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Any chance this will be an hour long with a voice-over saying something along the lines of "How did he do it? When we return I will recap everything you just saw and then show you glimpses of the next act just so we can repeat this again. This will go on until the very end when I will say 'no one really knows the truth'"?

Or... Is there a chance this is an actual story with an ending explaining everything?

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What kind of gear do you use?

Also, what’s your take on Apple’s ProResRAW?

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A friend of mine was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the doctors said to his parents he'd never walk. He was lucky to have parents who didn't give up on him, but also a PE teacher that went beyond everything and gave him special classes before the school day started. I've never in my life met a more determined and positive person in my life as my friend. At an event in school where everyone competed in cross country skiing, my friend came running to his PE teacher screaming with joy about not ending up last in the event.

My question to you is: Did you have someone belive in you, that made a huge difference in your life, that wasn't a family member? If so, what did they do that you wish more people would adopt.

Thank you for your AMA and I wish you the very best!

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Interesting! Have you tried shooting in full 360 or do you consider that a “waste” at the time being?

PRR is for you, not the consumers (They will probably get the ol’ H264). Shooting in RAW in still photography is standard nowadays and I’m guessing in a future not that far away that most will use RAW when shooting video.

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How much would an average movie, that you participated in, cost to produce? Also, did they use decent equipment when filming?

And... Did they at any point call you Bruce or was Monty Python not a thing in India?