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barre_chord_reality400 karma

The apology you guys gave was one of the most sincere things I've ever seen on television. I'm glad you could all be upfront about what happened and move on. I'm also glad you decided to reshoot and complete the myth!

barre_chord_reality49 karma

Any chance you'll ever return to stage rally racing?

barre_chord_reality18 karma

As I was watching the episode, she looked like she was shaking. This confirms it. What a great story, thank you!

barre_chord_reality16 karma

I remember watching the show when I was a kid and didn't think the replacement would work, but it did. As a viewer, I thought it was a pretty smooth transition, as far as these things go.

barre_chord_reality8 karma

Do you use a 3D printer for making your costumes?