dancing friend.

doomthings2 karma

I'm flexible, but really not that flexible. Search for pole dancing routines and you'll find WAY more flexible people than me. I cannot do a split, BUT there are a lot of cheats, and a lot of exercises that can improve flexibility over time. I only started getting close to a split in the last few years, despite 7 years of pole dancing.

I would also argue that pole dancing is really designed for men due to male weight distribution. You'll be able to flag (or iron x as it's called in the pole vernacular) well before I will and I've been working on it for about 2 years now XD.

You should DEFINITELY try it and if you like it, keep at it!! Most studios are open gender these days and it's always a safe space! We have a few men at our studio, DivaFit, and they have varying degrees of flexibilty. Both of them (and women as well) have said that yoga is a great way to help increase flexibility in conjunction with pole dancing.

Good luck!! If you're ever in Northern Virginia, look us up at DivaFit and Optimal Fitness!!

jolewhea2 karma

OMG!!!! I first saw that video the week I signed up for my first pole class! How did you manage to grip the pole with virtually no exposed skin?

doomthings3 karma

Omiglob YES!!!! That's awesome!! I'm have trained in jeans and t-shirts to increase my grip strength, but this costumes red bits are designed specifically to help stick to the pole. I don't recommend training in them as the fabric slides around on your skin and you rely less on your own strength and more on the sticky of the pants. But they are great for costumes!!!

SpoogeHandle2 karma

What kind of engineer are you? I'm studying to be an engineer myself. 🙂

doomthings2 karma

I got my undergrad degree in aerospace engineering. I attempted to both ocean and aero at the same time, but that was WAY too many credits (for me). I ended up getting my master's in ocean engineering via work. What kind of engineering are you looking to do? :)

Ineedahaircut09092 karma

Why exactly deadpool and not spiderman who would be more likely to pole dance due to his spider powers or Robin because of his experience as a acrobat?

doomthings3 karma

There have been a couple spider man routines at this competition in the past, but Deadpool had not been done before. There are a couple Deadpool routines out there, but more in the "pole theater" realm and I wanted the challenge of a fully-clothed technical category routine 😋

kaxobixo2 karma

Congrats, the video is amazing.

How are routines scored and what elements and moves do they have to contain mandatory?

doomthings2 karma

Pole Sport Organization's scoring depends on the category you compete in. This particular routine was in the "championship pro qualifier" category, which is technical in nature. In all honesty, it should have been in the "entertainment" category, but that one was not a qualifier for nationals, and I really wanted the challenge of placing in the qualifier. Next year, this competition will rotation the entertainment category as the qualifier, so I'm toying with the idea of another Deadpool routine there.

The technical category is more heavily focused on your form, difficulty of moves and transitions, (there are more score sub categories involving technical elements), but it does have a number of equally weighted "entertainment" related sub categories. There are 10 of these sub categories and they are each 10 points.

The entertainment category is focused much more on your interpretation of the music, theme, and concept. Deadpool really belongs in this category!

This particular competition, and all competitions put on by this organization do not have any mandatory moves, but they do have restrictions. There are 5 levels: Level 1 you cannot go upside down, Level 2 you can only go upside down from the floor (knees or feet), Level 3 you can go upside down while you're in the air, but you must only use 3 point-of-contact moves while upside down (that rule also applies for Level 2 when upside down), and Level 4 and 5 are open to anything. The different between 4 and 5 is that 5 is the "pro qualifier level", costs a bit more to compete, and assumes you are a more experienced performer, giving the new level 4 performers a more "level" playing field (pun might as well be intended ;) ).

kawaiian2 karma

You have given me the confidence to try pole fitness!

Where can we listen to your acoustic metal band?

Did you start barefoot and learn to dance in the shoes later, or is it important to train with the shoes early?

doomthings2 karma

YES!!! Do it, do it do it! I've had the greatest time with this sport!!

The best place is probably our instagram: @metallifun. We have some REALLY old videos on youtube, but they're not that great and I think most, if not all of them, are our electric variant which is fun, but honestly less interesting. We are currently working on our first EP which we're hoping to get out into the internet-o-sphere by late summer or early fall! We actually have a gig tonight in Northern Virginia! Details are in our Facebook page (also @metallifun) if happen to be in the area!

The program my studio, DivaFit, uses is to learn without shoes during the first Level (we have 8-week sessions, where each of 6 Levels is 8-weeks long). Then we learn with shoes (optional) in Level 2, but once we get into going upside down, the shoes become more of a hindrance. I personally didn't do shoes until after I started teaching, then I "learned" shoes when I went through teaching my own leveled students. I knew how to do it, but I perfected it with them, haha! I don't know that training with them earlier is necessary. Honestly, training with ankle weights, once you're comfortable doing some advanced moves, is better for training, so when you use shoes, the weight doesn't through you off ;).

syberghost-2 karma

Have you ever danced with / met D-Piddy?

doomthings2 karma

No, I haven't XD.

lulzPIE-13 karma

So you’re a stripper?

doomthings4 karma


jimbobbjesus0 karma

Met the 14 year old

doomthings1 karma

I mean it's not completely off base ;). Pole dancing definitely came from strip clubs when some very accomplished strippers (and by accomplished, I mean ridiculously strong) decided to teach people how to do it, and it caught on. I fully accept and celebrate where pole dancing comes from, but I personally stay away from the sexy stuff because I like the challenge of being weird and different XD.