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Have you ever had someone with a large enough penis that you could successfully mount a GoPro onto it with enough room left to please the girl?

I'm a man of many ideas and little talent.

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So you're telling me there is a market for penis cams!?

Nice. Anyone want in on my gofundme? I'm offering stock ownership plans.

A brief glimpse into my portfolio:

1) Establish wide lense camera tech for short distance focusing.

2) Establish floating stabilizer system to account for thrusting on the X-Y axis. Future models will account for the Z-axis, but first, we need to reach an intial profit margin.

3) Partner with Oakley or other sunglass manufacturer to design fog-free lense.

Look for me on NASDAQ in 2020.

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My mother has a rare site of origin for melonoma, her urethra. Does that put me at increased risk of developing non-skin melanoma?

What are the best options for someone with stage 4 melenoma, NRAS Q61R / SF3B1?

In the last weeks, what can be done to make the patient as comfortable as possible?

Thank you for your time, and I certainly won't consider any of your opinions as "treatment". I'm just looking for a greater perspective.

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You're a right on filthy cunt ain't ya. I bet ya'd like me to wear some stockings while I shove a carrot up your arse and smear my shit into your belly button.

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No, they fight to the death.