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  1. What was the most unexpectedly hilarious thing you've seen happen on set?

  2. What currently under-utilized tech are you most excited about for the future of film (porn or normal)?

  3. How do you feel about where your career has taken you? Would you be happy working in porn for the rest of your life, or is this a stepping stone for you?

  4. Aside from yourself, who are the unsung heroes of a porn crew?

  5. What is objectively the best pizza topping?

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Ah! Thanks for the tip!

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I have had a violin in the closet for a couple years, I'd really like to set up a regular practise schedule, but I'm painfully aware of how loud it gets (and I'm in an apartment, so I'm sure the neighbours can hear all the beginner-screeching). Any tips for being able to play at a lower volume, so I'm less of an annoyance to my neighbours?

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I always thought that the black-clothes-are-hot thing was just an urban legend.... Did it turn out to be true after all?