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Things that help: - Ability to speak more than three languages

  • Outstanding achievements in your field of expertise; notably fields like: Cultural Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Financial Analysis, Political Analysis, Mathematics, Computer Programming.

  • History of dedicated service in military or law enforcement

Source: Family history of federal agency service

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An acquaintance of mine is in the mega rich category and she definitely is in the “precise but not an asshole” section. She has very specific standards, and she won’t think twice about firing someone who can’t meet them, but on the whole she’s a very decent person.

Once you reach that level of wealth money is nothing, Time is everything. She wants things done right the first time around, nobody gets three strikes with her.

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Otherway for me. If they didn’t have things like this, to keep them grounded and human, that’s when I get concerned. People in military and government jobs need ways to remind themselves that they help dictate the course of human events. They need to be able to see the people, not just the statistics.

It has to be “human lives” not “collateral damage.”

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I never considered this before. Staying so fit require me major food discipline, which means y’all can’t just settle for greasy con grub.

When did you two realize this, and how did you start accounting for it in your packing?

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Not OP but I can answer the question pretty well.

It’s all about discipline and time management. Time management is the answer to pretty much any question like this. You plan out your time and you stick to your plan. You don’t skip your work outs, you don’t skip your allotted errands or cosplay building time, you don’t take unplanned cheat days. EVERYTHING IS PLANNED.

You usually account for a 2-4 days a month going haywire and not going to plan. When that happens you adjust your schedule and make sure you still find time to do the things you need to get done.

I won’t lie, it sucks. Your day becomes very routine and there’s not much room for spontaneity but if you love something (such as cosplay) you sacrifice for it. You plan accordingly and you stay disciplined in maintaining what you need (money, time, fitness) to do what you love.