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You are giving incredibly well-written and deeply thought-out answers. I respect and admire this so much. Pay no mind to those who are impatient and carry on - you’re fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to share all of this with us today. To know that you were pioneering the dataport idea in TASER technology is a truly beautiful thing.

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thanks for sharing, this made my day to read

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Do therapists have a boss? Are there metrics that each therapist has to meet? How does your work grade you on your performance?

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do you find that imposter syndrome never goes away, even when you’re Rob Sheridan?

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Thanks for your time. I’m here in Portland and especially appreciate your work Mr. Tierney.

I was admitted to a suicidal watch ward and held for a week several years ago. During this time, the doctor told me to lose weight and eat better, and it would correct many of my problems. Medication was offered, but after losing a parent to overdose I struggled with the idea of taking any.

I am down 100lbs and the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life so far with no signs of quitting. However, I’m still a diagnosed bipolar, borderline, schizophrenic, depressed adult with generalized anxiety disorder. These issues are better, but as you all know, borderline comes with the call of the void built in.

I am now ready to overcome my fear of prescribed medicine and get the help I need.

A question to the panel, do you put the same amount of trust in telephone psychiatry visits as you would in person for complex and formerly suicidal patients?

I’m suffering mentally from the inside of my head and too afraid to leave my house to get the in-person mental care I need. It’s compounded further by the fear of going to a pharmacy to pick up the medicine. Thank you.