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I've paid off all my student loans but one because it took 5 years to figure out who owned it. Now they're demanding $9000 cash up front, which I refuse to do on principal.

How is this bullshit legal? Both the selling off of the loans without notice, and the demand a full payment after all this nonsense?

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Amon Amarth?

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I was gonna say Ironside off their new album... But then I listened to it and realized it's not as good as I thought.

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Why are these so called childhood development "experts" still trying to teach kids that they're perfect, they'll never fail, and that they don't need to work hard to succeed? Because it didn't work for milenials....

Childhood obesity is a growing problem. Yet the "experts" took away fitness tests and assessments so morbidly obese tony wouldn't feel bad. I asked the kids I work with what they did for PE class..."read some comic books". Really?!

When will the "experts" stop peddling this idea that kids are stupid, fragile beings incapable of handling failure or challenges? While it's been great for business, it really shouldn't be my job to teach kids that failing and being challenged help you grow as a person.