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Do you have any crazy stories of things that happened on set? Either accidents that happened or stars that blew a fuse for no good reason?

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Oh wow, that is hilarious. I wouldn't have thought there would have been a huge market for POV porn from the woman's perspective. Is that a decent sized market?

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Congress needs to do their job.

As an outsider, it really looks to me that they actually are doing their job. Isn't it their job to fight against things their constituents don't believe in? Isn't it their job to fight with all means necessary against legislature they believe to be ethically or economically wrong?

It seems to me the real issue is that civil servants don't have enough workers rights. They should have the right to strike and they should have the right to be paid during a government shutdown.

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Which non-prescription weight-loss drugs actually work? Are there any? I've used duromine before, but didn't like it's side effects, are there any alternatives that give the same results (and work with the same speed)?

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Yo Gabba Gabba was created by MC Bat Commander and the Brothers Chaps (creators of Homestar Runner).