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You are giving incredibly well-written and deeply thought-out answers. I respect and admire this so much. Pay no mind to those who are impatient and carry on - you’re fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to share all of this with us today. To know that you were pioneering the dataport idea in TASER technology is a truly beautiful thing.

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Do therapists have a boss? Are there metrics that each therapist has to meet? How does your work grade you on your performance?

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do you find that imposter syndrome never goes away, even when you’re Rob Sheridan?

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What’s the intended audience for your book? What type of people have the most to gain from reading it? I don’t know anything about Wall Street - would I still enjoy this book?

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I don't think he needs to respond for you to know that you should go get that checked out by a doctor if you can.