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Probably reach for his donation campaigns.

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Not to be toxic but do you guys have any thoughts on the cosplayer etiquette that some people perhaps can't grasp or respect? Could be anything really, but feel free to satisfy my internal asshole with stories if you wish.

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Hi, I'm completely unacquainted with the... coding scene, if I can say that.

I'm curious about a few things:

- What would make someone create new coding languages out there? What's the goal you guys are trying to achieve?

- How hard is it to "enter the scene" with other languages present for you? I'm guessing that it quite literally depends on the frequency of use which, in turn, depends on reach. Are there areas where you guys can excel and "capture a niche to grow"?

- How hard would you say your language is to learn? If one wanted to get into the whole scene, would your language be a good start?


Gah, I checked other replies after posting and apparently your language isn't new at all. :O Sorry for the assumption. But hey, if you guys are up to it, just entertain the idea that it was. So, hypothetically speaking. :)

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Might seem like a cliche question but for the both of you: how did you end up doing what you're doing? Was it a hobby that evolved into something bigger, or a conscious decision, ages of honing skills and whatnot?

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Do you guys say core and meta or micro and macro in your area?