Edit: Thanks for all your questions, Hopefully I was able to give you a look inside a CEC cast member. Catch ya next time!

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splettnet39 karma

Was the process of transitioning to an anthropomorphized, robot animal painful?

Itsthatbrian2126 karma

Not as much as most would think, Plus I kinda love em. LOL

spinthesky39 karma

How often do they wash those filthy balls?

Itsthatbrian2159 karma

Lol, Ball Pit? If so we don't have those anymore and haven't in years (according to chuck himself).

sighing_sage18 karma

What about those tubes and stuff up on the ceiling that kids can crawl around in? I shudder to think what's in them.

Itsthatbrian2138 karma

Those were removed from my store about eight months ago but yes they were not the best to climb in. We always had the smallest cast members venture into the unknown to clean up what they could, Thankfully that isn't reality anymore.

WorldRunsOnLove49 karma

No ball pit and no climbing tubes?! What does the play area consist of?

Itsthatbrian2131 karma

We added 20 new games instead, More rides too. :)

i_thrive_on_apathy9 karma

so its like a kids dave and busters?

Itsthatbrian2134 karma

We are actually owned by the same company as Dave & Busters. They bought us each to fix us & resell for more money.

Nebula2636 karma

So it's nothing like the Chuck E. Cheese I vaguely remember?

Itsthatbrian215 karma

I would have to agree with you, Not much left really.

CeleryStore8 karma

so what's inside the store now? Also what's the policy on two adults without kids wanting to eat there?

Itsthatbrian2118 karma

As stated above more games, We do allow adults to enter without kids but we do watch them more. Most just come in for our lunch buffet & leave 15 mins later.

Mail_9 karma

Do you still serve beer?

Itsthatbrian219 karma

We do, at least at my location.

yourguidefortheday20 karma

What's the most ridiculous situation you've had to deal with involving a kid? What's the most ridiculous involving an adult?

Edit: spelling

Itsthatbrian2150 karma

When I was doing salad bar & this 6 year old comes out of the restroom butt naked asking his mom/dad to wipe him, This was on a Saturday night and all of us were laughing our butts off. Adult when they used to accuse me of letting their kids out with another parent and they were hiding in the tubes from their parents oh & that they consider us babysitters though it’s their kids..,

yourguidefortheday12 karma

Public service jobs are fun 😅

Itsthatbrian219 karma

You know it! 😂😝

DKahnt19 karma

I was recently at a Chuck E Cheese with my three kids for the first time. I hadn't noticed how much of a kid casino it really is.

Do you guys ever see people with a gambling problem there? Or something in that ilk?

Itsthatbrian2126 karma

I have, this 30 yes old dude came in with his entire family & kept buying playpoints for skee ball nonstop for like three hours, the guy was obsessed & seriously kept throwing money at me. I was worried & entertained at the same time. That’s the worst case I have seen with parents, most just come there & sit on their phones and let the kids roam.

emptynothing4 karma

Did it seem like he had a problem?

I really like skee ball and there is almost nowhere to play it. If I happened to be at a chuck E cheeses, I'd play skeeball for most of the time too. Video games I can play anywhere.

Itsthatbrian217 karma

It did, he was addicted & stayed 45 after we closed too. The guy was nice but insane to say the least...

Kataclysm16 karma

So which animatronic are you?

Itsthatbrian2120 karma

Lol, I’m costume 2015 Chuck 😆

itusedtobeagoodname12 karma

What is the dirtiest part of the establishment?

Itsthatbrian2126 karma

Uh....The salad bar. I could clean that thing for hours and one min I’m gone & boom turns into a farm. Food, water, pop, toys and germs everywhere.

savemejebus010 karma

How many fights have you witnessed?

Itsthatbrian2110 karma

Not to many I watched but tons in our store. Some lady called another woman white trash and they fought outside, someone got stabbed but not killed thankfully. Also lots of party parents yell at one another and tried to throw their shoes, thankfully our security guard told them they were baby’s and walked away like a boss.

ThankUkarmagain7 karma

Do you ever play any games their before or after the place is open?

Itsthatbrian217 karma

We sometimes do, After we close a little flappy tickets or basketball is a favorite. Sorry for the delay.

ibleev6 karma

I heard the thin crust pizzas are a stretched medium. Is this true?

Itsthatbrian2112 karma

This is true along with Individuals & larges.

ibleev6 karma

Can you elaborate on the individual and large?

Itsthatbrian216 karma

As in large pizzas are stretched to make our thin n crispy pizza & the small is the same. All of our pizzas are like that if you make them thin. :)

reddanger956 karma

What are some benefits that Chuck E. Cheese employees enjoy? I’m talking about things like discounts or something.

Itsthatbrian2110 karma

Normal cast members get half off food all day & everyday someone like me gets it free cause I’m team 2 meaning I’m a trainer at my locations they call me the FUNctions trainer lol. Beside that we get discounts at Sprint (don’t have them but good to know), discounts at Dell and couple more but can’t remember.

TalkingBackAgain6 karma

Do cast members sometimes fuck in the break room?

Itsthatbrian2118 karma

hahah, Though I wish I could give you a better answer it's no. All of us respect each other & love one another. I work with some of the best people on the planet.

Whichjuan6 karma

I had an ex that worked as her high school job and she explained it very similarly. Cool people and good atmosphere to work in. My question is how was the transition to being bought out by the new company and did you notice any changes to management at your specific location. From what I remember from what she told me it was very hit and miss with management. New ones coming in constantly. Some nightmares and some decent and a couple good. And a follow up question. What's your pizza allotment? She would tell me it was dependent on your manager. But this was way back in 1998 when The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table.

Itsthatbrian215 karma

The buy out didn’t effect me as I was hired in right after but managers are pretty chill, the amount of pizza you can have depends on your status I happen to get a few perks on my end, sorry for the late reply, up at 3am & decided to reply to more. :)

lyndonian5 karma

When closing out, do you guys wait for everyone to finish and leave together, or do you leave once you finish doing floors and salad bar even if the kitchen or game room isn't done closing yet?

Used to work at Chuck E Cheese. Manager got fired because we didn't leave together and the store got robbed.

Itsthatbrian216 karma

We must leave together & help one another till we’re all finished. This has been a rule from the very first day & present.

jjc9275 karma

What's the most amount of tickets you've seen a kid accumulate in one visit?

Itsthatbrian219 karma

7500 I kid you not, he wanted a Star Wars space ship:...Couldn’t for it.

J916O5 karma

What are the duties of a “Cast Member”?

Itsthatbrian216 karma

Merch, Bev station, kid check, DRA but those are just for all cast members. I normally do cash but also kitchen, some game tech & of course CEC himself.

undermicroscope4 karma

Where do the little hummel dolls go? What’s in the crochet pillows? Answer me damn it!

Itsthatbrian216 karma

They went away with the small budget CEC has. 👌🏻😭

TollboothPuppy4 karma

How similar is Chuck E Cheese to Five Nights at Freddies once the place closes for the night?

Itsthatbrian216 karma

I would be rich if you knew how many times I have been asked this question. Nothing at all, I even go up to the animatronics after I turn off all the lights & I’m perfectly fine. We also don’t have a fan in our office and no way to check if Chuck & his friends are moving. I would know since I work with them the most. Ha

Wompingsnatterpuss3 karma

Would you say your job makes you hate kids more or parents more? I've always wondered this.

Itsthatbrian2117 karma

When it comes to my job I love the kids, The parents (depending on the day) can make or break my day. Don't really hate anyone but parents are the hardest part.

Wompingsnatterpuss8 karma

Sounds about right. It's usually the parents who enable bad behavior, anyway.

Itsthatbrian2113 karma

It's true though I look at it this way, weekday parents are nicer then weekend ones.

sponnman13 karma

How often do things break at your Chuck E Cheese?

Itsthatbrian2111 karma

Games everyday, thankfully our game room GM is always on call.

hinge_lyfe2 karma

If you were trying to get someone to work for Chuck E Cheese how would you sell and rate them as an employer? 1 - 10 scale 0 = bad & 10 = excellent

Why would I want to work there?

Itsthatbrian214 karma

Probably a 7, the atmosphere is great and morale is almost always high depending on the manager. Your job besides making them money is to make sure every guest leaves happy & I take that part very seriously. I joke around with the kids & make them smile (try to) and that’s about some of the best joy you can get as a CEC employee. I take the good instead of the bad cause there is more positivity. I know cookie cutter response but I wouldn’t lie about this.

RuffledFeathers4111 karma

Why do you serve the cheapest frozen cardboard pizza ever?

Also, how many fist fights have you seen inside?

Itsthatbrian219 karma

Pizza is kinda fresh but never frozen thankfully & about 7 fights my entire 3 years, kinda underwhelming...

RuffledFeathers4111 karma

Maybe the one I went too was worse.

Do you serve booze?

Itsthatbrian215 karma

We sell beer & wine at my location. Bud, shock top, goose island etc

WhyDoiLiveHerefrfr8 karma

There was a two beer maximum at the last Chuck E. Cheese I visited lol

Itsthatbrian219 karma

There still is 😊

ConchitaMylove-14 karma

who the he'll thought of selling alcohol in a kids place? like seriously why?

Itsthatbrian2110 karma

Well we have a limit, two beers per visit per ID & yes people have tried to trick me into going over, rather not lose my job. On the reason why, it’s voted by community’s and people demanded it.

Crash_says-74 karma


Itsthatbrian2128 karma

Well we do, I'm not lying and have been at my location for three years . I'm giving an honest answer.