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what do you eat and lift to get dat stronk?

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"My next horror story is nonfiction MUTHAFUCKA!" -Stephen King

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When the Panama papers released one of the journalists involved were victim to a carbomb. Do you think reactionary violence by these billionaires was ever effective at silencing journalism and was it a factor during the release of the Pandora papers?

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Why are doctors so hesitant to call out the malpractice that their colleagues do? It seems particularly prevalent in the facial reconstruction surgery where children have problems such as cleft palate or jaw issues requiring la forte I or 2 and then after those reconstructions they are left off with worse conditions such as chronic nose bleeding or the lip skin peeling off, mucus spilling into the throat etc.

Yet what I have found in my days learning as a health admin grad or just by looking at cases online for fun it seems that in the medical industry in general there is an unwillingness to even apologize, which is interesting considering that some polls suggesting that patients would not even try to seek legal action were an apology to be given. This can cause the state money, though of course faulty malpractice cases can also cause health care organizations to lose money and moral.

Is there some kind of compromise to hold bad doctors accountable, but protect good doctors?

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Why do you believe karma exists when many of epsteins co-conspirators got away with the whole sex trafficking thing?