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Are you in contact with all of the others?

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Fucking savage.

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See I expected this to be a gif of the reference and you severely let me down.

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This is the real answer. OP said in another comment he is mostly sure it was an inside job due to the fact that you need a key to get in. That combined with the fact that it was done on the last day of their trio means the thief wanted them to just go "damn that sucks" and proceed to go home. Taking the passport, or doing the robbery a few days earlier leaves more time for the victim to be around and throw up a big scene about what happened, and if you are working at the place you ribbed, well you want to avoid too many questions.

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Basically the "leaning" in left-leaning or right-leaning usually indicates that they are more so that but not fully. By saying very left-leaning the very and leaning kind of cancel each other out and just leaves you as left