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God damn, that's some quick thinking! I couldn't even be mad at that.

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After reading through it, I feel like it's social media for nonprofits. It looks like a platform for smaller nonprofits to get their start, where they can advertise and receive donations via this platform, rather than having to learn how to do that on their own. And donors joining it would be able to find charities for causes/locations they care about.

If the above is correct, it seems pretty cool.

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For slightly creepy stuff, Carpenter Brut makes heavy retro-synth that's got a really nice unique feel. This might be your flavor.

And I recently discovered the power metal band Unleash the Archers. Good shit.

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Thankfully, the vast majority of the funerals are elderly folks who earned a military funeral at some point in their lives. KIAs are extremely rare. That said, there are definitely some rough ones. You get desensitized to it, cuz anything less would drive you nuts.