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To everyone replying to this seriously: He's quoting Star Wars, you walnuts.

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I always enjoy your commentary on the DVDs, but it seems like you're the only cast member who is a regular through most of them. Do you just enjoy doing them or did you lose some kind of bet?

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Here's the thing. My face has helped me and hurt me. It is a very sweet face. A lot of people can't see past this Irish mess.

I would like to do a lot of darker roles.

I'd bet on you as awesome playing a serial-killer who depended on disarming charm and faux-bumbling kindness to lure his victims in.

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Speaking as a veteran: Sometimes it's that. Sometimes it's a desire to avoid glorifying some of the things in question. Sometimes it feels like the person asking is looking for some kind of voyeuristic thrill, and it changes your opinion of them. Sometimes it feels like the person asking is looking for something to condemn and judge, and that changes your opinion of them too. Sometimes it's because someone looks at you as a goofy old dude or a gentle husband and you don't want to change their opinion of you.

And sometimes it's because that person looks at the whole world as being goofy and gentle and you especially don't want to change that opinion.

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There are a lot of clips of her talking normally. It's essentially the same as her "Lisa" voice, just squeezed off a bit.