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oh my family doenst know. theyre hardcore traditional asians.

So do they think you just shoot for regular movies? Do they ever ask to see your work?

Maybe my parents are overly curious but I'd have to come up with some pretty elaborate lies to hide something like that from them.

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The "garage"? Hey fellas, the "garage"! Well, ooh la di da, Mr. French Man.

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So $1.5 mil over 7 years or just over $200k/year. Not a bad household income for being able to make passion projects with your wife.

Also presumably as your catalogue grows that number will slowly tick up over time.

Well done.

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Well a curveball is about the deception and messing with the expectations, causing the batter to swing and miss. So a curveball question is generally one they don't expect. Or a question that starts out sounding normal but then shifts to a different topic entirely.

A fastball is less about deceiving the batter, and more about locating it properly and making it difficult to hit based on sheer velocity. A fastball at the head causes momentary panic and makes the batter abandon all hope of hitting the pitch and changes their priority to simply not getting hit. A fastball at the head question would be one that the interviewee would be unable to properly answer due to its sheer aggressiveness and possibly cause them to fumble to come up with any response at all.

(Note: I haven't actually seen the interview)

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Can I have this one?

Can... Lenny have it?