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Brute force everything is right. Pulling yourself up the bar, arms only is some crazy arm strength.

What's the most interesting/favorite thing you've built in your day job?

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It's funny that you describe "Fargo" as commercial, because on this side of time, it's more obscure than the Big Lebowski, while "the Dude" has been plastered all over merch and purchased by people who've never even seen the movie.

That said, I think I liked Fargo better as a movie (but you kind of have to have lived in the midwest to truly appreciate it, I think).

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No, he messed with them first. Then bravery and honor.

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I have a perception that I expect varies along native Americans, but I have a perception of native American tribes as being very nostalgic. As in dwelling on the past and not a lot of thought as to the future except in so far as preserving the past. So my question is, what do you see as "next" for your tribe? Is my perception simply wrong?

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What if the horse sized duck is endangered? ;)