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No. With or without Net Neutrality, companies can ban users who break their platforms’ rules and hate speech is not protected by the first amendment nor NN.

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I’m also a cosplayer, so since they didn’t answer, (edit: I guess we were writing our responses at the same time) I can give you my experience:

I’ve personally never met a shitty cosplayer. Weird? Absofuckinglutely, but never shitty. (1) Everyone is always just happy to show off what they worked on, regardless of the quality, and happy to see other people’s costumes.

There absolutely is a bit of a competitive edge, but it’s pretty much all healthy and internalized. “Oh man, their costume is better than mine; I need to step up my game. I should ask them how they did x, y, or z.”

(1) That doesn’t mean there aren’t shitty people in the community, but you see them in their “happy place” so even the bad ones are typically on their best behavior.

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I run a bit of a side business thanks to cosplay. Enough people at cons started asking if I was selling my stuff that I started duplicating costume pieces and props to sell. I don’t do it enough to quit my day job, but it’s a nice little side thing.

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Looks like we were writing our responses at the same time. Cheers!