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To the actresses or the cinematography and editing?

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That's easy to imagine. It just wouldn't move.

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Being alarmed and having the framework to acknowledge and articulate said alarm is different. If you were educated at a small age to obey, and are actively discouraged from critical thinking, where does the alarm even come from? It took so many philosophers and political theorists to build the framework that allows us to think like we do now. Things like the Magna Carta and the declaration of independence did not come free. Before that, the rule of kings, tyrants, and popes all seem like great ideas.

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The Chinese government operates concentration camps for minorities. I don't think due process is very high on their list of priorities.

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Upper 1/3 of the vagina seems oddly specific. Does that mean by someone crazy mutation, an otherwise healthy male can develop the lower 2/3 of a vagina?