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HomieHolmes918 karma

Y’all ever fuck in cosplay?

thousandfacescosplay874 karma

I'll just let your imagination answer this one.

SomeFreeTime364 karma

what do you eat and lift to get dat stronk?

thousandfacescosplay536 karma

Giant's milk...


He’s a r/freefolk

thousandfacescosplay13 karma

I never knew this existed and I'm so happy now

deemonstalker4 karma

Those delts and shoulder caps look like the product of Mexican supplements (IMO). You guys look great regardless of the speculation of the juice. To be so dedicated to such an art as cosplay and maintaining incredible physiques is an inspiration. Keep up the awesome work.

thousandfacescosplay6 karma

Pretty sure my prescription test is from a US facility, but hell if I know for sure 🤣

thousandfacescosplay356 karma

No, but really. We both keep our nutrition pretty disciplined, lots of lean meats and complex carbs, like rice, sweet potatoes, oats, etc. We both also lift 5-7 days a week. 💪

WackyBeachJustice99 karma

Genetic lottery and hard work.

-Cheule-44 karma

I don’t know why you’re being downvoted. Genetics is definitely a factor.

Edit: the comment above turned positive numbers, guess people aren’t as willfully ignorant as I imagine they are.

thousandfacescosplay60 karma

Genetics are a factor that can't be denied. But just one factor

McveigshArk357 karma

Which cosplay did you have the most fun making and showing off ?

thousandfacescosplay448 karma

Our favorites to perform as are definitely Krieg and Tiny Tina from borderlands. My personal favorite to show off as an outfit is Kratos

Tavers292 karma

Can I ask why you chose Krieg and Tina, rather than, say Krieg and Maya?

thousandfacescosplay87 karma

Tina is more fun as a character to portray. More energy, more psycho

3-eyed-raisin47 karma

My bet is she doesn’t think she sounds enough like Maya to pull it off

Tavers210 karma

I'm wondering if they know about any of the theories surrounding Krieg and Tina. Assuming they do, and they play off that, damn. That's real commitment.

thousandfacescosplay40 karma

Those theories have been debunked by the creators

DevDaniels1250 karma

What do you mean by immersive?

thousandfacescosplay408 karma

We perform as the characters, from trying to imitate their movements, dialogue, voices, etc. We also aim to stay in character whenever feasible

Mzuxe160 karma

What got you guys into cosplay?

thousandfacescosplay339 karma

We met performing at a renaissance faire, so this was a really natural evolution... with the added benefit of air conditioning

_BioPsychoSocial_95 karma

If you donate the proceedings from appearances, what do you both do for a living?

thousandfacescosplay130 karma

We both work a lot of gigs, personal training, social media manager, day care, etc

TheFirstAndrew11 karma

Is this suburbanite speak for "My parents have money?"

thousandfacescosplay10 karma

We definitely are from middle class, hard working families and we're grateful for all their hard work. My parents owned restaurants, her parents are a nurse and a UPS driver. They taught us to hustle.

PinguStoleMyFish93 karma

Hey, fellas! How long does it usually take to create and wear a costume for you two? I mean, the most difficult ones.

thousandfacescosplay128 karma

The most difficult to make has taken 6-9 months, because we do this purely as a hobby. And that same cosplay takes about 90 minutes to put on, from the makeup to the armor (Kratos from the most recent God of War)

Kurukato21 karma

I really want to see your God of War cosplay.

indiemosh20 karma

That's a great photo of an axe but the cosplay isn't really visible...

TheSinningRobot9 karma

What do you guys do as careers? I'm trying to understand having a full time job, doing cosplay and still maintaining your physiques. Sounds like you guys never rest

The5Virtues5 karma

Not OP but I can answer the question pretty well.

It’s all about discipline and time management. Time management is the answer to pretty much any question like this. You plan out your time and you stick to your plan. You don’t skip your work outs, you don’t skip your allotted errands or cosplay building time, you don’t take unplanned cheat days. EVERYTHING IS PLANNED.

You usually account for a 2-4 days a month going haywire and not going to plan. When that happens you adjust your schedule and make sure you still find time to do the things you need to get done.

I won’t lie, it sucks. Your day becomes very routine and there’s not much room for spontaneity but if you love something (such as cosplay) you sacrifice for it. You plan accordingly and you stay disciplined in maintaining what you need (money, time, fitness) to do what you love.

thousandfacescosplay3 karma

This is a solid answer

god_the_II65 karma

Why are you doing this?

thousandfacescosplay121 karma

Because it's fun! It lets us express our fandom and gives us an outlet for performance

RealDacoTaco50 karma

Ill ask the same question that i asked kamui few years ago : what is your cosplay community like, and is it a competitive community ? Where are you guys based ?

thousandfacescosplay81 karma

It can be super competitive and toxic like any community of decent size can be. But we try to avoid any of that and spread positivity. We're all just geeks playing dress up

pmMeOurLoveStory5 karma

I’m also a cosplayer, so since they didn’t answer, (edit: I guess we were writing our responses at the same time) I can give you my experience:

I’ve personally never met a shitty cosplayer. Weird? Absofuckinglutely, but never shitty. (1) Everyone is always just happy to show off what they worked on, regardless of the quality, and happy to see other people’s costumes.

There absolutely is a bit of a competitive edge, but it’s pretty much all healthy and internalized. “Oh man, their costume is better than mine; I need to step up my game. I should ask them how they did x, y, or z.”

(1) That doesn’t mean there aren’t shitty people in the community, but you see them in their “happy place” so even the bad ones are typically on their best behavior.

thousandfacescosplay8 karma

We...we did answer 🤣

wedonotglow48 karma

Hey! You guys look so creative! Have you ever cosplayed opposite genders?

thousandfacescosplay73 karma

Yes! For example, we've done a male Zarya from overwatch and we're working on a female Eraserhead from My Hero Academia

nz8drzu648 karma

How do you optimize luggage space when travelling to conventions? For couples where one is a non-cosplayer, half of their luggage gets hijacked by the other.

thousandfacescosplay63 karma

Well, in that situation the non-cosplayer needs to adjust, as the cosplayer will naturally take uo more room. As for us, we've just packed up for cons so many times that it's almost second nature. The real challenge for us is we always bring all our food for the con with us, so that takes up additional space

johnny_manziel6941 karma

What’s your cycle?

thousandfacescosplay67 karma

A testosterone prescription with 10mg of dedication. What about you? 🤣

zf42037 karma

How do you support your selves financially? I always thought cosplay was an odd way to make a living but some people manage it. Do you get most of your money from game companies? Conventions? The venues themselves? Patreon? Contest winnings?And how comfortable are you with your cosplay earnings? I'm genuinely curious.

thousandfacescosplay51 karma

We make no money off of cosplay. Anything we bring in, we donate. We both have multiple other work gigs

Kenmichi8 karma

What, where, and how are you making money via cosplay at conventions? I used to compete in costume contests, won, and only got trophies or atta-boys.

thousandfacescosplay14 karma

We have a table where we offer prints in exchange for any donation to the charity we're working with at that time

Bassookajoe35 karma

I just wanted to thank you guys. I follow you on Instagram and am a big nerd. I've struggled with my weight my whole life and you both have been an inspiration for me to be better. Thanks a lot. What's one cosplay you haven't done that you really want to do?

thousandfacescosplay41 karma

Dude, thank you for this. We're honored to have helped in any way.

Guts and Griffith from Berserk! But... that might be happening soon......

jicty22 karma

Has someone at a con ever crossed a line with you? Like hit you with a fake sword or been too graby? What do you do when that happens? Do you break character?

thousandfacescosplay50 karma

All the time, but we try to handle it in character. We've been hit, grabbed, followed, touched, etc. The exception to staying in character is sexual harassment. We will break character and tell them off very loudly if that occurs.

Kor_Morant19 karma

Hey guys! Any advice for starters/casuals of cosplay?

thousandfacescosplay10 karma

Our biggest advice is to do it for you, do it the way you like. Don't worry about anyone's negative comments (just look at some in this thread). It's all about having fun, never forget that part

kalacaska18 karma

Do you go to Blizzcon?

thousandfacescosplay24 karma

I wish... one day

dcostalis10 karma

You’d pull of Raynor like a boss.

thousandfacescosplay8 karma

Duuude. That would be awesome

SquanchingOnPao16 karma

Are you both natty?

thousandfacescosplay39 karma

She's entirely. I have had a TRT prescription for the last six months or so

SquanchingOnPao17 karma

I have been interested in getting a script myself at 33. Did you have low levels or is your Dr just liberal about it? People do need to understand it still takes an incredible amount of dedication to achieve such aesthetics. Good job

thousandfacescosplay17 karma

I actually did have low levels. It's made my quality of life so much better, from sleep to mood to, obviously, the gym

PurnurplePanda13 karma

Why animal charities in particular?

thousandfacescosplay22 karma

We love animals. Also a friend of ours donates his proceeds to Make A Wish, so we wanted to help a different niche. Animals are also largely a-political. Most people, regardless of politics or anything, like animals

mikeroySoft11 karma

Do you guys do paid gigs, or just cons? (Or, where do you “perform”?)

thousandfacescosplay16 karma

We perform at the conventions mostly. We have done hired gigs outside of conventions, too

Teharu11 karma

I've heard cosplayers (men and women) tend to suffer from sexual harassment, have you ever countered any sort of harrasment? Do you think there's something that could be done to prevent it?

thousandfacescosplay14 karma

We have, unfortunately. In our opinion, the best thing that can be done to prevent it is conventions to continue to spread awareness about proper behavior and for cosplayers and convention-goers to call it out online and even more so call it out when it happens

I_for_a_y10 karma

What’s been your least favourite character/s to either cosplay as or create?

thousandfacescosplay31 karma

Oh, that's an interesting one. We actually have a number of cosplays we never wear to cons because we don't enjoy performing as the character, so we ended up making the outfit and then selling it off to someone who'd get more use out of it. Jon Snow comes to mind

barre_chord_reality8 karma

Do you use a 3D printer for making your costumes?

thousandfacescosplay13 karma

We have and it's amazingly helpful. The mask on her head in the photo on the left is 3d printed, for example

OptimusSublime7 karma

What does your annual costume budget look like?

thousandfacescosplay12 karma

Oh...oh no...🤣

It varies depending on the projects for the year. Some cosplays barely cost $10 in time and materials. Making Zarya's particle cannon... that was more expensive

Leeiteee6 karma

Deleted? What happened?

thousandfacescosplay4 karma

Just ran out of time to answer more! Didn't want people to post questions we couldn't answer

strawberri19946 karma

Do you guys have an Instagram? I'd love to follow and see your cosplays. Btw i love boarderlands. Nice cosplay!!!

yerroslawsum6 karma

Not to be toxic but do you guys have any thoughts on the cosplayer etiquette that some people perhaps can't grasp or respect? Could be anything really, but feel free to satisfy my internal asshole with stories if you wish.

thousandfacescosplay11 karma

Oh jeez... honestly, this is a huge topic. One that we've been talking about recently is that harassment happens to Male cosplayers, too. Just treat cosplayers with basic human respect. Putting on a costume doesn't strip us of being people

EuphoricDisaster6 karma

Did you say your I dos in cosplay?

thousandfacescosplay9 karma

No hahaha, we actually kept our wedding costume free

SvNOrigami5 karma

Are there any characters you'd love to do but haven't had time yet?

thousandfacescosplay9 karma

Nightmare and Tira from Soul Calibur! So cooool

Philooch5 karma

Do you guys have an instagram ?

Edit: i didnt even think to just check your reddit account. 🤪

stupidmentat4 karma

How do you make enough money to cosplay while also having enough time to cosplay?

thousandfacescosplay6 karma

Taking our time in making cosplays helps and asking our more talented friends to help when we don't have the time or skill is even more helpful haha

LightShade_BR4 karma

Is it possible to live from cosplay? Or it will be required a main job?

thousandfacescosplay8 karma

Some people do, but it's tough. Most who make a living off of it do so by selling Props and cosplays

Honduriel4 karma

Is the right picture Conan and Red Sonya?

thousandfacescosplay5 karma

It is!

DootDotDittyOtt3 karma

Do you have any pets yourselves?

thousandfacescosplay12 karma

We do! 5 cats at the moment 🐯

Frank_the_Mighty3 karma

What's a cosplay that would impress the average person, but isn't too hard to make?

thousandfacescosplay6 karma

Hmmm.... maybe a Kingdom Hearts cosplay? Or Neagan from Walking Dead

GamerKingFaiz0 karma

Man, you guys are a real power couple! What is your workout/diet regimen?

Here's there social:
Facebook| Instagram| Twitter

thousandfacescosplay5 karma

We both are currently following programs from John Meadows. He's the man!

LifeIs3D0 karma

To both of you: Doesn't it bother you that other guys see your SO in kind of very little clothing?

Also - wow, amazingly realistic outfits!

Edit: Not sure why I'm getting downvoted for asking a question? Perhaps some think I'm passing judgement which I'm not - I'm simply asking how they feel about it.

Edit 2: Spelling correction of edit 1.

thousandfacescosplay11 karma

Not in the least. The human body is beautiful and it hurts no one if someone looks

ButActuallyNot-3 karma

People pay for you to put on costumes and walk around? More than you spend? Why?

thousandfacescosplay7 karma

We are cosplay guests, just like conventions bring in artist guests, voice actor guests, etc. We don't actually accept any money from cons, they tend to provide us with room and booth space, with any financial compensation then getting donated to our current charity.