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Illidariislove15536 karma

oh you have to laugh on a pornset, everyone makes fun of everyone. its hard to have an ego or be serious when youre about to be naked in front of 30 people showing your butt hole gape.

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yeah ive had one time a performer try to squirt one more time on camera pushed a little too hard that she pooped without realizing it. Ive had an other time where a few performers came on set thinking they were doing a blow bank, 4 guys on 1 girl, turns out the "girl" was the camera. and it was just 4 dudes jerking off to a bunch of lenses.

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like one time in my 3 years when i first started. you get desensitized very quickly. its like asking a gynecologist how often he gets turned on by his female patients.

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yes most performers can. but it wouldnt be watchable because it would be super shaky and all you get is either pubs covering the lens, or just flesh color. plus the heat and moisture would fog up the lens in like 10 seconds.

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oh my family doenst know. theyre hardcore traditional asians. my wife doesnt care, she thinks its funny.

yeah i think so, i can do this for the long term. im not on camera so its less restrictive in the future if i do want to change career. because tech knowledge is tech knowledge. but i do shoot other stuff too when i have the chance. concerts, sporting events, nature and so on.