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Are you in contact with all of the others?

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As someone who isnt really familiar with how things work with SAG could you (or just anyone) give an ELI5 on what exactly this means?

Edit: I've gotten a number of helpful replies so I'm going to try and summarize what I believe to be the answer to my question. Feel free to correct anything.

When an actor signs onto a movie, they can either be paid out right for their role, or they may get paid "back end points" which basically means they get paid a percentage amount that depends on how much profit the movie makes.

The potential issue with getting paid in this way is that often times due to some accounting fuckery, a movie can technically make no profit on paper no matter how well it does. Actors often get fucked out of money because of this.

In this case, because of the low budget, the only way the director would be able to get actors to sign on would be offering them these back end points. In order to build faith with the actors that they wouldnt get fucked, the director (and presumably the producers) also agreed to get paid in this same way. Basically they wouldnt be able to fuck over the actors without fucking themselves over.

This good faith act allowed them to bring on actors that their budget wouldnt usually be able to afford.

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