Hey everyone! My name is George and I am a cinematographer that specializes in VR Film making and I have been working for a Canadian based Porn company for the last 3 years! I have won 2 AVN Awards (porn oscars), one for Best VR Film and the other for Best VR Studio. I will tell the name of the website if people ask, so i dont get accused of shilling.

I wanted to do an AMA because I noticed that more and more popular places are doing interviews, behind the scenes and AMA's with pornstars but no one ever gives the spotlight to the crew! Yet when I meet new people and I tell them what I do for a living, I spend the next hour answering all kinds of questions, so I figured this might be something people are actually interested in.

Proof 1 (Kinda NSFW): https://imgur.com/a/k2WyjYb

Proof 2 (NSFW): https://imgur.com/FE6PDJw

Proof 3: https://imgur.com/G9LPQxy

Proof 4: my AVN Award https://imgur.com/DQeXPU2


Thanks for all the questions guys! was not expecting this many haha i didnt get to all of you and i am sorry. but it was a blast and i gotta go work now. cheers!

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NeotericLeaf8849 karma

Have you ever had someone with a large enough penis that you could successfully mount a GoPro onto it with enough room left to please the girl?

I'm a man of many ideas and little talent.

Illidariislove8998 karma

yes most performers can. but it wouldnt be watchable because it would be super shaky and all you get is either pubs covering the lens, or just flesh color. plus the heat and moisture would fog up the lens in like 10 seconds.

NeotericLeaf5268 karma

So you're telling me there is a market for penis cams!?

Nice. Anyone want in on my gofundme? I'm offering stock ownership plans.

A brief glimpse into my portfolio:

1) Establish wide lense camera tech for short distance focusing.

2) Establish floating stabilizer system to account for thrusting on the X-Y axis. Future models will account for the Z-axis, but first, we need to reach an intial profit margin.

3) Partner with Oakley or other sunglass manufacturer to design fog-free lense.

Look for me on NASDAQ in 2020.

Illidariislove2221 karma

good luck!

DerekSavoc239 karma

Have you ever considered doing it anyway and submitting it to GoPros video competitions?

Illidariislove269 karma

would like to but no.

SaintNattygrumpo7317 karma

Is there a lot of laughter or is it pretty serious?

Illidariislove15536 karma

oh you have to laugh on a pornset, everyone makes fun of everyone. its hard to have an ego or be serious when youre about to be naked in front of 30 people showing your butt hole gape.

godbotktt1604 karma

Aka don’t be an asshole if other people can see your ass hole

Illidariislove1325 karma

now THAT, is a great quote.

rpanko5397 karma

I’m gonna be the one to ask this, but

How often do you get a boner on set?

Illidariislove10340 karma

like one time in my 3 years when i first started. you get desensitized very quickly. its like asking a gynecologist how often he gets turned on by his female patients.

rpanko18670 karma

Gynecologists generally don’t see their parents getting fisted though



Illidariislove6544 karma

well i cant really speak for them i dont know any. but i imagine they sometimes get very very attractive patients. even hot girls need to get their vag checked.

theelous31627 karma

Do you think that's had a negative impact on your sex life?

Eg, your S/O strips off for you and it doesn't excite you, or feels like work etc.

Illidariislove6269 karma

no. i love my wife. its different. i dont see her as a job haha.

well, most of the time.

its like a world famous chef doesnt stop enjoying his moms cooking.

pmmedenver650 karma

Do you jerk off to porn?

Illidariislove1141 karma

yes some times.

zachary879211026 karma

To the actresses or the cinematography and editing?

Illidariislove4121 karma

all 3.

at the same time. with some chorizo

PM_ME_UR_ANKLES4845 karma

Might be out of your wheelhouse but how do you go about finding filming locations and what does it cost to rent a home for day?

Illidariislove5978 karma

airbnb, and just rentals. costs are that.

AnonymousGuest4098 karma

Do the owners know what you're doing there?

Illidariislove5278 karma


RawdogginYourMom803 karma

Do you have to tell people what you’re gonna do in their houses? If not, has anyone recognized their house in a video and flipped out?

Illidariislove1168 karma

yes we tell them

HappyTimeHollis4635 karma

Do you have any crazy stories of things that happened on set? Either accidents that happened or stars that blew a fuse for no good reason?

Illidariislove12195 karma

yeah ive had one time a performer try to squirt one more time on camera pushed a little too hard that she pooped without realizing it. Ive had an other time where a few performers came on set thinking they were doing a blow bank, 4 guys on 1 girl, turns out the "girl" was the camera. and it was just 4 dudes jerking off to a bunch of lenses.

NoliSong4218 karma

Hey! Thanks for doing an AMA. How does your family feel about your occupation? And do you see yourself doing this for the long haul of your career, or are you interested in shooting other kinds of material other than porn?

Illidariislove8114 karma

oh my family doenst know. theyre hardcore traditional asians. my wife doesnt care, she thinks its funny.

yeah i think so, i can do this for the long term. im not on camera so its less restrictive in the future if i do want to change career. because tech knowledge is tech knowledge. but i do shoot other stuff too when i have the chance. concerts, sporting events, nature and so on.

Rock_Strongo2965 karma

oh my family doenst know. theyre hardcore traditional asians.

So do they think you just shoot for regular movies? Do they ever ask to see your work?

Maybe my parents are overly curious but I'd have to come up with some pretty elaborate lies to hide something like that from them.

Illidariislove6749 karma

no they think i work at some computer firm.

plus they dont speak english so its easy to by pass the questions.

Jay_Louis2213 karma

I googled "Hardcore Traditional Asians". Not what I expected.

Illidariislove3043 karma

top kek

abc123123123123462 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. Pretty cool to see another Asian getting after it. Congrats on the success.

Question: where do you guys get your venues, and how do you deal with the noise? What about neighbours?

Illidariislove96 karma

thanks! air bnb or craigslist listings. we keep it inside in door. so no one knows but the owner.

Amrit22063405 karma

When you have sex with your partner do you try those weird position?

Illidariislove4757 karma

yes. but we're not that flexible.

yo5hi2962 karma

You are during working hours and someone catches you watching porn... would it be NSFW?

Illidariislove4349 karma

its usually me making other people watch porn.

Opherium2664 karma

Is your DH main on horde or alliance?

Illidariislove2886 karma

horde. i main DK now.

Opherium1100 karma

Lok'tar ogar! Warrior myself.

Illidariislove1340 karma

Lok'tar ogar!

BrownLightning962585 karma

Do you find it harder to enjoy porn outside of work with you being around it all the time?

Illidariislove7127 karma

yes. much harder. porn has thousands of girls and like the same 10 guys. ive met all of them, hung out with them, met some of their families. its like watching a guy friend fuck. it kinda ruins it.

Ranakor2069 karma

How come there are so few guys? Hard to find good candidates or lack of interest in the male population ? »

Illidariislove4416 karma

really really difficult to find a guy with the stamina and mental will to do porn.

Sock_Puppet_Orgy337 karma

I imagined there weren't a lot of guys, but 10 is not a lot at all. Is the talent pool really that small?

Illidariislove984 karma

well. okay so theres 10 guys at the top that takes most the jobs, theres a lot that try but arent really.. "stars"

Ash_Grey2367 karma

Hey man. As I recently started working with sound for cinema, can you tell me how you personally handle that? Do you work with someone else for that? Is there anything special about recording sound for VR porn?

Illidariislove3072 karma

we use binaural mics to capture spatial audio for VR. its a big files to edit. every file has 8 tracks, 2 for each direction.

paranoiiiiid2127 karma

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Illidariislove7436 karma

39 years old.

Starved-Nutritionist398 karma

Ha ha! Old fart! I’ll only be 38 in 10 years.

Illidariislove962 karma

dies in old

HighJinx91799 karma

What is your view, which impacts cinematography, of POV versus 3rd person / voyeur perspective?

Illidariislove2441 karma

I think POV is the way to go. immersion is what sets VR apart from regular 2D porn so voyeurism is kinda too similar.

rjr37901755 karma

What are the salaries like in the porn industry? How much does a female porn star make vs a male? How much does the film crew make?

Illidariislove3036 karma

top tier females about 1500-2000 per partner per scene. 1000-1500 for top tier guys.

newbies for girls and guys start at like 200-300. its not by hours, its by partner and scene.

thermitespite1749 karma

How has no one thought to make a theater for VR porn and call it the CliMAX?

Illidariislove1812 karma

copyright that shit.

brabarusmark1650 karma

How receptive are the actors to the new tech? Any interesting ways they've adapted to the tech?

Illidariislove1973 karma

very. they think its cool especially if we show them samples.

mydirtydirtyreddit1239 karma

especially if we show them samples.

Wow, they can see what it's really like to fuck a pornstar. Wait...

Illidariislove1898 karma

youd be surprised how happy the girls get when they get to see what its like from the guys point of view.

tunajr231645 karma

What is your preferred VR headset ?

Mobile Vr like gear, day dream or oculus go?

Psvr, rift or vive?

Illidariislove2277 karma

GearVR for mobile.

Vive for gaming.

phearvx1586 karma

How’d you get your start? Do you think VR is gonna be the future for porn?

Illidariislove2101 karma

I joined my company about 4 years ago, they had a different product all together but was still in adult related content. I was making trailers and editing for them, but because I had a film background in mainstream media, when the company wanted to start a new department in VR and shooting Porn, i jumped right in as I wanted to learn the new tech.
I think so, VR right now is very limited and barrier of entrance for users is still high. but I think its like with personal computers, it takes time for more people to adapt and start using it as the tech get smaller and cheaper.

cuddlepumpkn475 karma

What do you think are some of the biggest barriers hindering VR from becoming more common place?

Illidariislove837 karma

cost and barrier of getting footage to a device.

CandleBra1320 karma

  1. What was the most unexpectedly hilarious thing you've seen happen on set?

  2. What currently under-utilized tech are you most excited about for the future of film (porn or normal)?

  3. How do you feel about where your career has taken you? Would you be happy working in porn for the rest of your life, or is this a stepping stone for you?

  4. Aside from yourself, who are the unsung heroes of a porn crew?

  5. What is objectively the best pizza topping?

Illidariislove3078 karma

Ive seen a performer call his mom for reassurance when he was having trouble performer, that was bizarre.

i actually want to dive into AR tech for porn.

I am pretty happy, it doesnt pay as much as regular movie making, but its a lot less stressful and a lot more autonomy. I run my own team, my own crew and department. my hours are not as long unless its a huge shoot. plus i am getting older so im not as physically fit any more.

Heros? the PA's. the people who gotta clean up the furniture after the shoot. As well as the editors, they gotta watch the same cum shot again and again, and they need to cut out the bad parts you dont see.


eldowns315 karma

What are the bad parts we don’t see?

Illidariislove1135 karma

guys injecting fluid into their dick to stay hard. thats one.

girls getting things stuck up their ass or vag.

serjonsnow6 karma

On that topic, do you have any tips for getting into the industry as an editor? Do you pretty much have to live in LA, or is their demand for remote editors?

Illidariislove37 karma

ya porn editors are all in house. theres no remote editors. and its a rare job in porn, most directors just edit their own stuff. but if you really want to hunt for it, go to Xbiz and AVN. shake hands and hand out business cards with demos. download porn and recut them.

CMDRcrapshoot1315 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've had to shoot?

Illidariislove3318 karma

We filmed in Japan a year ago, had to film a "school girl" sleeping for like 10 minutes. just sleeping.

jrin11246 karma

Who's the girl in proof #3

Illidariislove1678 karma

Kimmy Granger

habibmustafa689 karma

Tell Kimmy /r/AMA said hi

Illidariislove930 karma

i will next time i see her.

MrGuest11221 karma

Do you find yourself critiquing the videos when you watch porn yourself?

Illidariislove1653 karma

often. very often.

Ookie_1114 karma

How do you go about answering people who ask you what you do for a living? Thanks for doing this

Illidariislove1892 karma

i find out if they are easily offended or religious, if not then i just tell them the truth.

De-Ranker431 karma

What do you tell those people that would be offended?

Illidariislove728 karma

usually if they do get offended, they get offended at the fact that i work in porn. doesnt need to go further.

SpicyFingers691041 karma

Hey George!

  1. Have you ever “gotten high on your own supply”?

  2. Where can I get that chair in picture number 3?


Illidariislove1429 karma

  1. yes. gotta test my footage, and some times i get to shoot performers that i am a fan of.
  2. that belongs to Manuel Ferrara

onefortysevenone1009 karma

Hey George!

What time of day do you think it’s acceptable to start eating ice cream?

Illidariislove1360 karma


Sockdad725 karma

What kind of gear do you use?

Also, what’s your take on Apple’s ProResRAW?

Illidariislove938 karma

I've tried all kinds of stuff, from premade rigs to custom builds. Right now we use a camera made from 2 separate A7S IIs.

the challenge is to have cameras that shoot 4k at 60FPS without overheating and can handle a lens of 180 degrees. all 3 criterias reduces the amount of market cameras down to like 3 choices. So custom build is the way to go.
Pro Res Raw i think is a bit overkill for now, most people use VR on their phone which cant handle any video above 15 bitrate and even less on iphones. and most desktops arent outfitted with crazy GPU's aside from hardcore gamers but its such a small % that i think PRR is overkill for now.

CanadaEh97723 karma

Do you have a favorite female talent to work with? I won't ask least favorite so they don't hate you.

Illidariislove1620 karma

Cherie DeVille is lovely.

Brett Rossi is really funny.

and Mia Malkova is.. well personal favorite.

JoseT90655 karma

any favorites as far as performers go?

Illidariislove1409 karma

Cherie DeVille in terms of work ethics.

in terms of personal enjoyment? Mia Malkova and Madison Ivy.

jphil_03496 karma

What makes cherie so good?

Illidariislove1864 karma

she is the loveliest person ive ever work with. laughs alot, isnt really phased by anything, and just sweet. she brings cookies for people on set.

ObnoxiousOldBastard637 karma

lol at your proof photos. Well done. ;)

Illidariislove269 karma


laserbeam4000635 karma

do you worry that working in porn will limit your opportunities for other work in VR/AR?

Illidariislove1688 karma

nope. porn adapts tech first. always.

Raaaaaaaaaandy621 karma

what is the craft service like?

Illidariislove1031 karma

on my sets? great. lots of junk food.

retardis_roark589 karma

How is it different from shooting a regular porn?

Illidariislove1151 karma

Regular porn is about capturing an image, a position and a moment. TO get those angles that gets you off just right. So the camera is free roaming and there can be lots of edits and cuts.

VR Porn is about immersion, its to feel like its happening to you. If you look at my proof images, theres a camera hovering above the male talent. YOu dont see his face, but his body is coming out from under the camera as if its yours, and the female performer talks to the camera so when you watch it, its like its happening to you.

So due to that factor, we cannot have that many edits or cuts as that breaks immersion, which then adds a whole slew of challenges when shooting VR> everything has to be preplanned, we cant really stop camera to change or give directions for long. The performers cant really stop to take a break either, try going up and down on yours for 20 minutes, its a crazy work out.

sowaffled616 karma

I’m imagining you awkwardly holding the camera in front of the male talent’s face for 20 minutes while he does his thing.

Illidariislove1143 karma

thats happened. its awkward.

DerekSavoc485 karma

you don’t see his face

You mean suddenly cutting to a guys face while your trying to nut isn’t what the public wants? Who could have guessed.

Illidariislove759 karma

haha i know some editors in 2D porn does that on purpose to fuck with people.

MorphineBear577 karma

In your second picture, what does the person on the left (sitting) do?

Illidariislove830 karma

thats actually the director haha.

Inspector_Bloor558 karma

when do you think we’ll have full room scale VR porn? with the scene happening in the middle that you can walk around and view from any angle?

Illidariislove1193 karma

well, that you are going into game territory. VR films are pre-recorded videos. theres no way we can predict where the viewer might go. so it has to be stationary shooting every direction so you can turn. thats the limit.

if you can move as you watch, then its a game. and you will need an engine, GPU and CPU.

SunsetDreams1111487 karma

What kind of insecurities do women have on set relating to performance or even their bodies? You said the one guy needed a pep talk from his mom, etc. As a woman, we tend to bloat or have other things happen to our bodies at times that make us insecure. What are some things you hear women complaining about on set when it comes to either their looks or even performance?

Illidariislove713 karma

yeah, stomach rolls when they have to crouch or lean forward. thats a big one.

ImTheBackwardsMan334 karma

What happens to the furniture after the shoot, especially the expensive ones?

Illidariislove488 karma

gets cleaned by PA

subform332 karma

Is there any way of evaluating your work via a PSVR?

Asking for uh..a friend

Illidariislove277 karma

well for the company i work for they do work. i think most VR companies thats been around for a while will work for PSVR, its a bit of a hassle since PS net work has filters but you can get around it.

EverydayAvenue306 karma

You said in another answer that it's more difficult for you to watch porn because you know so many of the male characters. Do you resort to POV stuff? Or can you still identify a lot of the guys by their dick and legs?

Illidariislove992 karma

man, i can recognized the guy by their dick. so, its not easy.

watermelonbro18286 karma

How does it work? And how much do u get paid?

Illidariislove530 karma

how does what work?

i make 50k/year

SteezeMcGee281 karma

I know that it isn't your main job, but do you have any insight into how the different sets are chosen? Do you have any sway in the process for the sake of better filming options, lighting etc?

Illidariislove380 karma

i do. i have a lot of say actually. because i need to see how much space i have to work with for my set and where the lights are going to hide. its a huge part of decision making.

Radtrashking271 karma

Ever get to play with the stars?

Illidariislove1071 karma

Play? as in have sex with them? no.

Porn stars need to get tested every 2 weeks in order to keep working. If ever one performer is tested positive for anything, whole industry does a shut down for a bit until they track down every person that performer had sex with since they got infected. So its rare, and it also means pornstars tend to be very very careful when it comes to casual sex.
Plus, its work for me. Gotta keep it professional. Flirtiness in good humor is one thing, but never further.

Radtrashking325 karma

Thank you for that answer, a detail of the industry I wasn't aware of.

Dirt_E_Harry310 karma

TIL: The porn industry is like the CDC.

Nice_nice50101 karma

Some very interesting documentaries about a couple of major breakouts that occurred and how the industry went into lockdown. Can’t recall the name but it showed some very nasty characters in the industry.

Illidariislove174 karma

ya. i work with the north american side of production crews and companies, xbiz and their rules are very strict. but i cannot speak for overseas, or the shady amateur productions.

i mean, even with industries like hospitals with the slew of rules you still get murdering doctors/nurses, malpractices and all kinds of shit. no industry is 100% clean.

Radtrashking24 karma

Hahaha no kidding

Illidariislove90 karma

ya since the AIDS epidemic 2 decades ago its become very very strict. especially in states, and countries that doesnt have a condom law. they do testing very very vigorously.

spankymansky243 karma

First, thanks for doing this, really great answers, second sorry if this has been asked...

Do you think that there is much of a criminal element in the porn industry? I always worried that somehow organized crime would be involved somehow, or at least you'd have to be careful about your associations.

Obviously there's a lot of bad (as in evil, not low quality) stuff out there, but maybe (hopefully) that's a separate world?

Illidariislove540 karma

there are in different countries, eastern europe is awful when it comes to crime and porn. in japan the porn industry is entirely owned by the yakuza, ive worked with them so trust me, its pretty intimidating. in north america, not so much.

chaosfire235309 karma

in japan the porn industry is entirely owned by the yakuza

Holy crap, TIL. Kinda less surprising the more I think about it...

Illidariislove794 karma

ill tell you something fucked up. when i was over there filming, i had a translator. i asked him "how the hell do you guys find performers that lets you pour eels into their vag or make them eat shit and stuff" and he goes, well these girls usually owe a debt.

canoon2212 karma

What are some weird porn terms you use for behind and in front of the camera?

Illidariislove437 karma

a male performer is nickedname Woodsman. its not a gang bang unless theres more than 5 guys, below that, its group sex or 3, 4 and 5some

Dionysus232193 karma

This is a great AMA. Not sure if you answered this.. But what exactly do you do in the VR department of your work? More rather, are you on the porn set during filming or do you mainly stay in another room with computers off-set most of your day?

Also what's your favorite sexual position? Learned any new ones to try since working there?

Illidariislove337 karma

i do a lot. i operate the camera, i run my team on set of camera assistant, lighting crew and audio. i run the editing team and do editing myself.

my personal sex position? i like the Prone-bone.

Nestrada00193 karma

I saw on another comment that cream-pies cost more. What are some other dirty deeds done, that cost more?

For example: slapping, deepthroating, DP, etc..

Also, do VR pornstars make more than regular pornstars?

Edit: this is my most upvoted comment ever and it’s about porn stars...

Illidariislove297 karma

interracial, anal, multiple partners. the hardcore fucking is discussed between performers on what they like.

no, about the same

Dosca205 karma

Why does interracial cost more?

Illidariislove766 karma

racism. no joke.

UnimpressionableCage185 karma

When is there going to be more VR porn for women?

Illidariislove758 karma

when more women buy VR headsets.

Clusterone666153 karma

What is the most interesting thing to ever happen on set? Whether it be amazing, impressive, embarrassing. Maybe even 1 of each if you have the time?

Illidariislove443 karma

amazing - a girl did a crazy backflip on a guy while the dick was still in. impressive - new male talent whos dick was the same size as the girls entire forearm. embarrassing - girl lost a golf ball in her ass. had to get an other performer to fish it out.

janez33147 karma

Can you tell something about Kimmy Granger? I saw you with her on proof 1 pictures. What is she like? Tell me something about her. I'm dying to know... :) She is my favourite porn star <3

Illidariislove353 karma

shes very chatty, sweet but a bit of a princess. bailed on a scene with us when she didnt win an award at the AVN. but other wise very very good performer.

tiny too. like 5ft tall.

mikeltronski146 karma

What made you interested in shooting porn? And how was the transition from shooting vr- to normal porn(if you have done non-vr)?

Illidariislove241 karma

so the porn is secondary to me from the start. i am interested in the tech and porn is usually the first to adapt to new tech as with dvd, blue ray, streaming and so on. i have done non vr porn since, and its crazy different. in regular porn the camera chases the action. i can move to find a better angle whenever i see the need but in VR it has to be all planned. because its about immersion we cant really have that many edits and cuts. so a camera set up as to work for as many positions as possible.

Tugena142 karma

Are you a level 5 splooge dodger?

Illidariislove334 karma

trial by fire. my first day i kneeled down to turn the camera off and had some cum on my knee. after that, ya never again.

DinnerHasBeenServed112 karma

how dirty to your cameras get, do they get spunked on often?

do you have a porn-star girlfriend yet

keep up the great work mah dude

Illidariislove282 karma

not very. guys dont really shoot upwards towards their face, which is where the camera is. i am married, she is not a pornstar. but she is a hot russian woman. and thank you :)

CozyTime107 karma

What are your fetishes?

Illidariislove280 karma

public fucking. im a fan.

ronnicxx105 karma

Have you ever stumbled on your shoe laces? In your award picture they seem to be dangling into dangerous territory for un-ties and unintended short steps.

Illidariislove83 karma


Race_Bannon_Prime100 karma

On another sub I read that porn actresses moonlight as high priced call girls. Is there any truth to this?

Illidariislove248 karma

its not so much as moon light as some of them have very very rich fans that will pay out the ass to have a night with them. so yes there is truth. a lot of saudi prince's, and billionaires.

Grabstertv81 karma

Who are your favorite pornstars to watch?

Illidariislove152 karma

mia malkova, madison ivy, angela white for the time being.

tycoreytopbottom50 karma

Which studio do you shoot for?

Why are creampies so rare in mainstream porn nowadays? Do porn stars charge a higher rate for creampies (and studios are too cheap to pay it), or is it because a lot of the girls simply don't want to do it for personal/safety/comfort reasons?

How long does a VR scene take to shoot compared to a non-VR porn scene?

There are a lot of big name porn stars who still haven't done a scene in VR yet -- what's the hold up (in general)?

Does your studio browse comments on /r/oculusnsfw?

PLEASE remind the girls to look at the correct place so that we get good eye contact in the scene!

Illidariislove98 karma


creampies are rare because its expensive, the girl charges more for it. and its difficult to push it out to show it. the guy has to cum really weird to make it work. not everyone can do it.

VR scene takes 5-6 hours per scene. regular porn, if its gonzo style like an hour. both excluding make up and all other procedures.

i think most pornstars have done VR already. you can go to the site i linked and see the roster.

we use to. but its too toxic there and has become shilling ground for other studios. its actually just the same 30 people posting, all of them work for other companies. i know cause i met them at AVN every year.

i will!

Threeknucklesdeeper44 karma

Would you rather fight one horse size duck or 100 duck sized horse?

Illidariislove203 karma

100 duck sized horses. im asian, id just find a way to cook em and eat them.

Agorbs48 karma

Dude your answers are fuckin killing me. Probably the funniest AMA I’ve read in a while. Cheers

Illidariislove24 karma


HumongousTuna31 karma

What's that tattoo on your right arm?

Illidariislove66 karma

a QI symbol, and a phrase that says Wear Honor like Armour, Even if it Slows You Down.

RedditPoster0531 karma

Where do you hide the microphones? It's not like the actors can be mic'd up. Also do you give direction? I've seen videos where the person shooting the film is talking to the actors how does that work?

Illidariislove52 karma

we dont. i use binaural mics. look it up, theyre cool :)

and yes we do give directions some times during a scene, then try to mask it afterwards.

but mostly all directions are given before hand.

in VR we dont chat with them. we tell them to listen to the direction but stay in character and dont answer, just do it. if they need to ask something, we tell them to turn away from camera and ask. so we can hide the audio.

nomommydont11 karma

How desensitized are you?

Illidariislove21 karma


buttersack5 karma

Whats the most popular drug of choice on sets?

Illidariislove10 karma


smokemonkey974 karma

What are some super awkward stories you have? Also, how's the income looking?

Illidariislove9 karma

answered already :)

TruGabu3 karma

do you ever feel shame telling people what you do? also, how does one even come across the crowd that does porn? was it ever very sketchy and you wanted to leave it or did it surprise you how nice/decent/good people are in the bizz? lots of stigma

Illidariislove2 karma

nope. everyone aside from my family knows what i do and they all think its interesting/funny.

most people ask how they can be one, then i tell them the challenges and they give up.

mattiscool32 karma

1st: Do your parents know that your shooting porn?

2nd: how complex is vr?

3rd: Any cool experiences while working?

Illidariislove1 karma

already answered :) all 3

Autoradiograph2 karma

Who's the girl in the third photo?

Illidariislove5 karma

Kimmy Granger

Nervous_Wallaby1 karma

  1. Have you had sex with any pornstars? anything at all?

  2. How do you control your boner?

  3. Have you ever had a moment where you've regretted your profession?

  4. What do you family and friends think about your job?

  5. What the most gross things you've witnessed on set?

  6. How old are you? Married or single?

Illidariislove2 karma

answered all of these :)

wildfire5051 karma

Do you enjoy it?

Illidariislove2 karma

enjoy what? porn? yes. my job? yes.

ihaveweirdthings1 karma

Do u stop filming and go to the bathroom for a bit?

Illidariislove1 karma

yeah i drink a lot of coffee. pee several times a day and one good dump.